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The reason I am glad to be a young person in this age...

The growing diversity in media, the existence of truly remarkable fanwork and these glorious things called podcasts. We live in a time in which the sexual spectrum and gender identification of individuals slowly but surely make their way into the media. If it weren’t for BBC Sherlock Fanfiction I would never have delved as deeply into the LGBTQ community. Wonderful podcasts like The Bright Sessions, WTNV, Alice isn’t Dead and many more show the everyday lives of people all over the spectrum and give insight into their normalcy. It’s them and Youtube channels like Thomas Sanders’, actively including their (for now) extraordinary friends and letting them explain their orientation that it will become normal one day. I hope I live long enough to see that day. And maybe I will figure myself out on the way.

Thank you to everybody who dares to do something different, to try and include the change in our society.

Canon Queer Fiction Part 1 of 4 (Updated 3/19/17)

Watch some gay shit. Make Mike Pence mad. 

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1) Hannibal: They’re here, they’re queer, and they fill me with fear.

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Basically its a police procedural about an unstable FBI agent who falls madly in love with the killer he’s supposed to catch. 

  • Pros: Its beautiful.
  • Cons: Its really messed up.
  • Notes: There is also a lesbian couple. That actually sticks around. They’re supporting characters. Yeah.

2) Samurai Flamenco: Buy a Lesbian Couple and get a Gay Couple 50% off!

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Nerdisms Podcast - Ep. 4: Ladies of Sherlock Round Table

It is with great delight that I share with you the very passionate round table episode I did with a great many lovelies that you’ll recognize to discuss all the women in BBC Sherlock canon. It was such a refreshing late night chat (during 221b Con) talking about barely any men - the ladies are pretty damn important no matter what anyone says. Okay so there we a small mention of Mycroft but it’s hard not to talk about the eldest Holmes. He’s a dear. It’s minimal.

Eurus, Molly, Mary, Sarah, Soo-Lin, Mummy, Anthea, Janine, Irene, Kate (from His Last Vow) all got their moment to shine.

As an added and rather impromptu measure we also spent a little time talking about what others think and say about Sherlollians that is pretty inaccurate. This was enlightening for me considering I did not know half the stuff that we all shared as a collective about this. I try to stay to my lane but oddly talking about this made me chuckle a lot. We’re all unique but somehow it all brought us together in the best way.

That’s actually something I really loved so much about doing this. It brought us together for about an hour and a half hehe.

Before anyone asks we’re planning to do another round table next year, the topic I haven’t quite penned down yet but there’s another one of these fun things to look forward to. If anyone has any suggestions please do feel free to message me.

So I hope you enjoy this, and please do let me know what you thought.

The Ladies of the Round Table: @damselindeduction @o0katiekins0o @mizjoely @sherlollysmooch @mollyandherjumper @holybatch @sherlolly @stlgeekgirl @soyeahso @thisjustsortofhappened @geekyangie

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Find daily(ish) updates about the podcast on the fb page here.

Everybudders TPP discussion, and Call for Recs!

We are very excited to be participating in a Three Patch Podcast discussion taping soon, and the focus is Everybudders - all Mrs. Hudson ships welcome.

In tandem with this we want to put together a motherlode of Everybudders recs - please, if you have a rec of any fic or art piece or vid that focuses on Mrs Hudson shipped with anyone you like, please hook us up. Works do not have to be sexually explicit (although such works are VERY VERY WELCOME) but they do have to have a Mrs Hudson/someone (or several someones) pairing as a main focus, not just a background. ALL versions of Mrs Hudson welcome: BBC, ACD, Elementary, Granada, Russian, Great Mouse Detective, etc.

Also, reminder that the Get Mrs Hudson Laid collection at AO3 is still open for business and the challenge is still ongoing! (If you submit a work to it, please drop us a note so we don’t miss it).
The Science of Deduction: Episode 2
The Science of Deduction: Episode 2. Podcast hosted by C. Holmes. Send cases. 2213 Bell Street. ●●●● This podcast is associated with the television production "2213". To contact Charlotte, please se

Please note that the new episode will be uploaded to SoundCloud on 03/25 at 1 pm PST, but it may take up to 24 hours for iTunes and TuneIn to update as well. All of the podcast links can be found here on our website as they become available. Thanks for listening!

This Sunday the awesome roundtable episode of the Nerdisms Podcast goes up.

As most of you know it featured a bunch of talk about the various Ladies of Sherlock. We actually talked about them all and yeah I’m just sitting at my computer spazzing and hoping everyone enjoys it when it drops in a few days.

Plus a special little thing we did before that that I’ll talk about more when I do my big post for Sunday.

Anyways here’s a little reminder about that.

Also here’s the previous episode with sempaiko if you haven’t gotten around to listening to it yet.

See you all very soon.

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You know what I hate?

