sherlock into hiatus

Hello and welcome to the first H.I.A.T.U.S. Johnlock Challenge!

April’s theme is Alternative First Meeting!

Have you ever wanted to try writing fanfiction? Well, nows your chance!

Introducing H.I.A.T.U.S. a monthly Johnlock writing challenge blog.

Submissions open on the 2nd of every month for that month’s H.I.A.T.U.S.   theme! The challenge is to write a fic related to the theme between 100 and 25,000 words before submissions close on the 21st.

Everyone is welcome to submit fic, it could be your first time or you could be a seasoned fic author! Already written a fic that suits this month’s theme? Just send us a link to your Fic through our ask box, tagging @hiatustory or by sending us an email at If your fic hasn’t been posted on the blog before we’ll share it for everyone to read and enjoy!

Please make sure to check our submissions guidelines page for more information!

Here are some prompts to help you get started:

Text Prompt

“Because you’re an idiot.” Sherlock looks at him for a moment, affronted. And then … smiles. And if it begins anywhere, it begins here. - ASIP BBC Script

Visual Prompt

Originally posted by brittsinthetardis

Setting Prompts

Sherlock and John could meet for the first time at:

  • Accident and Emergency (A&E)
  • Afghanistan
  • Retirement 
  • School/University
  • Pub/Club
  • While Sherlock is Undercover
  • John works with a charity that helps people struggling with substance addiction
  • On another planet e.g. Mars
  • Underground 

Good luck, everyone!

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i was driving in the snow for the first time yesterday and as i went into a skid i shit you not my only thought was “I CANNOT DIE BEFORE JOHNLOCK BECOMES CANON”

We’d like to Introduce H.I.A.T.U.S. a monthly Johnlock writing challenge blog.

After the lackluster BBC Sherlock Series 4 we received from TPTB, we wanted to create a way to encourage Johnlockers to keep creating amazing Sherlock fan work!

Our goal is to create a space that promotes community among Johnlock fanfic writers and their audiences through interaction and feedback. H.I.A.T.U.S. aims to be a fun place for readers and a safe space for aspiring writers to explore, make friends, find a project, and promote their work to a wider audience.

Every month we will run writing theme challenges, everyone is welcome to join in! Any submissions received will be posted to the blog during that month. If you’re interested in finding out more, please check out our submission guidelines.

We’re also in the process of creating a Johnlock Fic Masterlist of fanfiction written by our brilliant fan community! This list will be broken up into categories so it’s easy to find whatever story you’re looking for. If you have a fic that’s 25,000 words or less that you think is fantastic let us know by sending us a link through our ask box.

Please help us spread the word by reblogging and signal boosting this post!

Thank you! 

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it’s been a wonderful 15 days of sherlock

 and now back to three more years of waiting

omfg in the middle of an AMAZING slow burn johnlock fic right now -- the writing is brilliant and character development is ON POINT and they haven’t done The Sex yet but they are soOOOOooo in love with each other but the author takes forEVER to update save me

it’s called “Sherlock”

apparently it’s not on ao3 but the bbc is doing it?? idk

*** Once a week I’ll open my old wooden treasure box for you. ***

Besides gold and smiling skulls it also contains earlier paintings and digital artwork of mine.

Do you recognize this incredibly talented person? …oh I’m sure you’re making up some nice name creations… :)

“In the Middle of the Crowd” | Digital Painting, 2015 (Black & White)