Imagine: Sherlock loving that you still manage to be so innocent and happy even with all that you’ve seen helping him on cases. [x]

Sherlock: You’re smiling? You’re smiling after all of that?
Y/N: The case is over, Sherlock. It’s finished- we solved the case and now our work is done.
Sherlock: Oh… Right.
Y/N: So smile, Sherlock! Separate yourself from the case- from work, because right now we don’t have any cases.

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Mini Hooper

Greg: I would fancy getting me a Mini Cooper one of these days.

John: Yeah, that does s-

*Sherlock strides into the lab.*

Sherlock: While I would commend you on your suddenly much improved taste regarding the fairer sex, Graham, I deem it necessary to point out that if anyone were to be in possession of a miniature pathologist that they could carry around in their pockets, it would most definitely not be you.

Greg: It’s Greg, you git. And what in god’s name are you going on about?

Sherlock: Molly Hooper is my pathologist. Mine. So if anyone were to have a miniature version of her, it would be me. Not an incompetent member of the Scotland Yard who can’t even keep his wife from gallavanting with other men.

Greg: Wha-

John: Sherlock, we were talking about Mini Coopers.

Sherlock: -blinks- What?

John: Mini Coopers. Cars, Sherlock.

*Molly enters the lab.*

Molly: Hello John, Greg. Sherlock.

Sherlock: -blinks- Right. -turns away and sits himself before his favorite microscope, fiddling with the knobs-

Molly: What was that about?

Greg: -huffs in exasparation-

John: -grins- Just car talk.