“And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you.” 
― Kiersten WhiteThe Chaos of Stars

A compilation of my favorite AUs (such as kidlock, teenlock, parentlock). And I couldn’t not draw this quote.

Addicted to a certain lifestyle - Tattoo!lock by Mi-caw-ber

You’re the sun to my solar system.
And all that matters.

Size: A3
Medium: 0,3 mechanical pencil, ink & tons of colours
Mood: Tattoos + suits = ♥. I’d pay money for this AU to be real!
!!!IMPORTANT: watch it on Deviantart for the details of the tattoos, you’ll like it :]!!!

AND……………. ENTRY N° 1000! WOOOH!

Thank you ALL for your support!
It’s so great to be on Tumblr with such great friends and followers and supporters and other artists! I love it!

Come come come, come into my heart. - Greaser!lock by Mi-caw-ber

Oh god I don’t know what’s happening! *still nonstop drawing Sherlock/Johnlock*

A comission for my dear friend Loki

Size: A4
Medium: 0,3 mechanical pencil + digital coloration
Mood: CAN NOT UN-SHIP IT!! 8///D * forever OTP *

And I’m thinking about making an artbook with my sherlock fanart. Who’d be interested? Hands up!