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Comic-Con [Sherlock Holmes]

Summary // You, Sherlock and John happen to be in San Diego during the time of comic-con and you’ve always wanted to go there

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“Why not?” You asked, you had always wanted to go to comic con and since you, Sherlock and John were now staying rather close to San Diego for a case, he refused to tell you about the case, and since he refused to let you go on the case with him, you decided you’d get some tickets for comic-con and go since you had always wanted to, and now he was protesting.

“It’s dangerous.” He responded and you rolled your eyes, that was absolutely ridiculous, to everything was danger but it was a public and well-known convention so there wasn’t really much to worry about.

“Shut up Sherlock, the case you’re on is dangerous, going to a convention isn’t dangerous. Any way, I got two tickets so you can go along with me if you’re so worried about me.” You said, you had done it as you hoped that Sherlock would tag along with you and otherwise you just had a spare ticket, you two never really did much together as most of your time was spent on cases or having some fun in 221B but going out wasn’t necessarily what you two did a lot, the odd restaurant and things alike but never something really big.

“I suppose.” He mumbled and you grinned.

“You know I’m going to make you go in costume, right?” He glanced up at you, curiously. “Oh yes, you are going in costume and I want you to surprise me, I mean we’re never really here so now that we are I want to get a full experience in cosplay, you can do this for me.” You said and you noticed John was going on to silently judge Sherlock when his response was silence and you smiled.

“Fine.” He said although he sounded far more excited than his face would suggest, you just smiled. You always enjoyed seeing the panels and just all the amazing cosplays which is why this one time you were able to go and you wanted to make the most of it, with your boyfriend of course.


“Didn’t you say you were going out?” Sherlock said as he noticed John standing in the hotel room, since Y/N was so insistent on him surprising them Y/N decided to take John his room and Sherlock knew it meant a lot to them so he did want to do a good job but he just had no single clue what to do, he knew exactly what they liked but that didn’t mean he was able to think of what they might cosplay as.

“I did and I did go out, didn’t take too long to find this, did some research last night.” John said as he revealed a dark brown pinstripe suit, along with one of his white dress shirts and a dark tie, lastly when it came to clothing was a long brown coat and a pair of converse.

“So, I didn’t get these new but I got them from Mycroft, I’m not spending god knows how much on things you’re going to wear once or twice but I do feel like you need to surprise Y/N good because of everything they put up with you, and I happen to know what they’re going to cosplay as.” John said with a satisfied grin and Sherlock took the clothes from him.

“How come you know and I don’t?” He said.

“Because of your irregular sleeping hours I’d say, I saw something on the bed of you two and I asked them about it, Rose was their first companion so I immediately knew what to do, some careful conspiring with Mycroft and he sent the whole outfit to some friends here so I went to pick them up, I actually suggest not wearing the coat all the time, it’s more of an extra for when you’re on your way, it doesn’t suit with the episode but he basically wears it in all of the episodes and since Mycroft was paying I decided it was necessary.” John explained and Sherlock felt stupid when he didn’t think of that, he knew out of all the tv shows Y/N watched, Doctor who was their favourite and he knew they started watching around the time when it first aired so he could’ve known all of this yet he didn’t.

“Thank you. I supposed I failed to notice something this once, I’m sure Y/N is going to love this.” Sherlock responded and John just smiled.

“Just repaying a favour, it’s nothing too much since Mycroft paid for it all and Y/N would absolutely love this so I don’t mind helping my best friend out. Now, we need to get some product because your hair doesn’t exactly fit this cosplay.” Sherlock nodded, of course he knew the tenth doctor, mostly due to Y/N as he didn’t really watch tv, he was starting to like the show and of course they informed him about every single little detail there was about the show.

“I am at your mercy.”


You stared one last time, it took you quite a long time to get the cosplay together but you were excited either way, you had been wanting to go to comic-con since forever and now finally could and in full cosplay as one of your favourite characters, you had asked John to tag along as you felt a little awkward alone in a completely alien enviroment and he went along and would head back once you had seen Sherlock and went on inside to the convention.

