sherlock is sooo changeable

What happened in the pool scene

After the incident with the old lady who started describing him, Moriarty stopped forcing the hostages to call Sherlock, probably because he feared that Sherlock would recognise him as Jim from IT. Meanwhile, Sherlock believed the missile plans was what Moriarty actually was looking for, but he was wrong. The reason Jim never communicated with him for the fifth case is because this case was about him and Sherlock (and John) and apparently he predicted that Sherlock, utterly excited, would use anything as an excuse to meet the promising nemesis. But Moriarty didn’t care about the Bruce-Partington plans (neither did Mycroft, actually) and consequently managed to surprise and impress the detective by throwing the USB drive into the water.

Anyway, Sherlock was the one who asked for a meeting (just like in Reichenbach). It seems Moriarty can never refuse an invitation coming from Sherlock. After one last big joke, when he made Sherlock believe that John is the villain, he appeared, showing all his power and intelligence. But there was a problem in this scene, I believe. The pool-Moriarty was very different from the phone-calls-Moriarty. 

Jim first appeared as a gay man interested in Sherlock. In his phone calls his words are undeniably romantic; he even said that they were made for each other. However, while he went on with all the gay / sexual  innuendos / jokes in the pool scene, he claimed that it was just a game aiming to make Sherlock “back off”. He claimed he enjoyed “playing gay”. Then he threatened him that if Sherlock didn’t stop prying, he would destroy him emotionally and eventually kill him. But there is a problem with all these threats and I think Sherlock was able to trace it. 

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Meanwhile, in Sherlock’s parallel universe, he’s the villain

Have you ever imagined a parallel world where Sherlock Holmes is the villain and Jim Moriarty the detective ? I mean, Sherlock would be such a great criminal, let’s admit it.

Prepare yourself for the incoming mind-blowing post :)

So we have the genius, psychopath, consulting criminal, Sherlock Holmes. He gets bored, so he gives Jim Moriarty, the famous detective, some puzzles to solve.

Jim lives with his best friend and roomate, John Watson, at Baker Street. He has to wear the goddamn hat because it’s “Moriarty’s hat”, but he musts admit, he kinda likes it, after all.

“So your’e Jim Moriarty. Molly told me all about you. You on one of your cases?”

The first time they meet, Sherlock pretends to be “Sherl from the IT”.

“Sorry boys, I’m sooo changeable !”

Then, they meet again at the pool, where Sherlock commited his first murder. Sherlock tells Jim he will “burn the heart out of him”.

Mycroft Moriarty, Jim’s older brother, is mentally retarded. He works at Buckingham’s Palace…as a gardener. Jim likes him a lot and they enjoy celebrating Christmas together with their parents.

John is upset because everyone thinks he’s straight.

Mary is actually a man, (let’s call him Mario). He has no idea how to use a gun. John marries him, Jim the best man.

3 years after he blew his own brain out, Sherlock Holmes makes a terrifying come back, hacking all the tv screens in the country.


- Magnussen has the worst memory in the world. He keeps losing his keys and leaving the oven on. One day he got back home and his house was burnt. Actually, he’s just a random dude,  not even in the plot. Poor guy.

- Jim and John are Mrs Hudson’s housekeepers.

- Irene Adler is still a virgin.

- Molly is very self-confident.

- Sherlock IS actually a girl name.

- Lestrade doesn’t really like Jim, but Donovan and Anderson are fond of him.

- There would be muuuch more shipping about Johnriarty

- (EDIT : Sherlock is a bloody psychopath who actually likes getting his hands dirty. And his face too).

and so on…Please tell me if you have more ideas ! ;)

My final world on all this : I don’t know why I did that. I have a lot of imagination. I have Photoshop. And I can’t wait for S4. As Sherlock would say: