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flammenmeer  asked:

Okay for your Kayleigh Lives AU - please consider this: It's summer break and Kayleigh takes her sons to the beach for vacation. (Maybe last minute booking so the four of them have to share ONE room or one of their bags got missing during the flight and it's big drama. BUT ALSO - BEACH! SUN! FUN?!)

>> The Kayleigh Lives AU <<

Omg I sidetracked so hard from your prompt i’m sorry
but consider: Kayleigh’s 50th birthday

(I just realized it might be unclear but Kevin is holding a selfie-stick lmao)

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amoulaseojoonmadridista  asked:

Can you recommend some running man episodes? I usually watch the episodes where my Idols appear or the ones that I see in the previews and seem interesting, but I'm struggling to find good episodes!! THANK YOU!

Sorry for the super late reply! I’ve only started my uni break today and just got around to compiling this list!

Basically here are episodes that I hope you enjoy (may not have lots of idols IM SORRY!!!). I’ve given a brief desc of each episode to help you pick and choose which one to watch. But TBH I recommend start from the beginning and watch it all if you have the time ;) ALSO early episodes are freaking hilarious to watch cause they’re so smol and missions were cray :) 


Episode 3: Early RM dynamics + one of the funniest missions

Episode 12: The case of the Pygmalion Effect

Episode 15: Ji Hyo’s Heart Race game is rlly cute

Episode 52/53: Hunter Min Soo (one of my all time fave guest)

Episode 57: Cha Tae Hyun as a guest always makes a fun ep

Episode 59: Hip Hop ep - random slang + ‘swag’ + twist

Episode 60: The Tru-Gary Show

Episode 74: RM Survival Series !!

Episode 79: Great theme (Sherlock Holmes) + suspense

Episode 84/85: Big Bang

Episode 90: Older guests bring best laughs

Episode 91: Yoomes Bond’s first appearance

Episode 98: RM MT

Episode 103: Tuna Nuna appears

Episode 111/112: Another example of older guests making ep fun

Episode 118: Hunter Min Soo II

Episode 126: Experience the RM deceit

Episode 127: F4 Busan Boys

Episode 130: Reincarnation

Episode 133/134/136: Macau + Vietnam

Episode 138: RM teamwork !!!

Episode 145: RM vs Laws of the Jungle (great missions)

Episode 146: Betrayer’s Club

Episode 147: Kim Soo Hyun + Lee Hyun Woo + gags (ps I highly recommend you watch 'Secretly Greatly’ which starred these two)

Episode 152: Han Hyo Joo - great female guest

Episode 155: Just a great ep in general which has you hanging off your seat

Episode 159: omg them building the boats in the pool

Episode 162: Idol Ep - funny intro + good ep

Episode 163: If you wanna see JH get treated like a princess that she is

Episode 164: Ah-In annyeong~

Episode 165: Like this ep cause it’s RM centric + feels

Episode 168: Mission was rlly good + well executed

Episode 171: RM family dynamics

Episode 175: Gong Yoo + one of the funniest water missions

Episode 178: MUST WATCH !! SUPER FEELS !!

Episode 185: Surprise kiss :’)

Episode 190: RM dynamics once again in RM vs Guests

Episode 197: Ddakji - you thought ddakji was boring but boy wil you be proven wrong

Episode 205: Super funny + intro had me dying

Episode 209: One of my fave eps cause dying of laughter from start to finish

Episode 213: ACtress Special - image out the window

Episode 216: laughed so hard at one of the missions

Episode 231: Return of Yoomes Bond

Episode 236: RM vs Shinhwa vs ZE:A

Episode 240: Karaoke time + great guests

Episode 247: Invade Kwang Soo’s house :))

Episode 260: #tbt idols

Episode 261: Horror Special - prepare yourself

Episode 267: RM only - great team dynamics + feels YET AGAIn

Episode 270: Watch and find out - RM only

Episode 271/272: RM 100 vs 100

Episode 277: Zombie War + zombie dance = laughter

Episode 280: SNS Reply Race

Episode 285: RM members face their fears

Episode 288: No guests

Episode 291: Q&A - find out about the members

Episode 293: RM House

Episode 316: Train to Prison

Episode 321: Interesting theme !!

Episode 324/325: Prepare your tissues, our squid is leaving T_T

Episode 329: RM only !!

(All the recent member’s week episodes are nice too!!)


Sherlock Holmes Theme Violin “Elementary” CBS TV series - Marc-André Gautier Violin

Originally posted by moviesludge

dat man is good!!


“Sherlock - Kim Possible”

I know it’s random, but every Sherlockian needs to see this. One of the best minutes of my life.

