sherlock flower crown

Bi pride flower crowns are now available in my Etsy shop. Though the bisexual flag listing is the only one live so far, you can purchase asexual and transgender flags from the listing as well.

All net proceeds are going to be donated to The Trevor Project, which will be $17.50 for every $20 purchase. The $2.50 covers Etsy fees and yarn to keep this project sustainable.

Other flag colors will be made available depending on interest.

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Dear Friends,

We are having Jack Crawford over for dinner tonight. It’s quite a special occasion. Any suggestions on what meal I should prepare?

Hannibal Lecter


matching icons of Mikotoba Susato, Naruhodou Ryuunosuke & Sherlock Holmes (with flower crowns + ‘deal with it’ shades) from the new DLC Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 outfits! ☆ the icons are 400px in size! ☆ also please like or reblog if you plan to use any of the icons! ☆

My (totally doable) summer bucket list!
  • A to-do-list with things, that feel good : )
  • 01. try stand-up paddling
  • 02. buy a cheap ukulele and learn to play one song
  • 03. kiss someone
  • 04. check out at least 3 lakes in or around my town
  • 05. make raspberry milkshakes (they bring the boys to the yard apparently)
  • 06. find my summer anthem 2015
  • 07. make myself a flower crown
  • 08. finish the sherlock book series
  • 09. go see a movie at an open-air cinema
  • 10. wear more lipstick
  • 11. remodel my bathtub into a summer pool for one night (cocktails included)
  • 12. learn something new
  • 13. go on a boat ride
  • 14. read a naughty book that is NOT Fifty Shades Of Grey
  • 15. do the 30-day-yoga challenge
  • 16. have a little herb-garden – basil and mint included
  • 17. throw confetti around randomly at night somewhere in the street
  • 18. spend a weekend at the ocean
  • 19. spread some love and happiness
  • 20. finish the little bliss app
  • 21. watch the sunrise
  • 22. go to Hamburg and send a message in a bottle
  • 23. paint every nail in a different color
  • 24. make home-made ice-cream
  • 25. find 10 great new recipes
  • 26. cut a happy face into a melon and take a funny picture
  • 27. find a stork’s nest
  • 28. bet on a horse
  • 29. write 10 summer postcards and send them to friends
  • 30. finish my tassle basket