That empty pang of nostalgia you get when you finsh a podcast/show/book. Here you are, done but already mssing the characters. Thinking back to the adventures you had with them. And there is no real way to quench that thirst. Sure, you can go back a re/listen/watch/read, but can never fully feel that pure, true emotion you had experiencing the story for the first time. Then, that sick empy feeling will still crop up days, weeks, even years after. There it is, always there. You can’t run away from it. That’s why I drown myself in new stories, to run away from it but I can’t. I can’t escape.

Check out this great Podcast:

When I became a fan of Ben. I came to the fandom fairly late, last year. I had never been a real fan of anyone before. Just not my personality to blindly follow and adore anyone. I like some famous people, such as JLaw, but no, never a fan of anyone… till Ben. I remember exactly when that happened: One day in August, 2016, I watched an old video: Sherlock - meet the film makers, Feb. 5 2014. (Link in the above post). He was funny, humble, had great chemistry with his fellow film makers. The photo below, was taken when talking about fanfics, and he asked if he was well endowed in them, and could not stop giggling after that, to a point that Steve had to say, “Oh Benedict, Pull Yourself Together”! What a dork, what a genuine and funny person, and so adorable. But the moment that truly drawn me to him, was when a girl asked for advice on how to be successful in the acting business. Ben was so genuinely caring and wanting to help, he kept asking that lucky girl specifics about where she was at in her acting career, there must have been 5 probing questions he asked, and you can truly tell, that he really wanted to help that specific person with advice and encouragement, that he really cared about her, as an individual. By his own admission, he got a bit “mushy”. That was the exact moment I fell in love with Ben. I had seen many interviews where a famous / successful person was asked for advice on how to be successful in a career (be it acting, or science, or whatever), the answers could be vanilla or insightful, but never, ever, had I seen a response like Ben’s, where he put the person who asked the question first, front and center. Where he genuinely cared about his answers in the context of helping that individual. His kindness, empathy and authenticity shone through this interaction. And that was the starting point, when my life irrevocably changed for the better, because of Ben. After that, I started to research him, and in a matter of weeks, I became a hard core fan. Ben became that beacon of light for me, to strive to be a better person.
An Open Letter to Pan-Holmesian Fandom: Elementary is Not Your Punch Line

I listen to a lot of podcasts these days.  When I moved a few months ago, my commute went from being five minutes to being an hour and a half, one way.  Since I spend a lot of time stuck in traffic, quietly (or, you know, not so quietly) hating that one driver who decides to go 5mph in a 35mph zone, I listen to podcasts, because they keep me focused on something other than my irritation at every other driver on the road.  (Look, I’m not saying I have road rage.  I’m saying I have perfectly understandable road frustration that might come across as wrathful.)

Given that my two big interests in life are theatre and Sherlock Holmes, I naturally listen to a lot of podcasts about those two subjects.  And even then, it’s mostly Sherlock Holmes- I work in a theater almost every night and every weekend, sometimes I don’t want my volunteer job to follow me home!  And while listening to podcasts (and reading lots of blogs, because my job isn’t always fast paced and I gotta entertain myself somehow), I’ve noticed a very frustrating trend among those that are pan-Holmesian, and that’s to bash Elementary at every opportunity they get.

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Empire Magazine Podcast: Sherlock Series 3 Secrets From Mark Gatiss And Steven Moffat

After a two-year absence Sherlock Series 3 came and went in just two weeks, delivering approximately 221 twists, several psychopaths and even a few new interpretations of the theme tune. In this extended interview with the creators / writers / showrunners behind it all, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, you’ll find out how they all made it happen, what didn’t make the cut and more details on Charles Augustus Magnussen’s antisocial antics.

(excellent interview!)

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“These tiny, tiny moments make you feel like there’s something else happening... somewhere else.” - Louise Brealey on her character Molly Hooper, and her relationship with Sherlock Holmes.

“This sounds odd so you might have to winkle out exactly what I’m on about -” as in, Loo can’t say explicitly what she means by the above quote, but what she could be insinuating is that maybe, possibly, we are not seeing the entirety of Molly and Sherlock’s dynamic. That there is something going on, way, way below the surface, which we are not privy to. At least, not just yet. Loo says herself that there is a specific ‘status’ she wants Molly to have with Sherlock, exemplified by the level of cruelty displayed towards her, by him, at the beginning of the series. What could that be? One that denotes an underlying attraction to her, that is masked and deflected by his harsh remarks, perhaps? 

stillframefan  asked:

Hello Steph! I'm losing my mind over a quotes from Martin, an extract from his interview with Masterpiece when, apparently, he said that in TFP John "kicks some asses, have funny moments, FLIRTS AND FALLS IN LOVE". I mean... WHAT???? Is he in the basement right now? I hope so bc it's a HUGE statement, since we know there's no one else John could fall in love with apart from Sherlock... *_*

ASFDASFD Is this in the new one he did recently, the podcast? Regardless, OMG I KNOW. It’s so beautiful! Like this is why Martin was never allowed to talk about any of it, LOL