An important message to the Sherlock Fandom

First of all, take a deep breath, in through the mouth and out through the nostrils. 

Before I continue, I want to say one thing:

Johnlockers, you’re gonna be OK. Everything is going to be just fine. 

I know some of you are upset that Johnlock is not going to be canon. You all had your hopes up and this article that Moffat and Gatiss gave to With Accent was a slap across the face. I know you’re hurt and I’m sorry. And I’ll be here with arms wide open and muffins and chocolate and ice cream to help you feel better.

Just pretend you’re sitting with your mom at the kitchen table throughout the remainder of this post. 

For this post, consider me your Fandom Mother.

OK, now here’s the part some of you are not going to like. Here’s the part where I play Devil’s Advocate.

We’re going to go over the issues that are being presented and what’s bothering you. 

Please be respectful of this controversial opinion. This was written with a fandom-induced headache and a 5 month old in my lap. If something doesn’t make sense, please send me an anon, and I’ll clear up any confusion.

1. Gatiss and Moffat were rude to the fans.

I’ve read the article a few times, and I have to say, I don’t see rudeness. I see frustration. And I have to say that I don’t blame them. They have said what their intentions were from the beginning and we, as fans, obviously did not respect them enough to listen and respect their decision. Now, subconsciously, I think they were trying to tell us from the beginning and make it clear to those who wanted Johnlock to become canon that it wasn’t going to happen. But we didn’t listen.

And it’s frustrating when someone doesn’t listen to us.

Now most of the time, when we get frustrated, we tend to yell and insult the person not listening. That is not what these men did. They firmly said what their intentions were. 

2. But they’re queerbaiting!

OK, I’m gonna be frank on this one. We’ll start with John.

When a character says “I’m not his date”, “We’re not a couple” “Listen to me–I AM NOT GAY!”, it’s a safe bet that he’s not gay.

When he asks Anthea if she ever has free time, he’s not gay.

If he says “You do that, I’m gonna go take Sarah for a pint”, he’s not gay.

If Sherlock sends him a picture of a woman to try and get information out of her because he knows John is gonna flirt with her, he’s not gay.

If Sherlock says “If I wanted to look at naked women, I’d borrow John’s laptop”, John’s not gay

If he’s getting married…to a woman…he’s not gay. 

Now let’s talk about Sherlock.

Look, man, Sherlock’s a freakin’ enigma. To try and understand him would take time that a good year to study. But here’s what I do know. Now he says women are not his area. It could mean, he’s not attracted to them or he has no time for them because of his work. The only thing I know for certain that he’s attracted to is his work. Until we know for sure, his sexuality is a mystery. The only physical contact he’s had with women are kisses on the cheek. With men –hugs.

Honestly, I kinda ship him with his coat. I know for sure he freakin’ loves that coat…

But there is absolutely no queerbaiting in this show that I see.

3. There needs to be LGBTQ representation

OK, this I understand. There needs to be an accurate and flattering representation of minorities. I agree! I totally get this! For me, using my religion as an example, a flattering and accurate representation would be “Hey dude let’s go to Comic Con after I teach Sunday School.” I would LOVE it if we were portrayed like that instead of the usual zealot crap the media likes to put out there. But that’s another story.

As far as LGBTQ representation in Sherlock, what Moffat and Gatiss  want is to normalize it to the point where it’s just as easy to see a gay relationship as much as a straight one without the need for “campaigning” and “table thumping”. We have been table thumping for it since the very beginning, and haven’t even given them a chance to say what they think.  

4. They’re being heteronormative

No, they’re not. They are trying to bring the characters to life as best as they can. Do you realize how hard of a job that is?They are taking characters that are not even theirs, placing them in our modern society to see how they would fit in, and doing the best they can. They know the characters better than we do.

It does not mean that they are afraid of gay representation in the media.

5. But John and Sherlock are obviously gay!

Just because someone says something or does something, it does not mean it produces a bright neon arrow pointed at their head that says “Gay” or “Straight”.

I once said “I hate men”. I am straight, and I said this out of frustration after a particularly bad break-up when I was 16. Someone heard me and then went around saying that I was a lesbian because of that one thing. They took it way out of context. Now I’m sure everybody has said something along those lines once in their lifetime, regardless of their sexual preference. I’m sure a lesbian has said “I hate women” out of frustration from a bad break up, but that doesn’t make her straight.

6. But the subtext!

I’m gonna come out and say it. Sometimes…there is no subtext. We’re just too deep into a show that revolves around deduction that we forgot that sometimes what we see is what we get. And before you say “You see, but you don’t observe!”, sometimes what we see is what we’re observing.

It’s like Sherlock in “The Abominable Bride”, looking for that second body underneath Emelia Ricoletti when there isn’t one. “They must’ve buried it beneath the coffin!” he shouts. But there isn’t another body. Sometimes, there’s just one body. And, like Sherlock, we sometimes get our deductions wrong. 

7. But they told us it was going to be endgame

Did they? How? Did they say so? Please send me articles of them saying it so that I can redact this statement, because I can’t find any. Maybe the joke they made concerning their favorite adaptation of Sherlock Holmes was misinterpreted. It’s possible they decided to have a little fun saying through the show “Oh this is going to happen” by saying little quotes and such. But I think they realized that we had gotten out of hand. People were upset that Amanda Abbington was brought onto the show to be John’s wife. They were upset when the baby was brought on. They said “Who’s this bitch?!” when there was a scene filmed with Sherlock and a lady in a red dress just last month.

We have been trying to take control of a show that we had no control over to begin with, except in fan works, which they whole heartedly support and encourage us to do.

