It’s time for another Sherlock Mega-Watchalong Weekend!

This weekend we’re watching all of Sherlock three times in a row*, and chatting about it in The Giant Chat of Sumatra.

The Mega-Watchalong will start on Saturday, September 5th at noon UTC / 8:00 a.m. US Eastern time (convert to your local day/time), and anyone is welcome to join in.

Once the Mega-Watchalong starts, just grab your copy of the series and check the schedule to find out when to press play for the next episode in the marathon. There will also be a timer for each episode in the schedule, so if you come in late you can fast-forward to the same part everyone else is at.

Since the Mega-Watchalong goes on for a very long time and through all hours of the day and night, there may not be anyone else in the chat room some of the time. Feel free to drag your friends in, or just wander in and out and meet new friends who happen to be online when you are. Have fun!

* Important note: You should not actually watch all the episodes on the schedule. Please take breaks to eat, sleep, go outside, etc.

If you ever see me with a shirt on of a show, movie or whatever on it that you love too you have the right to sit your ass down in front of me and start talking. My public representation of my fandom is an invitation to come and talk to me about it.