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Curious Man - (Sherlock x reader)

Imagine: Meeting Sherlock at a store while he waits for Watson to buy a gift for Mary.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 579

Warnings: None.

A/N: I wanted to write this for the longest time and now I finally did it. It’s just a small drabble because I’m still not in shape to write a proper Sherlock fanfiction. Yet, I hope you like it.

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“Beautiful choice, very fashionable if I may say so.” A male voice interrupted you.

You were doing your early Christmas shopping, a tradition you had started the first year you moved out of your parent’s house. Basically, you would buy all kinds of gifts for yourself before the prices got up.

“Thank you, sir.” You replied with a smile as you looked to the man that had spoken.

He was tall and slim, dark locks framing his pale face and deep blue eyes analysing you.

“I’m sure your fiancé will like it.” He continued. You furrowed your eyebrows.

It was common for people to inquire that you had a boyfriend, but this man was being too specific.

“I’m afraid I don’t have a fiancé.” You giggled. The man let out a breathy sigh.

“Then why are you wearing an engagement ring?” He asked. You looked down to your hand, which in fact had an engagement ring. “Don’t be ashamed of him. It is in fact an old engagement ring, probably his mother’s ring. I can see that it looks quite unused in spite of the age of it, so I’m guessing you got recently engaged.”

You smiled in amusement. The man seemed to be a pretty smart guy, yet he was wrong.

“I’ve told you: I’m not engaged.” The blue-eyed man furrowed, not willing to believe your words.

“Come again?” He asked.

“I said: you’re wrong.” You replied. The man looked too dumbfounded not to be funny, and hell, it took you an eye and half of the other not to laugh at his face.

“How can I be wrong? It is an engagement ring, and it is on your hand in the right finger. It’s old, and yet it looks clean because you haven’t worn it much.” You nodded.

“It is in fact an engagement ring, and I am in fact wearing it correctly. It is old, true, but it looks clean because I only wear it on occasions.” The man was truly messed up.

“So you only wear it on occasions because…” Before he could make a suggestion of you being a cheater to your fiancé or a single lady wearing a fake ring to keep men away, you interrupted.

“It was my mother’s engagement ring,” you spoke, “She gave it to me a few years ago. I’m not engaged and I only wear it every now and then because I don’t want people to think I’m already taken.”

“There’s always something…” The man whispered to himself.

“Sorry?” You furrowed your eyebrows.

“Nothing, never mind.” He shook the thought away with a hand gesture. “So, mind telling me why you don’t want people to think you’re taken?”

“You are a very curious man, aren’t you?” You laughed, not answering to his question.

“I am, in fact.” He responded, puffing his chest out and coking his eyebrow proudly.

“May I ask why you are so concerned about my relationship status?” You asked, smirking.

“I happen to find you very pleasing to the eye and, now, I also find you very interesting.” He answered, taking good care of his words; he sounded like he was afraid to say something wrong, yet somehow he also sounded confident.

“My name’s…”

“(Y/N).” He finished. You gasped what kind of man was he?


“You’re wearing a bracelet with your name on it.” He simply replied.

“What a strange man you are, Mr…” He smirked at your words.

“Holmes,” He spoke, “Sherlock Holmes.”


× bts!au ; Sherlock ; 

Min Yoongi as Sherlock Holmes;
Jung Hoseok as John Watson;
Kim Taehyung as Mary Watson;
Park Jimin as Irene Adler;
Jeon Jungkook as Jim Moriarty;
Kim Namjoon as Mycroft Holmes;
Kim Seokjin as Greg Lestrade;

Expectant - Request

Requested by anon:  could you do a Reader x Sherlock where she finds out she’s expecting and Sherlock has no idea how to react for awhile? Thank you :-)
Also, another anon requested for a fluffy one with Sherlock so…

Summary: (Y/N) is acting strange, and Sherlock notices. She ends up confessing the truth and… He struggles to find the words.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Warnings: Bit of angst (not really) because of Sherlock’s reaction. Also, fluffy.

Word count: 2,807

A/N: My Sherlock feels are rising like the fenix rises from the ashes, THANKS! This is fluffy and cheesy and I love it, hope you do too. Remember feedback is highly appreciated.


