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what about headcanons for sherlolly as grandparents

  1. When they were parents, Molly was usually the one who enforced rules while Sherlock was more the “if they have a good reason for it, I’m more inclined to let them break rules” parent. As grandparents, both of them would let their grandchildren get away with almost anything…and probably help cover it up (so long as it wasn’t too illegal)
  2. Sherlock still runs his science experiments, but these days they aren’t so much for proving who murdered the victim but meant more to amaze his grandkids with the very cool things that science can do. Even the grandkids that pretend not to like the “boring science stuff” do like it when he makes stinkbombs. Their parents and their grandmum, not so much,
  3. No one makes baked goodies like Grandmum Molly. No one. Not Mum, not the other grandparents, no one. Hers are the best, and it’s the one thing everyone in the family agrees with Granduncle Mycroft on. Sometimes Mycroft even lets them have some when he comes around (the grandkids can never figure out how he knows when their grandmum is baking…their parents know but they won’t spill, but he comes all the way from London when she bakes for the family just to eat stuff and NOT SHARE).
  4. Sherlock makes sure all the grandkids leave with packets of sees meant to attract bees for the gardens they have. They all know how important bees are for the ecosystem and they tell everyone, and they all know how to behave around bees. The older ones sometimes help him around the hives if they want to, and usually sometimes there’s a jar or two of honey in it for them, and maybe some honeycomb if they’re lucky.
  5. Every year there is a big dinner with Granddad Watson and his family, and Rosie brings her kids and her stepsiblings come too with their kids, and they all spend the day as one big family, and there’s always a quiet moment when Granddad and Grandmum and Grandad Watson just look at the brood and just look up and say something about Mary, and then they all go look for Rosie and give her a big hug and everyone cries and the littlest ones don’t understand but their mums and dads get a little sad too. But usually after that they go set off fireworks Granda has made and everything is okay again. It’s the same day every year, and eventually they find out it’s the day Rosie’s mum died, and they’re celebrating her life and how she meant a lot to the three of them.

send me an AU and i’ll tell you 5 of my headcanons for it

  • <p> <b>Sherlock :</b> So what do you recommend to encourage affection?<p/><b>Molly :</b> Dancing. Even if one's partner is barely tolerable.<p/><b>Sherlock :</b> (internally) oh my God, she's talking about me, isn't she? Me?! Intolerable? I don't believe it. You know what? You know what? I'll be sure to let her know she's... she's... decent enough! Ha! That'll show her! Barely tolerable...<p/></p>

*climbs out of a trash bin with a tinfoil deerstalker askew atop my head* okay but listen how did Moriarty know to tell Eurus that Molly was in love with Sherlock when the entire Reichenbach Fall stunt explicitly relied on Moriarty completely and utterly underestimating her role in Sherlock’s life

I think this photo may make sense now. The E string is broken. There are 4 strings. The 4 strings represent the 4 Holmes siblings; Sherlock, Mycroft, Sherrinford and now, Eurus. The E string snapped. Eurus probably had some sort of traumatizing thing happen to make her “snap”, turning her crazy, when she was a child. When the E string snaps, it will effect the others because it has the highest tension of the strings, and because of this it can change the tone of all the others. So when Euros snapped, the rest of them, Mycroft, Sherlock, and Sherrinford, were changed badly because of an incident having to do with her. It all makes sense now.

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