sherlock hobbit crossover

Can you just imagine Thorin and Sherlock fighting over Bilbo

“You already have one!” Thorin shouts, pulling Bilbo out of Sherlocks grasp.

“But I want another!”

“Is he always like this?” Bilbo asks, looking at John.

“Uh not really no,” John says as Sherlock shouts,“I need another one.”

“Oh, fuck off! You tall thin, weasel!”

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Slumber Party

Girl 1: So, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Girl 2: I made out with the total loser at school.

Girl 3: My friends and I broke into a pool and went skinny dipping.

Me: I’ve read a 100k+ multi-fandom crossover crack fiction involving all my favorite OTPs at 4am in the morning.

Everyone: ….What?


A friend made this and it is FANTASTIC!


and Harry Potter & the doctor do gangnam-style

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part of a fic idea i had… set in modern times AU, Thorin and his crew are trying to get Bilbo from Smaug the dragon, in human form. But the dwarves are merely reincarnated, and Smaug has lived all the ages of this world and changed his shape often. The dragon knows there lies more important things than gold and he WILL NOT hand back his only friend to Oakenshield.

John/Bilbo is the only one who has no idea what is going on, and is caught between an ex-dragon and the king of stubbornness.

If anyone want to write that fic, let me know, I want to read it but I don’t have the time to write it!

(the shapes at the back are the dwarves and i refuse to draw them all.)