sherlock holmes cbs

*Consultant detectives* 

drawn in Photoshop

5x22 Moving Targets  Directed by Lucy Liu!

When a reality show contestant is murdered, Sherlock and Joan zero in on another competitor as a suspect, a former war criminal who may be the most skilled killer they’ve ever pursued.  For the first time since he attacked Sherlock, Shinwell reaches out to Joan to ask for a favor.


Happy Lunar New Year! (2017)

In my head cannon they take great delight in giving each other shirts and mugs with their own inside jokes, and it annoys gregson to no end because professionalism in the precinct takes a hit every time they wear one on an investigation.

U。・ェ・。U╯︵❘❘❙❙❚❚❚❚❚❚ SHIRTS & SWEATERS!!! ❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❙❙❘❘  
(because I also could not resist this horrible pun)

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