sherlock red pants


@cosultingpacha requested me quote 20: “Put some clothes on, jeez! We have company coming!” 

Pure and utter crack XD ….or is it?

….Bonus points for an implied Mystrade? :)

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SHERLOCK:   "What in god’s name is that?“
JOHN:  "I believe it’s called Tumblr.”
SHERLOCK:   “ … ”
JOHN:   " … “
SHERLOCK:   "So those pants… are very…”
JOHN:   “Red.“
SHERLOCK:   "Yes.  Yes.  They are.”
JOHN:   “And that beekeeper uniform… is very…”
SHERLOCK:   “Impractical.”
JOHN:   “Sortof missing the spirit of the thing, Sherlock.”
SHERLOCK:  “ … " 
JOHN:  ” … “
JOHN:  “So what say we-”
SHERLOCK:  “-go shopping, yes, that, at once. Come along, John.”


– art tumblr displayed is that of @reapersun

There’s been a bit of controversy about the BBC cashing in with its own Sherlock merchandise, but frankly, I think they’ve been pretty restrained. I’ve therefore come up with a selection of new tie-in product ideas that they’re welcome to use in exchange for a modest consultancy fee (ahem). Having said that, I’m still waiting for the Sherlock Operation game and Mycroft’s fitness DVD to hit the shelves, so we may be hanging on for a while…