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London had never been quieter. Not a single criminal dared to show up in the past week – or at least not one Sherlock cared about.

With his fiddle in hand and a melody on his head, Sherlock played for hours and hours throughout the morning. His feet with move along the music as he followed his girlfriend around the flat, making sure to keep his eyes on her at every moment.

(Y/N) was tiding it up a little since neither Sherlock nor John would do it.

“You know you don’t have to do that.” Sherlock spoke as he waltzed his way closer to her.

“I know, I just… Need to kill time, I guess.” Sherlock tilted his head.

“Anxiety?” She shook her head.

“Maybe I’m just bored.” Sherlock smiled warmly at her.

“I knew I wasn’t the only one getting bored here.” He said.

“Bored? You?” (Y/N) let out a fake laugh, “As far as I can tell you’re having a blast with your instrument.”

Sherlock didn’t reply with words but rather changing the tune to a faster one.

“Show off.” She hissed jokingly and moved to his room, where she picked up the dirty clothes and dusted the furniture.

Sherlock couldn’t help but to notice something strange in her. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it because it was such a slight change in her – and a good kind of change – that deducing it would take him hours. And that’s why he was following her.

She was resplendent yet she looked tired. “Why are you tired?”

(Y/N) looked up at him; she had been dragged out of her thoughts. “Sorry?”

“Why are you tired?” Sherlock repeated, “Last night we did… We did sleep late but we always do.”

“Maybe it’s all this cleaning.” (Y/N) suggested.

“You’ve followed me on cases that could get anyone tired after five minutes without even flinching, it’s not the cleaning.” Sherlock observed. He stopped playing and stood still, following her every move.

“Maybe I’m getting old.” Sherlock lifted an eyebrow.

“Impossible.” He stated, “If you were getting old I would be too and I’m feeling great.”

“We are getting old.” She emphasized, “With each second that passes.”

Sherlock sighed heavily and continued to play. (Y/N) excused herself and left to the bathroom. It was the fifth time she went and it wasn’t even close to mid-day.

Sherlock stopped playing once again and walked back to the living room where John was sitting and reading a newspaper.

“There’s something off about her.” Sherlock whispered without even looking at his friend but rather keeping his ice blue eyes glued to the bathroom door.

Watson, who knew exactly what was going on, shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly and changed the page. He had been pretending to read the whole morning, for he knew it would be impossible for him not to react.

“You’ve read this newspaper three times already.” Sherlock observed.

“I like to re-read… Make sure everything sticks to my mind.” John replied.

“Guess that’s a method that works for common minds.” John couldn’t help but to roll his eyes, “But honestly, John, can’t you see? There’s something off about her.”

“She’s your girlfriend, Sherlock, not mine.” John beamed.

“She’s your friend, and you’re a doctor.” John sighed and scratched the corner of his eyes.

“She’s not sick.”

“How can you tell?” John inquired, “Did you check her body temperature? Her blood pressure? Her…”

“She’s fine!” John assured. Sherlock, of course, didn’t buy it and waited patiently for her to get out.

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Probably at some point during a case:
  • Anderson: So you think the murderer is his wife..
  • Sherlock: Yes
  • Anderson: Oh, come on! There's a gun in his hand! It'obvious! He's killed himself!
  • Sherlock: Shh!
  • Sherlock: Did you hear that?
  • Anderson: What?
  • Sherlock: The sound of the fuck I give about the bullshits you say.
On Edge - Request

Requested by anon:  Can you make a heated sherlock imagine where he hasn’t had a case in a while but hasn’t been able to go to the drug dens or smoke because of Y/N so he takes out his frustration on her ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (doesn’t have to be smut but it could be real HEATED)

Summary: Sherlock has no cases and John forbid him to smoke. (Y/N) continues to mock him about it, without telling him where his cigarettes are, which leads Sherlock to find other ways to take out his frustration and, at the same time, showing her what it’s like to be on edge.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Warnings: Smut - edging, fingering, teasing -, dominant!Sherlock

Word count: 2,447

A/N: This is the longest piece of smut I’ve written and it’s not even smut like so, wow. I hope you like this!


