sherlock in shock

@liddrose no but sometimes when john catches sherlock unawares and he looks shocked for a moment and john’s worried he hurt him he’ll give his butt cheek a quick kiss- also sometimes sherlock will pout and say his lips are feeling neglected to make john stop and kiss him

“Why have I got this blanket?  They keep putting this blanket on me, Inspector.”

“…You speak exactly like your brother, Mr Holmes.  Well, it’s for shock.”

“I’m not in shock.”

“Here’s your coffee.”

“ - Well Inspector I certainly don’t -”

“Just take it, will you?  Careful, it’s hot.”


  • moftiss, 5 min after the leak: have they Seen it yet???
  • sue: well, only tumblr seems to know, but they are quick, so let's wait
  • moftiss, 20 min after the leak: HAVE THEY S E E N IT YET??
  • sue: tumblr is freaking out but no one else seems to have noticed. we gotta do something
  • moftiss:
  • sue:
  • moftiss:

To the Sherlock fandom from the fannibals: We know you’re in shock. Here, have a blanket. And then come join us! 

Hannibal won’t queerbait you. It won’t completely screw over it’s female characters. It’s not in love with its own cleverness. It’s just an amazing show that is at its core a love story between two men. And it’s beautiful.