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consulting-moustache : “Sherlock and John bumping into each other, causing an awkward nose kiss!”

icejotunn : “so maybe >.> JohnLock doing something cute. that turns into something sexy. heheuheu.”

I hereby decided to collide your brilliant ideas into simple-comic-strip! It was tricky getting the pose done but I’m enjoying it till the end (ง ื▽ ื)ว

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Sherlock said he likes his doctors clean shaven, so why did John have a luscious sex moustache in Sherlock's dreams, aka in TAB?

At times like these, nonny, we could turn to historical researches, which can tell us much about facial hair in the Victorian era. For example, here are some thoughts by @mathildalocks, and I’m pretty sure @weeesi found some information about Victorian moustaches and clean-shavenness and queer male identity during their research prior to TAB, which I frustratingly enough cannot find right now.

As for me, I prefer a psychological explanation. You see it’s simple. Recall that, upon his return, Sherlock was shown this picture of John:

And then he did this:

Well, lots of people in our little corner of fandom have talked about this moment, and how Sherlock is thinking about The Smooch in the new context of The Mournstache. And sure, John subsequently shaves and yeah, Sherlock “prefers his doctors clean-shaven,” but let us not forget that Sherlock, for this glorious moment and probably for the rest of the afternoon, sincerely thought that he would, upon their reunion, have the opportunity to kiss John and his moustache, and experience the full bristly goodness of that bedecked upper lip. He probably talked himself up to it. I’m sure it was a major topic of introspection: how it would feel, that scratch of upper lip as John pulled him down for a kiss, the rough abrasion of it, John’s hands on him, pulling him tighter as he left the first hints of scratches along Sherlock’s jaw and neck.

I’m sure it was a source of anxiety at first, but soon, after just a little while, it probably became a point of excitement. Sherlock might have imagined having to control himself, at least a little bit, to stop from giggling as John’s moustache tickled his skin, as John kissed his way down, lips and tongue working the soft skin of Sherlock’s belly, the brush of John’s bristles, as John rushed to undo Sherlock’s trousers, and push them all the way down past his thighs. 

Although John shaved (for Sherlock, of course it was for him), it’s probable that a tiny leftover bit of longing and wonder got stuck somewhere in Sherlock’s mind, and that my dear friend, is all the explanation I really need for this:

May god have mercy on our souls, but especially Sherlock’s.

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Hi! Are you still taking prompts? If so #51 "Im your husband it's my job." seems cool.

List is here. So far I’ve received asks for 1, 19 23, 28, 38, 51, 77, 93, 102, 109, 122, 146 & 148


“Stop fretting.”

“I’m your husband, it’s my job.”

Molly wrinkled her nose and gave Sherlock a surreptitious swat on the arm. “You’re my fake husband, and this is just a stupid reunion. I should have said no but Simone is just so..” She heaved an exasperated sigh that set her newly-cut fringe to fluttering. “She just steamrollers over me with her voice and her moustache.”

Sherlock raised an eyebrow. “Her moustache?” he echoed.

Molly nodded, fighting the urge to giggle in spite of her discomfort. “Yeah, she bleaches it but you can still see it in the right light. Surprised you missed it,” she added with a smirk.

“I didn’t,” Sherlock replied, slipping an arm around her waist. “I just didn’t think you did. Now,” he added before Molly could do more than take a breath, “let’s go show off what a fantastic catch you made, have some atrocious food and worse punch, maybe dance unnecessarily close to one another for a few slow dances, and after…”

“And after go back to our usual lives,” Molly finished for him.

“And after,” he corrected her with a scowl, “work on me becoming your real husband sometime soon.”

Molly’s stunned expression remained only as long as it took him to kiss her.

Mary likes to embarrass people

Some people consider this “cute” or “smart” but personally, I just consider it cruel, abusive, and nasty.

Some examples:

“I agree, I’m the best thing that could have happened to you.” John fumbles and hesitates and thoroughly bungles his proposal to Mary. Mary laughs, finishes his sentences for him, and insincerely apologises for having laughed.

“The famous blog, finally!” Mary dramatically reading out excerpts of John’s blog, which embarrasses him (he explicitly tells her to stop and she doesn’t), then calls him out on shaving off the moustache that Sherlock didn’t like, giggling at him when he denies it.

“I’m not John; I can tell when you’re lying.” Here Mary embarrasses them both in saying that she is more capable of reading Sherlock than John is, and that she, unlike her gullible husband, isn’t as easily fooled. Nice! Two birds, one stone.

“He mentions him all the time to me. He never shuts up about him.” Mary, brutally rubbing in something which almost certainly isn’t true, in the face of Sherlock’s obvious jealousy. She says this, confirms it, then watches his discomfort with unholy glee.

“What is that?!” Mary wants to know, referring to the tyre lever John puts down his jeans just before going into the drug den to rescue Isaac Whitney. Why this question, to Captain John Watson, of all people? Obviously John can handle himself, yet Mary insists on trying to embarrass him over this, demeaning his choice. Gross.

“You’ve been reading John’s blog. The story of how you met.” Mary announces this in the midst of Sherlock apparently newly revived from a serious drug overdose/suicide attempt, humiliating him in front of all those present, including John, as to what Sherlock was thinking about at the time of his would-be death. This, for me, is the most unforgivable thing on this list. Sherlock overdoses, is woken up in the presence of his best friend, brother, and supposed friend, and what does the latter do? Not-so-subtly lets everyone present know that he’s desperately in love with her husband. Thanks, Mary! That will definitely help him right now! Look at that smirk. Bitch.

There are so many more examples. Mary is not cute and lovable. Mary is that girl from school who knew how to say things that were funny to the group and made the victim’s skin crawl with humiliation or stinging shame. Mary is a manipulative, cruel bully. And on top of it, she’s a murderer. 

Other “highlights” among my many Mary posts, lol: here, here, here, here, and here. Well, those are the longer ones, mostly. :P

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