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I’m going to say it now--I will consider it a shameful failure on Marvel’s part if Dr. Strange and Agent Everett Ross don’t meet in at least one Marvel movie.  Bonus points if there’s a Sherlock and/or Hobbit reference during that meeting.

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Love Story Duet - Requested

As the lights went down and the music started playing, Sherlock found himself immerse in his own thoughts. He was putting his violin inside the case, knowing that he was meant to leave the party before anyone noticed.

He had made the announcement, or at least he had felt it as an announcement, by telling John and Mary about their future baby. The couple were ecstatic, dancing around like a pair of love birds ready to grow their nest. It was so romantic Sherlock had to walk away and stop watching.

Of course, leaving the party hadn’t been precisely his first choice. He had thought of dancing – because he was an excellent dancer and he actually enjoyed it – but Molly had a boyfriend, Mrs. Hudson had been paired up by John with his grand-father and Janine was nowhere to be found.

Sherlock had also thought of sitting with someone to chat until John payed attention to him again, but the only single person there that Sherlock actually knew about was Lestrade and Sherlock didn’t feel like exchanging any sort of conversation with him and his awfully low-functioning self. Socializing with someone new was definitely off the list.

Therefore, Sherlock looked for Janine all around the party, only to find out that she had actually listened to his advice and was now dancing with one of the five bachelors Sherlock recommended. She looked happy, she was truly enjoying that man’s company and the only attention she gave to Sherlock was a mouthed “thank you” from afar.

Sherlock then realized that he had already played his part on that show and was now time to leave the scene. He was no longer required there, at least not for the night, that is. And so he took his violin case, got his coat on and tied his scarf.

“Care to dance?” A female voice asked shyly. Sherlock turned around to meet a beautiful, doll-faced woman expecting for an answer.

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After having read SIGN, can we talk about why Mary Morstan is so disliked by fans (especially by fellow johnlockers, I presume)?

I’ll start. Until recently I’d only seen a Mary Morstan in Granada’s The Sign of Four (that’s with Jenny Seagrove, and she and Watson don’t end up together.) I’ve been noticing a lot of Mary-hatin’ since last winter. After I read SIGN, I asked a friend who has been in the fandom for longer (and who is familiar with BBC, which I am not), why do so many fans hate Mary Morstan? (And I whispered: Is it BBC-related? Short answer: YES. And ACD Mary is NOT BBC Mary.)

Yet, when it comes to ACD canon, fans can talk about her less favorably than they do about ACD’s blackmailers and fortune stealers… IMO she hardly deserves to be made fun of (and dismissed, which I hear ACD does in time, anyway) just for marrying Watson. I don’t see such hate against the male characters who are potential romantic interests for Watson, or for Holmes. (And we’re more than willing to stick up for Irene Adler as the badass not-romantically-attached-to-Holmes character she is.) Therefore, I can’t help but think that Mary Morstan is treated so lousily because she is a woman, for she couldn’t be written off as a ‘beard’ if she were a man.

If you read this far, I feel like I owe you cookies or something for your effort, haha. I don’t usually write opinionated stuff and I hope I’m not overstepping anyone’s views by expressing my own (yeah i know it’s tumblr but i’m a quiet midwestern type so).

This is my personal headcanon, for what it’s worth: I read Watson as bi. Having a relationship with a woman does not devalue his relationship with Holmes, nor does it make him less queer than if he were gay. And at the same time, I am sad for Holmes when Watson leaves Baker Street, but that is not Mary Morstan’s doing; it takes two people to marry and move in together and I think Watson had more power and influence in putting that in motion, being a man in the Victorian era.

I would love to hear what others, with headcanons different from my own, think. Same for those who have the same headcanon but think differently…

All We Do (Sherlock x reader) part1

A/N: having watching the latest season of Sherlock my mind has been running with ideas and I appear to have written a series. This is part one. 
Summary: Beginning during The Lying Detective (spoiler alert) John makes a discovery he never expected, that turns his world upside down. 

Part one | Part two | Part three | Part four | Part five | Part six | Part seven | Part eight | Part nine | Part ten

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sherlock holmes and the adventure of “oh my god who gave you a fondue pot?” “dimmock! can you believe it? he didn’t want it anymore but john. you can melt cheese and dip things in it. what an idiot, right?” 

