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A List of things I want

- A Supernatural episode where they face the Phantom of the Opera, and it’s a real ghost.
- A doctor who episode where the doctor faces the Phantom of the Opera, and it’s actually a nearly extinct breed of alien that was well know for their amazing singing voices.
- A Sherlock episode where he faces the Phantom of the Opera, and John is confused how the mirror worked but Sherlock was not, and simply couldnt find the secret passages for a while and he has to go to his mind palace 8 times.
- Phantom of the Opera merged with everything.
- Phantom of the Opera

  • some fucko: uhhh sherlock would not have an episode that's all a dream like some sort of SOAP OPERA
  • sherlock: already has an episode that is all a dream
  • mark gatiss: calls sherlock a soap opera
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  • Person: how can you like that one character?
  • Me: how can you not literally worship that one character devoting your every being to them and love them religiously by which I do mean you have actually built a shrine in their honor which you pray to every night and beg for forgiveness when you sin in their name?

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  • Phantom of the Opera

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