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Sherlock stomped from one side to the other of the flat.  He was frantically looking for that tiny carton box, hidden somewhere inside that messy labyrinth he had unconsciously created. She was sitting on the sofa, knowing exactly what he was doing but pretending to ignore it, although Sherlock had noticed that sly smirk formed on her red lips.

Not a case, not a single one, and that was his curse. He had saved everyone and gotten to be a big and famous detective, but what was the price of fame? Boredom, that was.

“I need them.” Sherlock begged. His back was turned to her, but he knew exactly how big and curved that mischievous grin on her face was.

“No.” She replied.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” Sherlock finally turned to see her.

Her legs were crossed, one over the other, and her feet were pointing at him. The black high heels matched the black pencil skirt that failed to hide the soft skin from her thighs. Her hands were holding one of his old books, and her arms rested lazily over one of the arm-holders. A messy strand of hair had fell over her face, framing it so delicately it made Sherlock get distracted for a few milliseconds.

“John told me you were annoying when you were bored.” She said, “But I have to say it: You are fascinating.”

“I’m even better when I’m smoking.” Sherlock snapped. He lifted his chin, trying to look like the intimidating man from the newspapers rather than an anxious boy.

“Those things will kill you one day.” She leaned back on the couch, allowing her head to fall back on the pillow. Sherlock observed said movement as if it had been performed in slow motion.

How the lose strand bounced over her nose before falling back to the side. The way her eyes shut after her head touched the soft fabric, and that slight breeze of air her lips expelled. The way her chest rose up a bit after, inhaling once more. And her feet, one of them – the one from the leg crossed on top – still pointing at him. How her delicate hands left the book over her lap, calling his attention to focus yet again on her skin.

He was driving him insane.

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Sherlock HC/AU: The British Government and the largest criminal network - behind the scenes, Mycroft Holmes and Moriarty have been exchanging information on several occasions. Invulnerability comes with a price tag for both sides.



Gifs not mine.

A/N: This could link to one of the other reader inserts ‘The Baby Is Coming’ but you don’t have to read that to understand this. I hope I haven’t made Mycroft or Sherlock to OOC. Enjoy! xxx 

Exhausted was an understatement. You knew that childbirth was very painful and tiring but nothing could have prepared you for that. However, the long nine months and incredibly painful birth was all worth it as your little boy was born. Sherlock was stood by the window nursing the babe. He’d insisted that you slept but you wanted to stay awake because the Holmes parents, now grandparents, were on their way. You assumed that Mycroft would probably stay at the Holmes residence but you didn’t know whether he’d be forced to pay a visit to the hospital. Sherlock was tense. You could tell he didn’t want Mycroft to come but you did. You wanted a close family and although Mycroft was a fairly distant and an unsociable person, he was the uncle of your child and you wanted him to be involved.



“Yes mother,” A voice said from the other side of the door. The voice belonged to Mycroft Holmes. “The nurse said that they were in here.” The door opened slowly and in came Mycroft and his parents.

“Congratulations!” Mrs Holmes exclaimed and came over to your bedside. She kissed your cheek and then rushed over to Sherlock and kissed him. Mr Holmes gave his congratulations whereas Mycroft stayed in the doorway.

“Have you decided on a name?” Mycroft asked.

“Arthur Hamish William Holmes,” You replied with a smile.

“My little Arthur,” Mrs Holmes said happily as she took the boy from Sherlock. “I say that we’re too young to be grandparents."  

"I for one accept my age,” Her husband replied but she just chuckled. After holding Arthur for quite a while, she finally passed your son over to grandfather Holmes.

“Finally a grandchild,” He said. “We knew Mycroft would never have children and we finally gave up hope with Sherlock. Then he met you, Y/N. You both produced a lovely little baby boy. My grandson.” He was full of pride.

“Would you like a hold?” You asked Mycroft.

Sherlock was about to object but his brother did first. “No thank you,” He said. “Babies are not really my forte and I have a good view from here.”

“No I insist.”

“I don’t-”

“Mycroft Holmes, you will take the baby, hold the baby, and enjoy it.” You got out of bed and you took Arthur from Mr Holmes. You then passed him to the child’s uncle. Mycroft was terrified. He was almost shaking. Mycroft was in charge of the whole country (practically) but that was no problem and he was as cool as a cucumber. Give him a child and he will panic.

