sherlock of sherwood


“Sherlock of Sherwood”

This was inspired by Mark Gatiss referring to the wonderful Robin of Sherwood in the Hounds commentary. I like to imagine that after his pirate-phase Sherlock got inspired by this show. He would have been just the right age when it aired in the mid-1980s. I still remember what it did to me back then, although my bow and arrows weren’t as professional as his …

And here’s another idea for a Sherlock fic (well, actually two if I count the one for another story set in the Horse and His Doctor verse I had while cycling today): a Sherlock and Robin Hood crossover, preferably with Robin of Sherwood.

Argh. Why do the dratted plot bunnies always bite when I have no time for writing? I should get myself a fox to scare them off. My cat, unfortunately, appears to be of little use in that department.