sherlock being dumb

  • Sherlock: *never corrects anyone when they assume John is his boyfriend*
  • Sherlock: *comes on John's dates*
  • Sherlock: *chases away John's girlfriends*
  • Sherlock: *rips off John's clothes in a dark swimming pool*
  • Sherlock: *steals ash tray from the Palace to make John laugh*
  • Sherlock: *tells John he is his only friend*
  • Sherlock: *grabs John's hand and runs through London*
  • Sherlock: *suffers through torture so John is safe*
  • Sherlock: *gives the sweetest best man speech ever*
  • Sherlock: *kills someone for john*
  • Sherlock: *is willing to die for real for his safety*
  • Stupid people: yeah but in a PLATONIC way.

no, but image jim and sherlock sitting at a bar table with a full ashtray on it. jim looks at it and just say “there is ash #145 and oh, i can see also ash #087” and sherlock becames suddenly incredibly excited but he tries to hide it while jim can’t stop giggle 

I’d love to know where all these interviews are where Moffat goes on and on like he’s the most brilliant riter ever and everyone should bask in his genius. All the ones I’ve read he praises everyone else while saying how he hasn’t been good since Press Gang and gets insecure about his cat’s affections.