“I think we should all, with the exception of Mycroft and Y/N, get some coffee,” Mrs Holmes said. “No objections!" They all got up and left. There was no arguing with Mrs Holmes.



Mycroft watched helplessly as you fell asleep. He had hoped to hand Arthur back you but tiredness had took over you. He couldn’t give him to anyone else either. He was stuck. He walked over to the window, which was where Sherlock had stood earlier. Mycroft looked down at the boy. Arthur’s eyes were wide open and he was looking up at his uncle. Mycroft’s expression softened. He began to realise how important this child was to him. He was trusted with little Arthur and he would do anything to protect him. Mycroft was the one who taught Sherlock to not care however the 'iceman’ himself was now making exceptions.



Sherlock entered the room. He saw you asleep in the bed and then saw his older brother looking down at Arthur with admiration in his eyes.

"I may appear harsh,” Mycroft stated. “However, I promise that I will do everything in my power to keep Arthur, you, and Y/N safe.”

“Were you not doing that already?”

“Yes but that was out of 'brotherly compassion.’ Now it is out of… Out of… Love.” Love was a hard word for Mycroft to get out but he did it all the same.

Sherlock chuckled. “I’m flattered.”

“I’m serious.”

“I’m the father. Am I not able to keep my wife and child safe?”

“Yes but what happens when it comes to cases? When you’re getting into other people’s business and you put yourself and them in danger? Or when you’re bored so you get high? Who will be there to pick up the pieces? This isn’t a game, Sherlock! These are people’s lives!”

“I’m a changed man now.”

“I’m trying to help, Sherlock!”

He sighed. “Then thank you. Also, Y/N would like you to be godfather as well as John.”

“Just Y/N?”

“Fine! I guess I think you’d be fit too…”

“Then I am honoured.”

Tipsy - Request

Requested by anon: I would like to request a Sherlock x reader where he has been drugged and how he’s really cute and a little dirty towards her in front of John. Haha like while “high”. Just super fluffy and cute and maybe a little smutty/implied smut/ a little dirty haha. I get if you’re too busy or don’t feel like writing it, no problem. Love you.
& anon: I have a request for you (if youre still taking..?) so sherlock and john gets drunk and sherlock starts hitting on (and gets kissy and touchy) on reader which has been her girlfriend for months xD ?

Pairing: Sherlock x reader.

Word count: 2,026

Warnings: Just like in “The sign of three” this things gives a lot of twists.

A/N: Drunk Sherlock and Watson are my fave, I loved this so much!


Sherlock and John weren’t the kind of men to get drunk every week, however and because of the stress they had been put through in their last case, they decided to go to the bar together.

At first it was just beer and talking and complaining, but then, someone recognized Sherlock and decided to put a little something on his beer which, added up to what he had already drunk, ended up turning him into a dizzy, slurry mess.

John was drunk as well, but for a different reason: he had mixed tequila with beer.

They walked – stumbled – their way back to Baker Street. It wasn’t even ten o’clock when that happened, so both (Y/N) and Mrs. Hudson were up and sharing a cup of tea while the boys came back, doing all kinds of strange noises as they walked in that called both women’s attention.

“What are you two doing here?” Mrs. Hudson asked as she and (Y/N) walked out to the stair case where John and Sherlock were laying. (Y/N) couldn’t help but to laugh at the image and the sound of her laughter caught Sherlock’s attention.

“(Y/N)!” He cheered drunkenly, “AREN’T YOU THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BEING ON EARTH?”

“Wow, someone’s loud tonight.” She joked and Sherlock walked to her and held her tightly against his chest.

“You are sooooo beautiful!” He slurred, “And so hot, would you be my girlfriend?”

“I am already your girlfriend, Sherlock.” (Y/N) spoke clamly, unable to contain the giggle that left her lips.

“I’m such a lucky man I’m jealous of myself …” Sherlock cupped her face and started kissing her passionately, like never before. (Y/N) tried to pull away but Sherlock’s grip was tight and it wasn’t until he needed air that he let go off her.