A Study in Music: A Johnlock-Based Analysis of Irene Adler’s Theme and John and Mary’s Waltz from B.B.C. Sherlock

Heather Averhoff

19 April 2016

           Upon first hearing Irene Adler’s Theme and Mary and John’s Waltz in juxtaposition, a listener may first notice that both pieces are solo violin pieces without any further accompaniment. This has begged the question as to whether these two pieces complement each other in regards to Sherlock Holmes’ true feelings. To the Johnlock Conspiracy fan, these true feelings revolve specifically around Sherlock’s lifelong partner, John Watson. The answer is Yes. These two pieces, being written by Sherlock in order to “[help] me think”, are both written during periods in which Sherlock is under high stress. Irene’s Theme is written after Sherlock identifies Irene, who he has seen as a valuable opponent in a game of intellectual prowess, as a corpse in the morgue of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital. However, Sherlock is not writing a sad piece as a forlorn lover of a woman he barely knew (having expressed in A Study in Pink that girlfriends are “not really my area”), but for the unexpected death of someone who he respected and admired for her intellect. While in the Morgue, Sherlock and his older brother, Mycroft, observe nearby mourners, with Sherlock stating, “Look at them. They all care so much. Do you ever wonder if there’s something wrong with us?” To this, Mycroft replies, “All lives end; all hearts are broken. Caring is not an advantage, Sherlock.” Sherlock’s lack of emotional response to Irene’s death shows that he held no romantic attachment to her, unlike his reactions to John’s state of well-being, which include his rush to remove the bomb-stuffed jacket John wears at the pool in The Great Game. Sherlock sees Irene as a worthy opponent, but he is not romantically attracted to her. She better serves as a mirror to his homosexuality. More information can be found in Rebekah’s T.J.L.C. explained series at

           The other piece Sherlock writes is John and Mary’s Waltz in The Sign of Three. Like Irene Adler’s Theme, this piece is written by a heartbroken man who is under a great deal of stress. Sherlock composes this piece during John and Mary’s wedding preparations, a time in which Sherlock is distressed over the idea that he and John may not be spending as much time together. Mary and John discuss this while Sherlock incessantly folds napkins in the adjoining room: Mary starts by blatantly stating that Sherlock is terrified of the idea of her and John’s wedding. “Why would he be scared that we’re getting married? It’s not going to change anything. We’ll still do stuff,” John says. Mary replies, “We need to prove it to him. I told you to find him a new case.” Although Sherlock’s fears are alleviated throughout the episode with the case of the Mayfly Man, his heartbreak is evident in his terror of John’s marriage and his performance of John and Mary’s Waltz.

           These two pieces incite feelings of sorrow, heartbreak, and rejection. Irene Adler’s Theme, written in D minor, is written in the ¾ time of a waltz, just like John and Mary’s Waltz. Irene Adler’s Theme is slurred in a similar fashion, with the notes linking together and the measures clipping off in sections. The pieces differ beyond that, but these differences reflect Sherlock’s changing feelings of rejection. At the time when Sherlock composes Irene Adler’s Theme, Sherlock’s emotions are much less stable than they become later in the series. He believes one of his most worthy opponents is dead and that John will never consider him as a love interest. This combination causes his emotions to fluctuate and break one another, just as the melody flows, then seems to interrupt itself. Sherlock’s mind wanders alongside his desperation to believe that John loves him, but Sherlock’s heart cracks and his mind stalls at the possibility that John does not.

           John and Mary’s Waltz portrays a differing, yet similar mood. Although written in the key of C major, the piece has a slow and somber tone to it. As Sherlock plays this piece at John and Mary’s wedding, he watches John and Mary dance together. At the end of the piece, he leaves the sheet music on the stand before him in an envelope addressed to John and Mary, neither of whom know how to play an instrument, neither of whom would have any need for violin sheet music. Sherlock has no logical reason to leave the sheet music behind, but his motives are proven completely sentimental when he leaves the wedding early, tightly wrapping his coat around him with the collar turned up like a shield against his emotional onslaught. The Waltz itself is long, drawn, and, although less so than Irene’s Theme, clipped. The piece is consistent, almost dragging, representing Sherlock’s self-control at having to perform a piece for the man he loves and the wife that man has chosen. At its climax, however, it crescendos and rises in pitch, expressing a tonal prominence that can only be described as mournful. The piece sinks from this high point, and the sense of longing, of wishing that he had confessed when he had had the chance, is palpable in the melody. The piece ends on the same high C on which it began, showing that the piece has come full circle, that Sherlock, who once thought he might have had a chance with John, is back to believing that he never will. (This is soon countered by the revelation of Mary’s position as an assassin in His Last Vow.)

           Irene’s Adler’s Theme and John and Mary’s Waltz are both sentimental pieces written from Sherlock’s heart under the excuse of being assistants to his brain. Both express his sorrow and longing for a person he believes he can never have. Irene Adler’s Theme reflects his fluctuating, wild emotions, particularly his challenging, desperate feelings for John. John and Mary’s Waltz is much more reflective, expressing a true hopelessness that bears Sherlock’s raw, naked heart to everyone, including John, in his performance of the piece. Sherlock’s feelings are highlighted by the fact that Molly Hooper watches Sherlock the entire time he performs, ignoring John and Mary’s dance altogether. Molly Hooper’s expression is not one of infatuation—it is one of pity, of sympathy, leading the viewer to recall her line, “You look sad…when you think he can’t see you.”

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