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Parents and shirts

Title: Parents and shirts

Anonymous asked: “Sherlock x reader. Sherlocks parents come over to visit and meet his girlfriendSherlock x reader and Sherlock comes home to find his wife playing the piano. But she’s only wearing his purple shirt”

Characters: sherlock, his parents and you

Pairing: sherlock x reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 415


“I can’t wait to meet her darling!” Sherlock’s mother said excited. “indeed, you should have told us about her sooner” his father agreed. “yes well, you’re meeting her now aren’t you? It’s all very exciting” he said as he waved their comments away. “don’t be like that Sherlock. It’s your fault we have to act like this” his mother said. “is it now? How could it possibly be my fault?” he asked frustrated. “you never introduced us to your other girlfriends and you never introduced us properly to John. We met him when you brought him over for Christmas!” his mother answered. “John wasn’t my boyfriend, why should I have introduced him?” Sherlock said, not grasping it. “never mind you foolish boy. Now come on, our cab is waiting” she said, basically dragging Sherlock and his father towards the cab.

“just don’t make this weird” Sherlock said to his parents as they stood before 221b. “don’t worry, if she loves you she’ll certainly love us, won’t she? We’re the ones who raised you in the first place” his dad said. “right” he said, opening the door to 221b.

“hello Sherlock!” you smirked. “out!” Sherlock yelled at his parents, shoving the door in their face. “what’s going on? Who’s at the door?” you asked. “uhm yeah we’ll get right to that. But more to the obvious part, why are you dressed like that?” he said gesturing to your exterior. You were wearing only wearing his purple shirt. “don’t you like it?” you purred. “my parents are outside” he said pointing at the door. “you’ve got to be kidding me!” you yelled. “when were you going to tell me that” you said. “I just did” Sherlock said. “Sherlock?” you heard as his father opened the door. “oh dear” his mother said as she saw you sitting in front of the piano, in Sherlock’s shirt. “hello, mrs and mr Holmes, nice to meet you” you said shyly, trying to cover yourself as well as you could. “so you play the piano, I assume” Sherlock’s father said. “I do actually” you said, as you started to play. “that’s marvelous dear! Truly amazing!” his mother said as you finished the piece.

“oh darling she was amazing” his mother said, as Sherlock dropped them of at home. “she really was” his father agreed. “don’t you dare let her go” his parents said. “I promise I won’t” Sherlock said, knowing how lucky he was that he met you.

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I love this because you can read his lips and look at his hand gestures and just know he’s saying “Oh look it’s daddy, hiiiiii!!” and who the fuck says that to anyone without using a patronising baby voice?!

So really; Sherlock is using a baby voice to try and teach Rosie works and hand signals so she responds well to him and isn’t that just some fine character dovelopment RIGHT there

Sherlock is such a beautiful character. He loves dogs and bees and dancing and kids. He dresses up and makes jokes and tries so, so hard to get off drugs. He helps people who need it and cares so deeply that it hurts him and he loves john watson more than anything in the world. He loves the stars and science and romance and flowers. He never is on the offence until attacked. He has a mask that can oh so easily be stripped away because he will do anything to make John happy. He pretends to hate james bond movies. He plays board games. He forgets to eat. He gets lonely and sad until the moment the man who is the sun to him walks into the room. He cries and scrapbooks and plays the violin and wanted to be a pirate and makes his own job. He’s incredibly human.

I keep seeing this “dark sherlock” stuff going around my dash and it erases the beautiful character development he’s gone through. That isn’t Sherlock. It’s what you’d like him to be.

Imagine this:

every single character in your room. All of them. Every single one you have ever read about, watched, imagined, created. All of them putting you to sleep. All of them surrounding your bed and protecting you from all harm with whatever kind of weapon or defense technique they have. They are all there for you. You are safe. And I think that is very very comforting to think about.

The Key To Understanding S4 of Sherlock is to Accept Mary as She Is…

I’ve seen a lot of people who say S4 doesn’t make sense to them. We’ve got a variety of theories trying to make the story fit some different storyline than what is being shown on screen.

I know some of that is fueled by inconsistencies in filming—possible continuity errors, changes in wording, things they find unrealistic. But it seems that one of the core issues for a lot of people is Mary. 

I can understand that. Why was she even brought into the story in the first place? Some adaptations skip her entirely. People wanted to keep the focus of the story on John and Sherlock. They didn’t want a trio. 

Those are perfectly fair objections. And I don’t blame people for being upset about the fact that she turned out to be an assassin and that she shot Sherlock, etc. I thought that some of the Mary-as-villain theories were really interesting and would have been fun in the story. 

But that’s not where the writers took things, and now some fans are having a hard time accepting that Mary could be all those things and still be loved by John and Sherlock. 

Yes, loved. The reaction to her death, if nothing else, makes it clear that both men loved her very much. They grieve her, deeply. Her memory becomes John’s inner voice, his conscience.

How can that be? How can the show portray her as kind, sweet, funny, insightful, and yet also portray her as selfish, ruthless, secretive, and a killer? 

Well, it’s called an antihero. And it’s something few female characters are allowed to be. 

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Check out this gorgeous mirroring in TBB, the episode that never fails to show you something you hadn’t seen before… note the mannequin behind Andy in the background, looking like Soo Lin (Sherlock’s mirror), reaching out to Andy (John’s mirror), through glass <3 <3 <3 (Read this mind-blowing piece of meta about the character mirrors in TBB if you haven’t already)

They could have let Molly go. After the first episode, the first season…they could have had her marry Tom. They could have had her “move on.”

They could have done any number of things that would have crushed the potential, disappointed our hopes, changed the story.

