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So much fanfiction to read, so little time

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who doesn’t like pokemon aus? REALLY WHO DOESN’T

these were done way before dgs got released at all so in retrospect my interpretations of who would have which pokemon are probably a little. off LOL im so fond of sherlock & iris having a plusle/minun duo thing going on though. can you imagine??


baker street 99 (4/?)

in which sherlock holmes is the reckless and rule ignorant brilliant detective, solving case with his admiring and admirable best friend fellow detective john watson. detective molly hooper occasionally partners with him. which is a conflict of interest, given that they both have recently entered a relationship and is currently navigating the complexity of balancing professional and personal relationships.

because the final problem is upon us and i fear we’re going to implode, so have a little bit of fun

(also, please watch brooklyn 99)