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The Four Different Types Of Fanfiction
  • The Smut: You're favorite couple is doing the do once again. It could be kinky or vanilla, whatever. You stare at the screen, unblinking, your face showing no emotion. Inside, however, you are screaming.
  • The Orgasm: Fluff. Pure, unadulterated fluff. You convulse with feelings and try to hold back your squeals of delight. The worst to read in public.
  • The Drama Queen: It's a sad story with happy undertones. You tell everyone you cried but really you laughed throughout the torture scenes. Really, it was a good fanfic, it just wasn't... that.
  • ANGST: Your tear tracks don't leave for days after reading this fanfic. You haven't slept in days. You feel for the characters on a personal level. You cry for them weeks after and you still feel depressed when you try to go about your normal daily life when such horribleness just happened to your favorite character.

Person: “What do you like to do with your free time?”

 *Flashbacking to hours of eating and binge watching and fanfictions*

Me: “I like to read.”

11. After the season 3 finale of Sherlock aired, the blackboard in the common room became filled with various diagrams and increasingly wild theories as the muggleborns made a determined effort to figure out how on earth he could have survived that fall. The purebloods initially tried to help out but, after their suggestions of a hippogriff, arresto momentum, and even polyjuice potion were scornfully turned down, they decided their input probably wasn’t appreciated

The Type Of Ravenclaws
  • The Ravenclaws that are late to class because they overslept
  • The Ravenclaws that are up all night studying but doesn’t do their ‘homework’
  • The Ravenclaws that doesn’t to jack shit in class but somehow aces every test
  • The Ravenclaw that isn’t the stereotypical nerd but is gifted in music and has an amazing amount of facts about different musicians from all over the world
  • The Ravenclaw that is in love with painting and artist
  • The Ravenclaws that is obsessed with Sherlock
  • The Ravenclaws obsessed with Doctor Who
  • The Ravenclaws obsessed with Sherlock and Doctor Who
  • The Ravenclaws who are amazing in class but suck at taking test
  • The Ravenclaws who run purely on coffee and sugar
  • The Ravenclaws that get a decent amount of sleep and constantly nag the Ravenclaws that run on coffee
  • The ‘motherly’ Ravenclaws that set bed times
  • The Ravenclaws who have dyslexia
  • The Ravenclaws who have anxiety
  • The Ravenclaws that suck at riddles and puzzles but are amazing at Chess
  • The Ravenclaws who procrastinate but still manage to pass
  • The Ravenclaws who read
  • The Ravenclaws who hate reading
  • The Ravenclaws that are antisocial
  • The Ravenclaws that have a hundred friends
  • The Ravenclaws that believe that they belong on Slytherin because they’re interested in dark arts and sneak into the restricted area
  • The Ravenclaws that believe that they belong in Gryffindor or Hufflepuff because they don’t think they’re ‘smart enough’
  • The Ravenclaws that hate learning in a classroom and love Care of Magical Creatures
  • The Ravenclaws who prefer learning in a classroom and hate Crea of Magical Creatures
  • The Ravenclaws who are LGBT+
  • The Ravenclaws who aren’t LGBT+
  • The Ravenclaws who love and support Ravenclaws who are LGBT+
  • The Ravenclaws that don’t support but also don’t hate Ravenclaws who are LGBT+
  • The Ravenclaws who protect others
  • The Ravenclaws that bully others (there are bullies in every house)
  • The Ravenclaws who have serious talks with the bullies
  • The Ravenclaws who listen to classical music
  • The Ravenclaws who listen to everything but classical
  • The Ravenclaws who are nerds
  • The Ravenclaws who are so far from nerds that it’s a little weird
  • The Ravenclaws who are considered ‘weird’ or ‘loony’
  • The Ravenclaws who are popular
  • Then Ravenclaws who are outcast
  • But all Ravenclaws are family whether they like each other or not