She is their creation after all. 

Instead they gave us this:

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John Watson

Is imperfect. Does horrible things. Is still hurt and angry about the Fall and the Lies. Is guilty and grieving. Suicidal and self-loathing. Not coping well.

He loses control.

Sherlock Holmes

Is imperfect. Does horrible things. Is guilty and grieving. Suicidal and self-loathing. Not coping well. 

He loses control.

And yet, they forgive each other.

They are both human – and imperfect.


Master sleuths + magnifying glasses

Mycroft Holmes: All he has is being clever - a character analysis

Those are my thoughts on Mycroft Holmes after season 4. It’s long, but i was thinking about him a lot! As always, @mycrofts-kitchen told me to turn this into a post.

  • All he has is being clever.
  • He’s playing a role: The Ice Man. He pretends there is no heart inside him to cover up that his heart is actually huge and soft. He ignores it, he pushes it back so no one can break it. He saw in his early childhood what caring can do to people, what caring too much did to Sherlock: “Caring is not an advantage.” The only thing he can’t push back is his love for Sherlock: “Your loss would break my heart.” Sherlock’s his pressure point, because he already loved him before he decided to become The Ice Man. Look at his smile when he sees the video of Sherlock hugging him… I’m sure no one hugged him except his little brother. You can read so much from his smile. It’s deeply melancholic.
  • He’s an introvert that needs some love. He said Sherlock was the emotional child, so he has always been an introvert. Not showing that he needs love or human contact. But he did and he still does. It just seems like he accepted for himself that there is no one who can give him love. When he talked about his heart that’s “not much of a target”… that’s just how anyone sees him. That’s what he wants others to believe.
  • He’s lonely. “I’m not lonely” - of course you’d never admit it, Mycroft. It would destroy your role. He’s so intelligent, everyone else seems like goldfish. But he uses it as an excuse for others, to look like he needs no one. But he does… How he knows the lines for this silly movie, that projector - he’s such a melancholic little idiot.
  • He never was number one. And he knows. Not the favourite child. Not the most intelligent child. Even his sister always preferred Sherlock.
  • He never found his place, he was always lost. He hasn’t seen himself as one of the Holmes kids. He was 7 years older and when talking about redbeard… “We never found him” “we made our assumptions” - as if he belonged with his parents and not with his brother and sister. As if he wouldn’t be one of the kids; Always the grown up. But his parents haven’t seen him like this, this wasn’t his place, as well. He never felt like he belongs somewhere. Because no one ever showed him that he can be loved or be someone’s favourite.
  • He always felt responsible because of his intelligence and understanding of things. It was him who took care of Eurus after Uncle Rudy. It’s him that takes care of Sherlock. He became the British government. He feels like it’s his task to shoulder the weight of all of this. At some point he just took this role. The responsible. The adult. The parent. And that’s how he still sees himself. When looking at Sherlock after he shot Magnussen - he saw a little boy.
  • He feels like he deserves getting shot. Because he fucked up. His parents told him he fucked up. Maybe that’s what they do all the time. Because they believe he is The Ice Men and doesn’t care. And he just takes it. He’s Mycroft Holmes and it’s so hard for him to admit he has made mistakes. But he just takes it because he really thinks it’s all his fault. Maybe that’s what he was always taught to think. Parents mostly blame the older ones because they think they should know better.
  • He’s weak. When Sherlock said “He’s not as strong as he thinks he is” - he was so right. And sadly Mycroft is not as strong as he wants to be. Because he is a sensitive idiot who smiles when his idiot brother tells him he was good as lady bracknell. He’s so weak in so many ways. Physically, of course. He always was. As a child he was chubby, maybe his parents told him to lose weight - that’s why he’s so worried about it, even if there’s no reason. Now he’s so skinny - and still weak. Remember when Sherlock pushed him against the wall and Mycroft was all in pain? He’s emotionally weak. He never learned to be good with people. He understands them, of course, in an intellectual way, that’s part of his job. But he doesn’t understand them in a way of own feelings.
  • All he has is being clever! That’s what I thought so many times in TFP. That’s why he always mentions he’s the smart one. The only thing he has is being clever! The only thing he can claim for himself, he can be proud of, he can identify with.
  • He likes to be important. Why did he mention he spoke to the prime minister so many times? Look how he behaves in Buckingham Palace! The thing is - there is a difference between power and importance. You could easily think mycroft likes power - but it’s importance and that’s much deeper and purer. Because he wants to matter for someone, wants to be of value. No one shows him on a personal level. Not his parents, not Sherlock. So he searches it in business life. He became the British Government because - how could he be even more important?
  • And because he’s a complete control freak! But that’s nothing new, we know since Episode 1. The most things he’s doing is to be the one in control.

Many people said he was out of character in TFP. He wasn’t. He just revealed a side we haven’t seen before. We always saw him from the point of view of Sherlock and John. And they only see his role. The untouchable Ice Man. And this role can’t be kept up in the situation they’re in - that’s why he behaves so different, just not logical, even emotional.

  1. He always was in control. In TFP he wasn’t. He knew it was his fault. He’s not like Eurus who has almost no feelings at all. TFP shows what losing control is doing to Mycroft.
  2. “He didn’t vomit when Mary was shot!” When Mary got shot he was The Ice Men, there were so many people from his professional life around - besides, she got shot in the chest, just a little blood. This guy blew his head up with brain all over the wall and stuff?!
  3. “He never had a problem with killing people or letting them die?! People die, that’s what people do?!” He never killed someone with his own hands? Maybe there’s a little difference?! He was always sitting behind his desk, not knowing the people, not seeing them. He never was a field agent.