sherlock objects

sherlock: [picks a purple object out of a whole rainbow of objects for john]
john: why purple?
sherlock: you love purple
john: i do?
sherlock: yes
john, 2 weeks later, suddenly: you know what? i DO love purple

Shoe Deduction - Request

Requested by @kentuckyfriedcarlos:  Hello! Wondering if you could write a fanfic about Sherlock asking reader to deduce something and her being uncomfortable and unsure but he insists she tries and he is sweet about it? Thank you so much! 💚

Pairing: Sherlock x reader.

Word count: 907(Shortie)

Warnings: Un-edited.

A/N: I don’t know if this is sweet enough to fulfill the request, but it made me really happy to write it so…


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Sherlock stared at the object for longer than anyone was used to. He barely blinked, and his face remained neutral as his mind wandered to every last bit of information it kept looking desperately for an answer.

(Y/N) was sitting at the opposite side of the table, analysing him. She was quiet, as usual, and she tried with all her might to keep her breath steady so Sherlock wouldn’t kick her out.

“I’m missing something…” Sherlock muttered and looked up at her.

“Maybe this isn’t a clue at all.” She suggested quietly.

“No, no.” Sherlock shook his head, “This is a clue, I just… There’s a whole; something I’m not seeing.”

“Maybe you should rest.” She whispered.

“No…” Sherlock replied absentmindedly, “I need John to help me.”

“John’s at his honey moon, remember?” Sherlock sighed heavily.

Honey moon.” He mocked bitterly, “What a bunch of crap, there are loads of criminals all over London and he prefers to go on holiday rather than…”

“With his wife.” (Y/N) interrupted, “He went on holiday with his wife.”

“Right…” Sherlock leaned back on his chair and looked around as if that would help him get to the desired result.

He needed someone smart to help him. Of course, no one had a mind such as himself but it truly helped him when someone else gave him their opinions. Without mentioning the fact that he was still missing something important, which could be something obvious to the eyes of a common citizen and that increased his need for someone else’s help.

His icy blue eyes landed on the girl sitting across from him. Her whole appearance was tidy and neat, with her hair perfectly combed and natural makeup. The clothes of a real lady, which she liked to wear during cases because it gave her more of a professional look. Sherlock tilted his head as an idea invaded his mind.

“(Y/N).” He spoke. The girl looked up at him. She had been playing with her phone.

“Sherlock.” She replied, the detective smiled slightly.

“Could you make a deduction for me?” Her posture instantly stiffened and her eyes became wider.

“M-me?” She stuttered, pointing at herself like there were a million other (Y/N)s in that room.

“Yes, you.” Sherlock stated softly.

“I don’t think I can be of much use to you, Sher.” She said.

“No,” He assured, “I actually need someone else’s opinion and you’re smart enough to do it.”

“I thought we were all idiot compared to you.” (Y/N) muttered.

“You are all idiot compared to me.” Sherlock stated, “But out of all of the idiots, you’re the less idiotic.”

(Y/N) smirked at his words. “A compliment worthy of Sherlock Holmes.” She joked.

Sherlock gave her a wide grin before going back to his serious face. “So?” He gestured at the object. (Y/N) sighed heavily and hesitated a little before she stood up and walked to his side.

Sherlock moved a little so (Y/N) had a better, more direct view of the object. The girl leaned down on the table to observe.

Shoe. It was just one shoe, the left one. High-heels, to be specific, and very tall and big ones.

“It’s uh… It’s quite a big foot for a lady.” She stuttered, “Unless she’s six feet tall, I’d say she’s actually a man.” Sherlock furrowed at her words but didn’t interrupt. “They are also quite unused so I’m guessing they’re new, although there’s…” She lifted the shoe to look at the sole, “Yup, there’s glitter there, see?” Sherlock nodded, “There are bars… Gay bars, that have glitter all over.”

“The victim was found nearby one of those bars.” Sherlock whispered and then looked up at her. “What else?”

“That’s all, I’ve got nothing more.” She confessed shyly. Sherlock nodded once more and took the shoe off her hands, returning it to its past position. (Y/N) searched for his gaze, and Sherlock noticed which resulted in a silent question from him. “Did I do right?” She asked.

Sherlock relaxed at her words. “Well, you skipped a lot of important data…” (Y/N) face fell, and Sherlock instantly changed his voice tone to a softer one, “But it was, in a way, brilliant.”

“Brilliant impersonation of an idiot?” She inquired.

“No, not at all.” Sherlock shook his head, “I thought it was a huge woman…” He confessed.

(Y/N) giggled shyly. “Maybe she is a huge woman and I am an idiot.”

It was Sherlock’s turn to laugh. “There are no registers of a woman this tall… Not in London, at least.” He said. Suddenly, his gaze changed into a different one; one that (Y/N) hadn’t ever seen on him. “You did wonderfully, dear.”

“You really think so?” (Y/N) inquired.

“Yes, I do.” Sherlock extended a hand to caress her cheek for two seconds before going back to minding his own business. “I’ll be downstairs.”

“Oh, okay.” (Y/N) whispered as Sherlock walked and disappeared through the door. “I’ll just wait here, then.”

A few seconds of silence passed, and suddenly Sherlock’s face appeared again. “You can come.” He said.

“Me?” Again, she pointed at herself.

“Yes, you.” Sherlock insisted, “I wouldn’t be able to finish this case without you, dear.” He winked at her before disappearing once more. “Bring the shoe!”

(Y/N) bit her lip happily and took the shoe before running downstairs. It was the first time Sherlock asked for her help on a case, and it wouldn’t be the last time.

