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Stereotyped Characters
  • "This asshole": questionable morals, hidden objective, villain, etc.
  • My son: precious cin/sinnamon roll
  • My husband: strong, badass, deep voice
  • "You.": terrible, usually a villain, long hair

someone: *looks at another person*
everyone: that’s gay

Six Sentence Sunday

“Sherlock, please don’t make me choose,” Molly begged. 

“Molly, it has to be one or the other,” Sherlock insisted a bit desperately. “I understand it might be difficult for you, but I’ve simply got to know!”

She hesitated again before sighing and nodding her head. 

“Oh alright,” she finally agreed wearily, and then after a thoughtful pause she slowly raised her arm to point at what Sherlock held in his right hand while giving her answer.

“Ok, the purple shirt is marginally sexier than the midnight blue one.”

@marathecactupus I love your metas surrounding the Red vs Blue themes of series 4. I haven’t been thinking about this for a long time, but I have been trying to figure out why ASIP is so goshdarn purple. Every street backlit with purple. Trees, purple. Sherlock and John together, purple. Running through London, purple. 

Even the outfits of the characters (Sherlock, Blonde woman in ASIP, Connie Prince’s brother in TGG, Mrs Hudson) are purple.

Do you have any thoughts as to the coordination of these three colors?

At first thought I would say “purple” represents a harmonious time between Sherlock’s heart and brain. The minute Moriarty showed up and threatened to burn the heart out of him, then things started to separate. Even that pool scene is dramatically blue and red. Irene’s two makeup choices are blue and red. Sherlock and John wear blue and red.

I could be wrong, but doesn’t it take until TAB for lots of purple to reappear? The robes of the women, Sherlock’s dressing gown, Mrs Hudson’s outfit. And since TAB is a blatant mirror to series 4, it would make sense for TAB to be the “Sherlock’s heart and head work together and he lives happily ever after with John” while series 4 is “In real life the game is never over, one must separate the heart and the brain, romantic entanglement won’t complete you as a human being”, keeping the themes red and blue.

Terribly sorry if you’ve already said this somewhere and I’m here thinking I’ve come up with something new – if this discussion is elsewhere please point me to it!

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I suppose that I am commuting a felony, but it is just possible that I am saving a soul.
—  Sherlock Holmes, The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle