sherlock committee

The Sherlock Tumbl-Con Committee is still looking for artists!

If you’re interested in donating open commission slots to our auction or helping us make promotional material, please let me know. We want you guys to be an active part of this process. Give Sherlock (every version) as strong a voice as possible. This con is happening (July 18-20, 2014), and we need your help. Who’s in?


If you were interested in being a Sherlock Committee Artist for Tumbl-Con USA and haven’t yet heard from me, you need to contact me ASAP. You can do so through my Tumblr, or via email at megg33k(at)gmail(.)com.

I must have all entries solidified by April 6, though Thursday (April 4) would be optimal. If you wish to join the ranks of our other amazing artists, you have to act fast. Thanks! ♥

Dearest Followers,

Could you please do me a solid and reblog anything I tag #Tumbl-Con USA?

I’d greatly appreciate it. We’re working hard to make this con epic, and we can only do that if people know about us. We have an amazing art auction coming up (Sherlock’s and Glee’s artists, I know first hand, are out of this world)! So, please and thank you? I’ll love you EVEN MORE! *hugs*