sherlock holmes bbc cosplay

“You. It’s always you. John Watson you keep me right.”

Fem!Sherlock Holmes and Fem!John Watson from BBC Sherlock.

…My OTP </3 with my Bff, again ❤

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The other side

I heard a whisper on my shoulder
Pretending life is worth the fight
O can you hear the song of thunder
When fear strangles a soldier’s pride
And on the surface of the waters
Will dance reflections of the fire in the night

And in the arms of endless anger
Will end the story of a soldier in the dark

Woodkid - The other side

Sherlock: @mi_caw_ber
John: @itsloki
Photographer: @jlondonk


Here are some of the photos from my Fawnlock photoshoot at 221b Con! Isn’t he a cutie?!

Photography by my partner Harry (John)!
Now, some of you might not know this but this was my first ever time cosplaying this fluff butt properly! Ever since I was first introduced into the Sherlock fandom many many moons ago now (2013), Fawnlock was the one AU I simply ADORED and he was straight away added onto my cosplay list! And after three years it actually happened!! 

Many artists inspired me to throw together small costests of Fawnlock every now and then with stuff from around the house. But the one artist that really did push me to cosplay him was @rutobuka2 and their art! Do check it out! I have one of their Fawnlock comics and it’s adorable! Thank you Ruto! <3

But most of all, this Fawn is for you @eggcroft, you wonderful and lovely being! Keep being you. <3


“It is what it is” ❤

This is the complete photo ❤ WE JUST LOVE IT Q.Q

Fem!John - Azalhea.

Fem!Sherlock - Oxy.

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Andrew Scott is a sweetheart, and Louise Brealey the loveliest lady on Earth. It was a pleasure to meet both of them, and I hope it wasn’t the last time.

Just two of my four pictures because I only have those at the moment.. MagicCon, you were truly magic. See you next year!

Appointment in Samarra

‘Very well…’ said the merchant
‘…I give in, I am yours. But tell me, why did you look surprised when you saw me this morning in Bagdad?’
‘Because’ said death
‘..I had an appointment with you tonight… In Samarra.’

One of my fav. shots bc background.
Sherlock: @mi-caw-ber
Location: National History Museum London
Photographer: @itsloki

Hi :)
We will upload the GIFs tonight! We decided to give you a lil preview however in our roleplay they won’t be together YET!

Thank you for all the nice questions xx.

Sherlock ( @hunting-sociopathic-superheroes) and John
( @pansyparkinsonofficial )


Here is the long-awaited video, as promised! I hope you enjoy my first CMV, a lot of hard work went into it and I couldn’t be happier with how it came together. Special thanks to the three friends who helped me with camerawork- it wouldn’t have been made possible without you!

“This is family-”

Fem!Lock Family by Oxy and Azalhea.

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