sherlock holmes is falling down

Ok, this is in reply to this thread started by @1895itsallfine that I can’t reblog because someone in it got me blocked (? I guess?).

It deals with the reasons why S4 went down as it did, why johnlock was abandoned after S3/TAB, and asks if the BBC or ACD trust are to blame.

I’d just like to chip in my 2 cents.

I don’t think so. The BBC produced things like London Spy. They don’t have an initial problem with gay characters. Most ACD stories are in the public domain. Allegedly, the BBC pays the trust anyway. Imagine the trust in 2017 taking the BBC to court because they made Holmes and Watson a gay couple on their show. The public outcry! It would fall back badly on the trust. There might have been a silent pay off instead. The BBC is not some small player, it’s one of the biggest TV corporations in the world. If they wanted to, they could have taken on the ACD trust.

Of course, there’s always politics to consider. The BBC gets critizised by the Torie government a lot. The head of drama changed. And one fandom theory goes that it would be such a big scandal/secret to make Holmes and Watson gay that it was something that had to be fought for, that it was controversial and probably a big reveal, that perhaps some people high up were against it. Which I never understood.

Honestly, I think the first misconception of parts of the fandom - and especially tjlc - was that it would be a BIG thing to make Holmes and Watson a gay couple on a Britsh TV show. It might be in Russia, or China - but not in Western Europe in 2009. It just isn’t. If they wanted to, they could have done it - and no one could have stopped them. But they didn’t want to go there in the first place. That was the second misconception of the fandom (but it was not without reason, it was deliberately fed).

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