“you’re going to love what Sherlock did.” John said as you were both sitting in the cab and you adjusted the wig a little bit, you raised a curious eyebrow as the cab kept driving.

“I’ve seen it, I’m not telling you though but I think you’re going to love it.” John said with a smile and you just nodded, you first had to do see but you knew Sherlock could surprise you very well despite the amount of time you’ve known him and the two years you two have been together, somehow he was just good at surprising you, sometimes he had help but most of the times he did it on his own.

You two arrived on a street close to the convention, that’s where you agreed to meet and you were stunned at the sight, it was beautiful and made you giggle as well. You had decided to go in cosplay as Rose from ‘The Idiot’s lantern’ as that was one of her most distinct looks and you liked it so to see Sherlock in full pinstripe suit with his hair up was a certainly a delight, a bit odd but lovely either way.

“I’m not a big fan of wigs.” He said as you approached him with John next to you and you chuckled.

“I understand why, It doesn’t feel nice but its really pretty so I put up.” YOu said with a little chuckle, he offered his arm and you immediately took it, John grinned and left as the two of you headed for the convention.


“I’ve never been this tired.” You said as you fell down onto the hotel room couch, since the two of you had gone into cosplay and tenrose was still a pretty popular ship a lot of photos were asked and both of you obliged, Sherlock a bit more hesitant but you suggested he try to have a little fun and went along with the requests and so did you, the combination of photos, a massive crowd, panels and all of the other things you two did left you exhausted once you both got back, you more than Sherlock but you noticed he was more tired than usual.

“I’ve noticed,” Sherlock commented.

“What a brilliant comment, either way thanks for making this a great day, it wouldn’t have been the same without you.” You said with a smile, it wouldn’t be because there’d be less photos but doing something together in a completely different place it was just a nice thing to do together and you wanted to do more of these things, not necessarily conventions but just going out with him and doing things you didn’t normally do.

“You have John to thank really, he pulled this outfit together.” Sherlock responded.

“Don’t be so hard, I’ll thank him to but he wasn’t the one at my side the whole day and you were.”

I’m going to LFCC to meet Benedict!!!

Hi there! 

I’m so excited I’m going to travel to London to go to the London Film Comic Con on the Saturday. I purchased the diamond pass for Benedict. My friend who is usually coming with me at the Sherlocked con cannot make it this time and I was wondering if anyone else is going and wish to have company. If so, then feel free to drop me a message in my inbox. I’m not a young fan (I’m in my forties) but I love to meet people with the same interest (and who cannot love Benedict’s work?!?).

I’m still surprised I bought this pass, it was an impulse buy but I don’t regret it….. I can’t wait to meet Benedict again!!

(below pic credit: x)

I need to share this picture everywhere because I’m so happy with it. Really enjoyed my time in London even though I had to do a type of queue management three days in a row. I’ve got venous insufficiency so having to stand for three days was quite tough. 

The crewmembers I was working with were all really cool, made some new friends from different countries. For example my roommate lives in France whereas I live in the Netherlands. It’s so much fun to see how pop culture is bringing people together. This was actually my third time crewing at Comic Con and I’ll be crewing in Amsterdam next month! Hopefully I’ll be able to do this for a long time.

I’d like to add that I had never heard of ‘YALC’ but having worked in that area I really want to say how amazing the visitors are. I have never seen people being so patient and enthusiastic at the same time. I know some of them had to wait for a very long time and weren’t even angry about it. Most of them were young girls and I really admire their behaviour. There was one girl who had a suitcase with, I am not sure if I remember correctly, 35+ books! Amazing right?! 

Not sure if I’ll be able to find the girl who requested me to give a letter to Alison Goodman, but I wanted to let you know I was able to give it to her and she was really happy to receive your letter! :)