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“These tiny, tiny moments make you feel like there’s something else happening... somewhere else.” - Louise Brealey on her character Molly Hooper, and her relationship with Sherlock Holmes.

“This sounds odd so you might have to winkle out exactly what I’m on about -” as in, Loo can’t say explicitly what she means by the above quote, but what she could be insinuating is that maybe, possibly, we are not seeing the entirety of Molly and Sherlock’s dynamic. That there is something going on, way, way below the surface, which we are not privy to. At least, not just yet. Loo says herself that there is a specific ‘status’ she wants Molly to have with Sherlock, exemplified by the level of cruelty displayed towards her, by him, at the beginning of the series. What could that be? One that denotes an underlying attraction to her, that is masked and deflected by his harsh remarks, perhaps? 

(No Longer 1895 - The TJLC Podcast)

Kate  (she/her) and Phoenix Holmes (he/him) have special guest Oak Culverton (she/her) join in on their discussion of the second episode of series 4 of Sherlock! Here we discuss our feelings on the episode through a Johnlock reading as a preparation for the kiss soon to come. I hope you enjoy and GET YOUR HOPES UP!!!!!

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Special thanks to Oak for joining us today!!!

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(No Longer 1895 - The Holmes/Watson Podcast)

Phoenix Holmes (he/him) and Kate (she/her) discuss the events in the BBC Sherlock series 4 finale, The Final Problem and where to go from here. We discuss matters of queerbaiting in media, our perspectives on fandom, and the humble beginnings of this podcast and where we plan to go.

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An Open Letter to Pan-Holmesian Fandom: Elementary is Not Your Punch Line

I listen to a lot of podcasts these days.  When I moved a few months ago, my commute went from being five minutes to being an hour and a half, one way.  Since I spend a lot of time stuck in traffic, quietly (or, you know, not so quietly) hating that one driver who decides to go 5mph in a 35mph zone, I listen to podcasts, because they keep me focused on something other than my irritation at every other driver on the road.  (Look, I’m not saying I have road rage.  I’m saying I have perfectly understandable road frustration that might come across as wrathful.)

Given that my two big interests in life are theatre and Sherlock Holmes, I naturally listen to a lot of podcasts about those two subjects.  And even then, it’s mostly Sherlock Holmes- I work in a theater almost every night and every weekend, sometimes I don’t want my volunteer job to follow me home!  And while listening to podcasts (and reading lots of blogs, because my job isn’t always fast paced and I gotta entertain myself somehow), I’ve noticed a very frustrating trend among those that are pan-Holmesian, and that’s to bash Elementary at every opportunity they get.

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Merry Sherlockmas and Happy Holmestice, everyone! Caroline here with some holiday fic recs, courtesy of our wonderful listeners. There are loads of other fic rec posts floating about by destinationtoast [rarepair/gen, top winter fics], mydwynter [click!], and others, but there’s no such thing as too many fic recs, is there? We all need a bit of fannish time in between all the holiday obligations, and with all the amazing advent fics out right now, it seemed right to gift this fic rec list to you, Sherlock fandom. Love and squishy cuddles, moppet.

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And for all new fics for December 2014, we’ve got this wonderful list azriona put together of Advent and Advent-related fics that might just strike your fancy.

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Nickname: Cocoa
Sign: Leo.  I love being a Leo.

Favorite Music Artist: “The Final Problem” reminded me that I used to be a huge Queen fan, especially of the cerebral and multi-talented Brian May.  

Last TV Show You Watched: Senate confirmation hearings on C-SPAN 2
Last Movie You Saw in the Theater: Rogue One, the day before Carrie Fisher died.  I rushed my family to see it while she was in critical condition but still hanging on, wanting that connection with her one last time.
What Are You Wearing Right Now: Most boring mom clothes imaginable.  Earlier today, though, I was wearing my Sherlock-as-Dionysus shirt and a rainbow pussyhat!
What Do You Post: Three Patch Podcast/Sherlock stuff, my yarn crafts, Harry Potter meta.
Do You Have Any Other Blogs: @thebookofsnape.  I should stop neglecting it.
Why Did You Choose Your URL: Picked Drinkingcocoa ages ago for LiveJournal and felt like I should stick with it.
Do You Get Asks Regularly: Thank goodness, not very often.
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw!
Patronus: Pottermore says dolphin. Octopus, wombat, or Cookie Monster also possibilities.
Pokémon Team: Team I Am Obsessive So I Avoid Such Things
Favorite Color: the green of lime Jell-O
Favorite Characters: BBC Sherlock and Snape show my taste for smart grumps.
Hobbies/crafts? So many felted octopods.  So many.  Occasionally knitting, occasionally quiltmaking (used to do it full time), occasionally baking cakes or making fondant cake decorations.  Betaing for @emmagrant01 when she lets me.
Collect anything? Things around my house to get rid of.
Current challenges you face? Must make a habit of exercising.  Must declutter home.
Things you’re looking forward to? Fun events planned for 221B Con!
Anything you want to promote? @threepatchpodcast!  So much naughty fun and work go into those episodes. 
Anything else you’d like to share? Rupert Graves is a meticulous actor.  Yuri on Ice has refreshingly accurate skating sequences.  Reading Annette Gordon-Reed taught me a lot about nonfiction writing.  Protests make a difference.
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“It’s got almost every bit of gothic horror we could think of.” ~ co-creator Mark Gatiss on Sherlock: The Abominable Bride.

Our first full-length MASTERPIECE Studio podcast with guest Mark Gatiss is now available. Listen now!



Coming to gridlockdc 2015?  Check out the Kissing Booth, cosplay style. Kiss or be kissed*, pose with your bae, or have your otp engage in shenanigans. Ori johnfuckingwatson and Jess jupitereyed to host! Come in cosplay, props will be provided!

  • Date:  Saturday, August 8, 2015
  • Time:  7 PM
  • Place:  Speedy’s

*On the cheek, you tart.


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