“You’re so drunk!” She giggled.

“And you’re stunning.” Sherlock mumbled, “Delightful, splendid, a Greek muse right in front of me! DATING ME!”

“Sherlock Holmes is a poet when he’s drunk, what are the chances!” Watson spoke from behind, right before he bursted in a dry laughter. Mrs. Hudson laughed with him and then both women dragged them upstairs.

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thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch said:                                                           

Can you do a Sherlock x reader fic where the reader gets kidnapped my moriarty and sends Sherlock a video showing her being tortured and he keeps on calling a Dimond instead of pet.

A/N: I actually really like this and I'm tempted to make a second part.

Warnings: description of torture and swearing.

Sherlock was pacing up and down the living room of 221B. You’d be missing for two days. You were not one to leave for more than twenty four hours without notice. Normally, before your departure, you would at least tell someone you were leaving even if it was not Sherlock. He had suspicions that Moriarty was alive so he thought that he may have been responsible for your disappearance. However, he did not like to fear the worst when it involved you. He hoped that you were on a holiday. Or something along those lines.



“So," Sherlock said putting his cup down on its saucer. "Any word from Y/N?”

“No,” John replied. “I thought that you had some information.” John was sat opposite Sherlock in 221B. John called in just to check up on Sherlock but they both knew that he really arrived to discuss you.

Sherlock sighed. “Then I guess we have to wait. I don’t like waiting.”

“Y/N is responsible enough. She can look after herself.”

“Yes.” There was a notification from Sherlock’s phone. The text read:

Check your emails. - You Know Who.

Sherlock rushed to the computer and quickly got up his emails.

“Sherlock, what’s- Is that Y/N?” John exclaimed and ran over to the computer. Sherlock had opened up a video which was attached from an unknown email.

“I guess that we have no choice but to watch,” Sherlock sighed and pressed play.



The video started of with you tied to a chair and gagged. Tears stained your cheeks and there were heavy bags under your eyes due to lack of sleep.

“Hello,” Moriarty said walking in front of the camera. “I have your precious little diamond here. Now, what to do with her…” He turned and approached you. He stroked your face before smacking you. It was impossible to hide the pain and fear from your eyes. And that bastard knew he was frightening you. Sherlock and John winced for you. They felt your pain. Moriarty proceeded to retrieve a whip. He took the gag out of your mouth.

“Don’t,” You pleaded.

“I took the gag off so they could hear you screaming,” He snapped. “Not so I could hear you talk. Fucking bitch.” He grabbed your hair and threw you to the floor. Your hands were bound so you could not fight. Moriarty never got his hands dirty and he always used someone else to do the damage but he could not miss a chance to taunt Sherlock and he knew that it would hurt more if it was him to hurt you. He brought the whip down upon your back so the crack of a whip and your cries could be heard throughout the room. Moriarty smiled with glee as he continued to inflict lashes upon your no frail body. Although you already felt destroyed, you decided to grit your teeth and bury your head into your forearms. You concentrated on not breaking down but you had to give in eventually as the pain was too immense. Your back felt like it was up in flames. Blood was draining quickly from the large wounds which had formed on your back. They would leave nasty scars.

“Stop,” Was all that managed to escape your lips.

“I said don’t fucking talk,” He snapped as his patience was wearing thin. He whipped you a final time. “I think that’s enough whipping for one day.” He knelt down beside you and took your hands into his and unbound them before snapping ever single one of your fingers. There was a loud crack as they were bent to breaking point earning an ear piercing scream from you. He then kicked you to a pulp and left you unconscious on the cold hard ground.

He laughed like a maniac before addressing the camera. “See,” He said pointing to your body. “Every diamond can be smashed into pieces.” The footage ended.



John was reduced to tears and even Sherlock was chocked up.

“Is she dead?” John asked.

“No,” The detective replied. “She was breathing. Well, for now. We need to go and find her now! This is my top priority and I am taking this very seriously.”

Worried - Request

Requested by anon:  can you do one where Sherlock comes home from a long case which he finally solved but is beaten up and and bruised and he doesn’t understand why is reader is so worried because Sherlock + human emotions = ?

