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Finally, here’s the Elementary Panel at NYCC 2015

I went to NYCC as BBC’s John Watson! Unfortunately, I missed the photoshoot T_T because I couldn’t find where everyone was meeting up. I did meet an awesome Sherlock earlier that day though! If that Sherlock sees this, I just wanted to say that you looked PHENOMENAL and I’m sorry that I couldn’t stay to tell you that.

Other than that, NYCC was as great as usual, I hope to go again next year as John again ^_^

I don’t think I can word this as nicely and neatly as my sister, but I want to put it out there as well that while I didn’t get to talk to many of you, all of you at the Sherlock photoshoot on Saturday were really nice ;w; (At least the ones I did talk to were, but I bet the rest of you were just as great)

I would love to follow any Sherlockians who made it to NYCC, so whether we spoke or not, you can leave a message or somesuch with who you were or just drop your URL or like this, and i’ll take a look!

- Fem!John with the huge honeycomb-knit jumper C:

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