 About a year ago, I attended a birthday party for my best friend’s son. He was given a toy bike that had made all kinds of noises when you pressed all these little buttons. This little boy was 1 years old. There was another little boy about 2 ½ at the time and he saw the toy bike too. The birthday boy wanted to share this toy bike with the toddler and he did with a smile on his face. But when the birthday boy wanted the toy back, the toddler pushed him down and told him no – it was his bike now. He put up quite a tantrum when his parents said it’s not yours.

This fandom has become that toddler.

Now, I realize that I’m going to get hate for this. I think I just wanted everyone to know that we should all respect one another, regardless of shipping and artistic differences. I know they hurt your feelings, but Moffat and Gattis are creating something to share with the world that we have loved but are now suddenly stomping all over it. We need to respect the work they do. It’s a hard job and they do it to bring happiness to their audiences. We disrespect them by saying they should make the show the way we want it. If we did that, nothing would excite us anymore. We wouldn’t look forward to this show as much as we do. If we take away their freedom to create in order to get the results we want, we take away something beautiful. 

We take away the magic that is Sherlock.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I understand why Gatiss and Moffat put their foot down. If I was in their position, I’d do it too. 

Just please, don’t let their decision influence you to stop watching the show just because they said Johnlock isn’t going to happen. If you do, then, I’m sorry to say this, you’re no better than the homophobe’s you fight against. 

But know that I am always on your side. I am always on the side for peace. I am always on the side for love. I will stand up and fight for you, but only for the right reasons. 

Please know that this was a hard post for me to write, but I just couldn’t stand the hate and insanity anymore that has taken over this fandom concerning the creators decision. I’m just trying to help everyone calm down.

I just know that whatever happens to Sherlock, John, Mary, Molly, Greg, Mycroft, Mrs. Hudson, hell, even Moriarty if he really is around…we’re all gonna love it.

Still, nothing is better than in TAB when Holmes is like “Mary is in danger!” and Watson, my wonderful trash bag of a son John Watson, is like *waves hand impatiently* “I’m sure she’s fine, but how are YOU? You’re ill, you’re not feeling well, lie down–no, stop talking about Mary, who cares, are YOU okay?!”

Okay, I haven’t done one of these in ages. After “that” interview I thought i’d share some bloody fantastic writing for you all to enjoy. Bless all you lovely guys and gals who supply us with the most wonderfully written Johnlock and for free. Thank you xx

As always, please take heed of fic ratings and always read the tags. Enjoy xx

Sherlock’s Bane - toggledog (Explicit)

Post ‘Reichenbach Fall’ John’s friend, DI Toll, is brought onto a case involving murder and the destruction of a Mozart bust. He starts sexually harassing Sherlock. Toll being such a likeable guy, this appears to go unnoticed by everyone. Sherlock, himself just wants to work on the case and not cause trouble for John. However, the harassment starts getting more and more obscene… (this fic is really good but please do take care and read the tags thoroughly as  it involves rape )

you make the knees of my bees weak (tremble and buckle) - trustingno1 (Explicit)

This,“ John says, lips brushing the nape of Sherlock’s neck as he crouches behind him, "is the most ridiculous position I’ve ever tried.”

Time To Burn - jenna221b  (Teens and Up)


(speaking very quickly)

So a- a-a countdown, then, but to what, what?

Home is where the heart is…

There Once Was a Little Boy - AtlinMerrick (Explicit)

What if John Watson and Sherlock Holmes met much, much sooner, when they were only little? These are the wee stories of when two boys were small, and how they grew up and grew together as men.

Dust and Ashes - Atiki (Mature)

John becomes used to it. If he’s perfectly honest with himself, he’s become used to it a long time ago. At night, things are different. The darkness tickles his skin and the cemetery is the loudest place in the world and he tastes dust and iron on his tongue when he hears them talk. In the dark, the bones whisper.

And sometimes John whispers back.

Ford - theshopislocal  (Mature)

He turns back round then and looks down at me, eyes curious. “Your name, W.S.S. Holmes.” That’s not my name. “Is it Walter? Or Wilbur? Maybe something really awful like, er,” he smiles wryly, “Willoughby? Winchester?”

I feel my face go blank as my body numbs over. “Scott,” I say, voice devoid of emotion. “My name is Scott.”

anonymous asked:

1 (Sherlock x Reader) from the promts. If possible pls make it kinda romantic :)

1. “A wedding?”

Originally posted by superwhovianus

“So will you come with me?” you asked hopefully, running a hand through your boyfriend’s curly hair lovingly. “I need your help with this, Sherlock. I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t my last option.”

“Gee thanks,” he mumbled, rolling over and pulling his blankets over his head. You rolled your eyes, used to his sarcasm.

“Sherlock please,” you begged. “You have no idea how horrible my family will be if I turn up alone. I’ll never hear the end of it.”

Sherlock sighed, rolling over to look up at you and pulling the blanket off his face. “A wedding? Two people exchanging vows so they’re stuck with each other for the rest of their lives?”

“Yes technically, but maybe don’t describe it like that if you’re talking to my mother. Or the bride, now that I think about it.”

You pouted slightly, batting your eyelashes at him as he shut his eyes, wrinkles appearing on his pale forehead as he considered his answer.

“Fine, I’ll go,” he sighed, sitting up and stretching. You grinned, flinging your arms around him and peppering kisses all over his face. He pretended to push you away, but couldn’t help the small smile pulling at his lips.

“Thank you so much, Sherlock,” you smiled, pressing your lips to his gently. He rolled his eyes, lacing your fingers together with his and playing with the ring on the fourth finger of your left hand.

“Just as long as the next wedding we go to is our own.”

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