sherlock im holmes

Greg: I bet you’d look adorable grasping at the sheets on my bed.

Mycroft: No matter how many times you compliment me I’m not making your bed.

*climbs out of a trash bin with a tinfoil deerstalker askew atop my head* okay but listen how did Moriarty know to tell Eurus that Molly was in love with Sherlock when the entire Reichenbach Fall stunt explicitly relied on Moriarty completely and utterly underestimating her role in Sherlock’s life

friendly reminder that john watson was probably a pallbearer at sherlock’s “funeral” and was probably in uniform, his left hand clenching around the handle every so often as he held his coffin
friendly reminder that lestrade was probably also a pallbearer
friendly reminder that john looked at the small group of people that amassed to remember sherlock holmes’s life and probably remembered with a pang that sherlock didn’t think he had friends
friendly reminder that sally, anderson, and dimmock might have been there, in silent respect
friendly reminder that mrs hudson would have said something at whatever service was held, and that lestrade probably had to hold her hand so she wouldn’t sob too much
friendly reminder that, even though we didn’t see it, the funeral happened and was very real