  • There’s No Such Thing As A Basic Cheddar Fondue In This House
  • john’s favourite fondue is a caramelised shallots and gruyere fondue with thick, crusty bread 
  • sherlock’s favourite fondue is triple chocolate meltdown with strawberries and biscuits and, if they’re being especially fancy, waffles and whipped cream (and rainbow sprinkles, but that’s a secret) 
  • is there such thing as a breakfast fondue? john, if you were going to dip your eggs – sherlock, i don’t need to dip my eggs. i like my eggs just the way they are. – yes, but if you were — (it turns out to be a buttery swiss recipe, with scrambled eggs and bacon and sliced apples and good golden toast)
  • cheddar beer fondue. no! kahlua chocolate creme fondue. ooh, john, look, white chocolate champagne fondue, for one of those, you know, special nights?
  • john looking up fondue with dirty names to make sherlock laugh
  • relatedly, a new house rule: fondue Is Not For Bodies 
  • no, not even the triple chocolate meltdown, for god’s sake
  • kissing is okay though. encouraged, even. cheesy warm melty kisses or sweet slick chocolatey kisses or, once, thick sugary salted caramel kisses 
  • lestrade inexplicably getting invited to an oktoberfest party at 221b with the inexplicable follow-up to bring his own fork. he brings a table fork like a normal person would and struggles all night with pieces of soft pretzel and schnitzel while sherlock eats sausage suggestively at john
  • molly and sherlock trading fondue recipes
  • sherlock is this new cheese? — that’s not just any cheese, john, that’s pule cheese. made from serbian donkeys. — it’s. donkey cheese. — it’s the most expensive cheese in the world, john. five hundred pounds per pound. — you spent five hundred pounds on cheese?? wait, you are not making fondue with the most expensive cheese in the world, sherlock holmes! — of course i am. what else would i do with it? 
  • the extremely belated discovery that sherlock is lactose intolerant, jesus christ sherlock — mm but it’s soo good
  • after two months it gets put away on an upper shelf and never touched again except for very very rare and special occasions like their anniversary or when sherlock has been depressed for too long and needs cheering up or new bond movie nights or lestrade’s retirement party.
  • honestly, john. who doesn’t love a fondue party?
All We Do (Sherlock x reader) part9

Summary: His entire world is pulled into the the psychotic games of his little sister, what will Sherlock do to save it?

Part one | Part two | Part three | Part four | Part five | Part six | Part seven | Part eight | Part nine | Part ten

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Feel free to comment, DM, anything else you can think of for requests, questions, support or just a chat, I’m always here.xx

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Reblog this post if your OTP is gay, think Donald Trump is the literal definition of trash, or you just really like Starbucks.

alwayslatetoafandom  asked:

Hello again :) So if we want to start noticing some of the references in Sherlock, what do you recommend as reading/watching material? I know you had the Sherlock pdf before but what other content can we look at? (I'm slowly going through the meta on your site <3) Also, can I call you Steph?

Oh, goodness Lovely! There’s so much you can see to find some fun stuff!

  • Firstly, I have to absolutely recommend watching The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (it’s apparently on Netflix, according to google, but you can probably find it on any streaming site). It is apparently the template that this series is based on (and you can see a lot of it in BBC Sherlock, I will give Mofftiss that), and it is just really rather lovely.
  • The Princess Bride is apparently one of Moffat’s favourite stories, and the narrative parallels are numerous in it. 
  • Of course, you should read the original ACD canon!
  • Granada Holmes references are ABOUNDS – especially in TAB (the swinging camera shot with Baker Street at the beginning is REALLY quite the lovely homage to it) – PLUS Granada Holmes is the quintessential adaptation and Jeremy Brett is SO LOVELY, you won’t be disappointed! Watch it just for the sake of watching it, if nothing else.
  • THEN you should watch the Old Russian Holmes. OMG it is so precious. They’re really gay for each other in it, it’s quite beautiful, and Vitaly Solomin is an ACTUAL CINNAMON ROLL. One of my favourite Watsons ever.
  • I know that there are other really good and soft pastiches but I am do not know what they are called.

But yes, just those things alone will help you spot a lot of the “easter eggs” in the series, and I do I believe some Dr. Who stuff shows up as well, and vice versa. After watching Granada especially, it really added a new perspective to the series I never knew existed. Oh, and after the Russian Holmes, I was SO ANGRY because there are parts in it that make you go “GODDAMNIT THEY HAVE SEEN THIS!!!!!!” It was An Experience™ that’s for sure.

Also, you can call me whatever makes you happy, Lovely, but yes, Steph is me name :) <3

All We Do (Sherlock x reader) part8

Summary: Someone wasn’t invited to this wedding

Part one | Part two | Part three | Part four | Part five | Part six | Part seven | Part eight | Part nine | Part ten

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