#Inktober 2016: working on the next batch of linearts for my #Sherlock/London graphic novel. I won’t post an ink drawing every day, but will still try and get at least 30 new drawings for the graphic novel done over the course of October. They will be posted in batches.

The story so far:


So I made a color version of thing! And thing is transparent, so background colors are possible! If you want a different background color just holler. I’ll change it for you. <3

On redbubble here: color version, grayscale version


Alone is what I have. Alone protects me.

- “No, friends protect people.”

April 14th 2015

We’ve had Hamish for a week now.

We went to the park today, Sherlock spent most of the time deducing passers by, and Hamish, well….. Hamish adores him.

I admit, I thought Sherlock would be somewhat out of sorts with a baby around, but he just keeps astonishing me, he’s really taken Hamish in his stride, he’s wonderful, he’s amazing, he’s…. perfect.

They both are.

They are everything I’ve ever wanted.

John Watson looking very pleased. Graphite of several hardnesses, quite quickly (for me, anyway) in my Paperblanks sketchbook. [my art tag]