sherlock covention

OOC ) My dearest Sherlock Seattle, I’ve been wanting to write a little something. That’s what people do isn’t it? Leave notes? Well, this is my note.

(I was the Sherlock with the violin, who played the Dying Cow Sonata. )

Every single one of you was amazing and fantastic, and I was so giddy to meet and make new friends. It was so amazing to feel such love for my cosplay, and and I hope, desperately that anyone who wants to keep in touch does. I will try my damnedest to make it back next year. 

I felt so welcome and just… /at home/ among all you other Sherlockians, that I really don’t want to get on the plane home. I just want to wait and stay here until next year, though 221bcon is just around the corner. 

If any of you are roleplayers, hit me up. 

If any of you are traveling to North Carolina, hit me up!

I passed out a lot of cards, but in case you didn’t get one, you can contact me here or other places.  If you  have pictures of me that haven’t been put up, or something, pleaseeee let me know. I know there were a ton of pictures taken that I haven’t seen yet, though I am looking desperately.


Again, thank you so so so much, Every single one of you. I hope to see a bunch of you again next year, though my heart hurts at the prospect of waiting so long. 

Goodbye, Seattle.