sherlock loves his work and john loves watching him work

here’s some teenlock Johnlock spring headcanons bc I love spring and I haven’t made headcanons in a while

  •   Sherlock and John going on drizzly spring walks after school, they share an umbrella that Sherlock holds over both of them (John secretly has another umbrella in his bag, but didn’t say so because he wanted to be closer to Sherlock) 
  • Sherlock and John spending time together in a flowery park in the sunnier spring weather 
  • John putting tiny flowers in sherlocks curls and making him a little flower crown in the park. Sherlock acts annoyed but he secretly loves it, doesn’t ask John to stop, and loves johns gentle hands touching his hair. 
  • rugby season starting again for John, and Sherlock going to all of his games. All of them 
  • Sherlock taking his school work or small experiments outside because it’s nicer out, John working with him or just watching him work 
  • them going to little outdoor markets together, holding hands 
  • Sherlock getting extra excited because bees start coming out again, and he’ll talk about bees to John for So Long, telling him bee facts, which John thinks is so cute 
  •  Sherlock borrowing johns jumper when they’re outside on days that end up being a bit chillier 
  •  John renting a tandem bike for them 
  • soft kisses in the light drizzly weather 
  •  just. Them being soft. In spring. 
  • yes