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saturate (v): to cause (a substance) to unite with the greatest possible amount of another substance; to charge to the utmost, as with magnetism; to imbue thoroughly or completely

S04E02 The Lying Detective


(if you’re wondering how Gay Pilot verse John and Sherlock are doing, they banged that night, got married six months later and have been happy together ever since; thinking about The Other John and Sherlock breaks their hearts)

Oh Sherlock, you show off.

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ok this is a fail comic. why? because upon finishing up (it’s not completely done haha ;-;) I realized that these aren’t visually funny (darn). But I thought I’d post it anyway 8n8 cause it would be a waste if i didn’t. Damn BGs im eternally bad at them *shakes fist*.

The reason the general public nowadays cannot see Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson as a romantic couple is because romantic relationships in real life are not nearly as good as theirs is. The characters come from a time when men and women had a very different power dynamic in society – many can argue there are still remnants of that dynamic resonating today. The man ruled the roost, the little woman attended the home but made no actual decisions in her life. Can you imagine being a Victorian, used to that lifestyle, that unfair power dynamic, and getting your hands on a Sherlock Holmes story? Two people live together, work together, care about each other more than anything in the entire world, and each person is equal to the other? One is an army doctor, the other a detective, and together they kick ass… until it’s time to go to dinner and the Opera together. They vacation together, wake up and eat breakfast together, they know each other’s sleeping habits. They walk together in the park and don’t feel pressured to speak because they know each other “intimately”. They stay living together long into old age. What a romance! What an exceptionally high bar for romance! A bar everyone wants to meet but most don’t. Who doesn’t want to be in a romantic relationship where you and your partner love and care about each other most in all the world? Where you two spend every day together and you’re glad for it, and days you’re apart you wait impatiently for a reunion? Where you build a life together? Where you literally take to Journaling about how great your partner is? Where each person is equal?

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson have had an 130-year romance and that’s precisely why people love them. If someone does not understand that those two men were as intimate as lovers, it’s because that person does not grasp what a romantic relationship should be.

Have i ever had a romance as great as that of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson? No, not by a long shot, but i hope that one day I’ll be lucky enough to experience it myself.

  • Sherlock: *lying on the sofa, in his mind palace*
  • Mary: *sighs*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Mary: The posh boy loves the pathologist.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Mary: Aren't you listening to me?
  • Sherlock: Nope.
  • Mary: You can't ignore it.
  • Sherlock: *still in his mind palace* Yes, I can. See? This is me. Ignoring it.
  • Mary: The silver fox has been barking up that tree for years.
  • Mary: Meat Dagger's keeping an open mind.
  • Mary: And then there's the consulting criminal-
  • Sherlock: *through gritted teeth* He's dead.
  • Mary: *scoffs* So am I. Doesn't stop me getting in your head.
  • Sherlock: *sighs; sits up* Fine. What do I do?
  • Mary: *shrugs* Not sure. But you might want to hurry up. Silver fox is taking hot doctor death to dinner.
  • Sherlock: *stands up* What? Why didn't you tell me?
  • Mary: *gestures* Coke-brain, remember?
  • Sherlock: *huffs; runs out the door*
  • Mary: COAT!
  • Sherlock: *runs back and grabs his coat; leaves*
  • Mary: KEYS!
  • Sherlock: *hurries in and takes his keys; annoyed* Anything else?
  • Mary: Yeah, don't forget to snog her.
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* See you later, Mary *leaves the flat*

SNL - Sherlock Holmes Surprise Party (Jeremy Irons) - 1991


Watson St & Holmes Rd, Trenton, SC [x]

1. Do I yell “IT’S CANON!” or “IT’S FACT!” in this situation?

2. This is not too far from where I’m staying.  Who wants to join me there to bury a treasure chest full of porny johnlock fic and art?

3. Whenever you feel sad, just remember: Holmes & Watson are intersecting right now.

4. Going along Watson, once you meet Holmes you have no choice but to follow~

5. Looks like a lovely area to retire and take up beekeeping.  🐝💖

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The hype is real
I feel like the clock moves in slow motion
My heart rate is off the limit
I can’t sleep
I can’t eat
I can’t chill
I’m trembling
I can hear Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice whispering “I love you”

Do you think that is unhealthy?