Sherlock Holmes...


“ Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson find themselves in 1890s London in this holiday special.“



Quick recap of how very much Lord Moran wanted to be caught

“Okay, I’m on a top-secret evil mission, so let me just be sure to give the security cameras Sherlock Holmes a nice, unobstructed view of my nationally-known face.”

“Even though there are a ton of places the same distance from Parliament that I could go to hide out while waiting to set off the bomb, I think I’ll get a hotel room so I’m guaranteed to have to interact with someone and have my whereabouts known. Heck, maybe I’ll go ahead and register under my real name just to make it easy for them!”

“Then, when it’s time to ‘escape,’ I’ll pretend I don’t see the fastest-exit-from-building stairs right over there…”

“…and instead stand out in the open repeatedly pushing the call button for the world’s slowest elevator.”

“Oh no. You caught me. Darn. This is my upset face because I am definitely very upset and this isn’t what I actually wanted the whole time. *cough*”

(I mean, that’s not even all of it. But you get the idea.)

The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter:

Peering in, we could see that the only light in the room came from a dull blue flame which flickered from a small brass tripod in the centre. It threw a livid, unnatural circle upon the floor, while in the shadows beyond we saw the vague loom of two figures which crouched against the wall. From the open door there reeked a horrible poisonous exhalation which set us gasping and coughing. Holmes rushed to the top of the stairs to draw in the fresh air, and then, dashing into the room, he threw up the window and hurled the brazen tripod out into the garden.

“We can enter in a minute,” he gasped, darting out again. “Where is a candle? I doubt if we could strike a match in that atmosphere. Hold the light at the door and we shall get them out, Mycroft. Now!”

“Mycroft, you hold the light while we do the thing”–totally canon.