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Symbolism in Sherlock: Birds, Trees and Butterflies

Something that caught my attention a while ago is that many wallpapers, cups and other objects in Sherlock have a bird and tree pattern and there are also a few butterfly designs. It could be a coincidence since they are very common motifs but I had a closer look at these recurring motifs for fun and think that there were some interesting findings, so I decided to share this. There are a few other motifs that will be addressed here as well (e.g. apples and clowns on Rosie’s wall), but the focus of my post will be on trees, birds and butterflies.

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*whispers* still lowkey mad that irene was “brought back” to just kinda be a romantic object for sherlock to be teased about more than anything really significant  and moffattiss in all their infinate mysoginist wisdom couldn’t think of a storyline for her - i guess having two lady antagonists that have significant relationships with sherlock was too much stress for their brains so they had to reduce her to an orgasm text alert, a few musical notes and a handful of some kinda really insensitive sexual remarks by others - way to give a female character significance, agency and depth, moffattiss

Your loss would break my heart.

Victorian AU. Sherlock has gone missing and Mycroft is forced to set out himself to find him, unable to trust his own men with such a delicate case, following a long trail of clues that all point to the impossible survival of Sherlock’s greatest foe. Surely this is an act of revenge by Professor Moriarty and he must hurry before Sherlock perishes, but as Mycroft’s investigation leads him ever closer to the treacherous Reichenbach Falls, he begins to unearth information that Moriarty may not be the threat, but one of the victims. Is he capable of rescuing them both in time?

Sherlock and Jim are attending the same university. Sherlock’s been arrested for drug use, Jim’s been arrested for public indecency because of a dare. Mycroft’s at the police station, trying to get Sherlock out by arguing with an officer, but he keeps staring at Jim, who is only in some loaned underwear and handcuffed to a chair.

I always thought one of the darkest moments of Sherlock was when Mycroft was casually threatening to have Irene tortured to death and Sherlock strongly objected...but only because it simply wasn’t practical.

No moral issues or anything, it’s just, yeah, well, it wouldn’t work. She’s got a back up plan. It’s a waste of our time. 

Yeah, guys. That’s why you shouldn’t hideously torture a defenseless woman. Practicality. 

My initial tags:  #at least this heavily implies he /replaces/ every single thing of Joan’s he ruins #especially the bras cuz she wouldn’t let him get away with that #they obviously have money but bras are still expensive af #and money is no object to Sherlock

#lmao Angela #i love the idea of Sherlock spending the family fortune in good bras for Joan #half of that trust-fund must go into her wardrobe #and burner phones (via @margoleon)

Man has the weirdest shit hidden in that brownstone you know at least a fourth’s worth of his trust fund got blown up by Mycrosoft in 2x01, Sherlock was happy about it the nerd, you know he doesn’t blink an eye at spending his trust fund on Joan’s wardrobe, especially her undergarments. 

When he first asks for her size and she gives him that Look, like “Bitch I ain’t telling you shit you know I’m mad”, he’s like “Watson, I am doing you a favor. I have used three of your underwires to date, and I know you have been keeping count as well. I only wish to replace them with bras that are correctly sized.” 

She snarks back with “You observed the size of each bra just fine before you destroyed it, you’re only asking because you think you’ll make me uncomfortable.” Sherlock acts offended. Joan sees right through him. “I’m not telling you my size because I know you know. Make sure the colors of the new ones match the ones you ruined.” And she continues sipping her tea and reading news on her phone as if he’s not even there. 

Ok but most of the important people in Sherlock’s life, the people who have helped him maintain his sobriety and (frankly) his sanity, have been women.

And I’m fucking stunned Elementary has managed to construct relationships like this without just turning Joan and Kitty into objects for Sherlock’s recovery. The women do not exist within the narrative solely to progress his storyline.

Joan’s story continues (after an admittedly rocky season 2) not to be all about Sherlock Holmes. If anything, her narrative is all about her own detective work.

Kitty’s relationship with Sherlock is about two people in recovery, and how they’re able to help and support each other. It goes both ways, it’s a process, it’s not a matter of Sherlock flitting into her life and fixing everything, or vice versa.

Elementary has given us two valuable platonic male-female relationships, and an equally noteworthy female-female one in the form of Joan and Kitty. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that season 3 of Elementary may be the best yet.

Moriarty is actually a cat! A Reichencrack theory

I have seen similarities between my cat and Jim Moriarty since day one. My cat scratches and bites everyone for fun. That’s her idea of fun. Jim likes to blow up people for fun (and haunt Sherlock’s brain). He comes in uninvited in people’s rooms, like all cats do. He plays with stuff he shouldn’t play with. He tries to knock objects Sherlock off shelves roofs/cliffs. Cats are total criminal masterminds, and so is Jim.

He seems to have 9 lives as well. He survived getting shot in the head, and who knows how many other things. And he always lands on his feet. Did you see how masterfully he escaped getting sent to prison after his trial?

And then there’s the hard proof, like this:

And then this:

And I don’t know how you guys missed all of this:

In conclusion, Jim is a cat!

Objectively describing Mary’s action as a character and analyzing lines and opinions within the story does not constitute as “Mary Wank”. If anyone thinks even talking about Mary as a potential villain because of the horrendous things she’s done is considered “wank” and gets upset over that dark reading then i have bad news. You’re blatantly misreading this character. You are ignoring very pertinent information. If objectively weighing a character’s actions results in what you consider “wank” then joke’s on you - that character is objectively bad.