sherlock in the sky with diamonds

150417 JAT 2017 Hokkaido

Jinki looked fine to me. I don’t think he was hurt or anything. He was exhausted, yes. He was evidently quite tired during MTTM, because he couldn’t do the chicken leg step and he didn’t bend his body all the way back. Taemin and him had their arms on each other’s shoulders while doing that “are you married to the music?” part. They were like that in Saitama too. I mean, they just danced to Sherlock, ABOAB and Nothing to Lose before MTTM. And Jinki always gets extra during these songs. That’s quite a set for all of them.

Yes, he didn’t do the propeller step all the way. But that’s how he has been doing it during these JAT concerts.

He was laughing and he was joining Jjong in his robot dance tonight. Even during the last ment. He was cutely doing it, even sticking his butt out that Jjong had to pat it. 😂 And during Diamond Sky, he even made a heart sign with both hands!

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So apparently ice is technically a crystal because of its structure in a solid form. We, the mundane humans, have molten crystal pumping through our veins. Liquid crystal literally falls from the sky. We have seas of liquid gems. Imagine if we had seas of molten Quartz or molten emerald. That’s metal ass shit and you can’t tell me otherwise.