Summary: Everything from above, I suppose.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader.

Word count: 2,222

Warnings: Bloody, bruised Sherlock?

A/N: Fluffy Sherlock, I hope I got this correctly, my Sherlockness is sleeping today.


221B was only quiet when neither Sherlock nor John were around. No shooting, or shouting, no stomping across the room, no violin playing, no rants, no nothing… Just pure silence. And even when (Y/N) enjoyed said silence, she was worried. They were out on a case – a very dangerous one – and they had been out for a long while without even calling like they used to.

She tapped her fingers anxiously over the fabric of Sherlock’s chair with one hand while the other was holding a cup of tea Mrs. Hudson had prepared for her. It was now cold and she hadn’t even tried it, although it looked like it because she was trembling, causing a few spills over her jeans.

(Y/N) heard steps. Not Sherlock’s, not John’s and definitely not Mrs. Hudson’s. Limping steps. Yes, it was a limp, maybe a police officer or a client. (Y/N) set the cup of tea aside and got up from the seat. She walked confidently to the door to open it up.

She was like the secretary. She would receive the clients, attend the calls and help Sherlock during his research. Since Watson got married, Sherlock had needed someone else to help him through the process of investigation while John couldn’t, and even so, she wasn’t allowed to go on cases.

Sherlock wouldn’t admit it, but he really liked her. She was clever, efficient and she wasn’t an idiot like everyone else. She didn’t interrupt him while being on his mind palace; she didn’t get scared of the many body parts spread around the apartment and she made brilliant observations when required, if not, she would stay quiet and do her job.

It wasn’t a surprise either that she didn’t take him for an arsehole. She knew his “condition” and she was fine with it. In fact, she was almost a bit too fine. She cared for him, and she was always there; kind of like Watson, except she wasn’t a married person but rather a single one who just so happened to enjoy Sherlock’s company.

She didn’t worry to cover the tea stains from her jeans – perhaps she hadn’t even noticed them – and so she opened the door with her client smile. A bloody Sherlock appeared in front of her.

His hair was covered in blood and sweat, as well as his face and his clothes. His eyes were tired, and he was breathing through his mouth. (Y/N) noticed a few bruises over one of his cheekbones, under the eye, on his hands and she was certain there would be a lot more under his clothes.

“Thank God you’re here, I forgot my keys.” He breathed out. He was tired, and his voice sounded as raspy as if someone had tried to asphyxiate him.

“What happened to you?” She inquired in shock.

“I caught the murderer… I told them it was the grandfather but nobody believed me.” He replied nonchalantly and tried to step inside. However, he was too injured and ended up falling over (Y/N).

Thankfully, he didn’t let all of his weight on her and she was a tad bit strong so she managed to help him inside.

“A grandfather did this to you?” (Y/N) asked as she led him to his seat.

“Oh no, it was the grandmother. She’s a real ninja.” And so he flopped on his seat, “You were sitting here.”

“Is it because it’s warm or because of the tea cup at the side table?” She asked, turning her back on him to look for the first aid kit.

“That and the tea stain on your jeans.” He chuckled. (Y/N) returned with the metal box on her hands, kneeling in front of him. She set the box on the floor by her side and opened it. “You look worried.”

“Of course I’m worried.” She hissed, “You and John leave for hours, no calls, no texts… A murderer on the lose…”

“My phone’s battery died. Why were you worried?” (Y/N) gave him a dumbfounded look.

“I just told you.” Sherlock tilted his head and couldn’t help but to complain. Everything hurt him. (Y/N) sighed and proceeded to clean up his wounds as much as she could. “You’re going to have to shower.”

“I’m afraid you’re right.” Sherlock groaned and tried to get up in vain.

(Y/N) kicked the kit away so that Sherlock could walk freely and helped him up. She guided him to the bathroom and turned on the shower for him. She had to help him to take off his shirt as well, which allowed her to have a look on the multiple bruises over his ribs.

“No broken bones, though.” Sherlock commented, he obviously noticed her staring, “Grandma isn’t as good as she used to be.”

“And yet she beat you.” (Y/N) mumbled.

“But I got them in jail,” Sherlock added cockily, “guess we know who the winner is.”

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