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Birthdays Aren’t Important; Sherlock x Reader

Requested by Anon: Hi could you please write a Sherlock x reader where its sherlocks birthday and he doesn’t think birthdays are important but the reader throws a surprise party for him and he is all happy and fluff please sorry if it makes no sense. And I adore your writing, you are very talented xxx Thank you

Thank you for saying that!! It gives me a lot of confidence and I hope you enjoy this!

“John! John!” you whisper-screamed from John’s bedroom door at 4am. “John!”

You could hear an incomprehensible mumbling from John’s bed. “What?” he finally managed.

“It’s Sherlock’s birthday!”

John sleepily looked at the clock as the red 4 blared at him. “He’s your boyfriend,” John commented.

“He’s your best friend.”

“…He wasn’t born till 8… yeah that’s a good time… we still have a couple of hours.”

“We both know Sherlock will be up well before 8am. The flat is disgusting and hardly in birthday party condition.”

John groaned before literally falling out of bed. “Great… cleaning and decorating…”

In only… 4 hours… 221B Baker Street was decorated for Sherlock’s birthday party. “So how are we going to keep him cooped up in his bedroom till the party?” John asked.

“… Oh right, he’s still here. I guess I’ll just… blindfold him and throw him in a cab?”

“Who wouldn’t want that for their birthday,” John remarked.

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