sherlock comic sans

I’m really excited coz in one-week San Diego-Comicon will have us all screaming (the ones present there, and the ones who couldn't go a.k.a. me) the only thing I’m excited for is Marvel panel, Thor Ragnarön, Black Panther and of course!: Avengers Infinity War, I wish so much I could be there! the thing they'll show only for the assistants, omg. WHY. 

But it also makes me remember last year, San Diego-Comicon was the definitory thing that made me and I think the whole Johnlock fandom thought Johnlock was inevitably happening in s4, feel we were always right, I still remember those interviews, EVERYTHING they said and didn’t say, like, omg the feels, we felt like the most powerful fandom ever, GOOD TIMES but fuck you Mofftiss :c

But again, the people who assist this year is so lucky, coz if Marvel shows anything about Avengers Infinity War I’ll cry for not being there.

I’m remembering the Doctor Strange panel last year :3 Ben looked so shocked and Happy :> 

OMG it also will be the one-year anniversary of the new MARVEL STUDIOS logo, and the new intro OMG :’) time flies, and remember how only the assistants saw the first preview of Spiderman Homecoming, and Thor Ragnarök,  and Gotg Vol2, the announcement of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel.

GOD this year will be mindblowing too

In case you still have doubts that Mofftiss won’t make Johnlock canon because of what people might think:

There is comic sans in the pilot.

Mrs Hudson’s restaurant sign was written in comic sans.

Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat were fully willing to let this air. If the BBC hadn’t wanted them to do the more polished, landmark version of the show we have today, we would have gotten an entire show with this sign in it. Like. Six hour-long episodes a series. With this sign.

In comic sans.

  • *watching SDCC apology video by Andrew Scott
  • Andrew: These nuts are hot
  • Andrew: Listen, I can't go and you guys can't go but I think we should send some kind of message
  • Andrew: ...if I don't collapse from these hot nuts!
  • Me: ...
  • Me: *squints eyes
  • Me: andrew, are you- are you being serious rn?
  • Me: wow