sherlock out losers

Commissions are Officially CLOSED!


1. (2-3k fic) MassiveSpaceWren
2. (4-5k fic) MassiveSpaceWren
3. (1-2k fic) Tisfan
4. (4-5k fic) voodoofee
5. (Fic Trade) Tisfan
6. (Gift fic) AnaGP
7. (10,000 word fic) MassiveSpaceWren
8. (10,000 word fic) voodoofee

Slots will be updated as they are filled.


Under 1000: $5
1000-2000: $10
2001-3000: $15
3001-4000: $20
4001-5000: $25

~10,000: $50

*PLEASE NOTE* If I go over the word count you have selected, you will NOT be charged an additional amount.


Marvel (Comics & Movies)
Criminal Minds
The Gates
Merlin (TV)
Sherlock Holmes (Any)
The Losers (Movie)
Transformers (Any but Michael Bay)
Lord of the Rings
Coco (2017 Movie)

If there is a fandom you would like to see that is NOT listed here, please feel free to ask about it as you are reserving your slot.

Also, you are not resticted just to new fics. Is there are series or one-shot I’ve already written that you’d like to see continued? Here’s your chance! For those wanting more of werewolf!Bucky, mistakenandroid!Tony, mob!Everybody, spacecaptives!Loki and Tony or, really, anything else, I will accept extensions of these worlds as well.


-All slots are available on a first come, first serve basis.
-Reservations can be made by third party individuals, but the true commissioner must confirm within 24 hours or the slot will reopen.
-If not reserved within 48 hours, 10,000 word count fic slots will become open to lower work count fics.
-To reserve, reply/reblog this post and TAG ME to be sure I get a notification. (Please do NOT make payments at the time of reservation.)
-Commissioners may submit any prompt they would like, but I reserve the right of refusal.
-Submitted prompts must fit the selected word count. (No intricate plots for an under 1000 word fic.) All smut fics must have a minimum of 3001 words.
-Once a prompt has been given and accepted, the prompt cannot be changed. This is to prevent me getting half-way through a fic and then having to start over.
-Completed fics will be posted to Ao3/Tumblr and gifted to the commissioner.

Payment & Refunds

PLEASE DO NOT MAKE PAYMENTS WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR RESERVATION. Payments will be made via Paypal or the ‘Buy Me Coffee’ button after your reservation has been confirmed by me. Payments must be made within 24 hours of confirmation or the slot will reopen.

Full refunds will be offered as long as I have not already started the fic. Once started, the available refund will be equivalent to the percentage of the fic left to be completed. (If I’m half-way done, you’d get 50% back.)

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