sherlock as companion

forget subtext, here comes: text

sherlock flirts with john, winks at him.  john asks if he’s single, is happy that he is.  sherlock is flattered to be asked out but declines

sherlock asks john out on a date.  sherlock crashes his date.

sherlock and john fight like a couple.  mrs hudson points this out.  sally tells john to not hang around sherlock but concedes that he probably won’t heed her advice because ‘opposites attract’.  moriarty says that sherlock does have a heart, he kidnaps john the person he knows sherlock cares about.  john offers to die to save sherlock.

john’s girlfriend dumps him because she’s jealous of sherlock.  she says john is sherlock’s boyfriend, john does not deny this.  irene tells john he and sherlock are a couple, john smiles and does not deny this.

john acts like sherlock’s wife in front of the press.  the newspapers call john gay in the context of being sherlock’s constant companion.  moriarty talks about people that sherlock loves.  sherlock immediately says only one name: john.  

sherlock says that he will be reunited with john by jumping out of a cake like a stripper at a bachelor party.  sherlock thinks that without him john has no life and expects him to still be living at their old flat.  by the end of the episode john meets the press with sherlock acting like his doting spouse just like at the beginning of TRF

sherlock drops everything to write his best man speech and plan john’s wedding.  sherlock makes a very long speech about how wonderful john is and talks about all the great times they’ve had together.  sherlock says john is obsessed with him and that his blog is romantic.  john spontaneously gets up during the speech to hug sherlock, everyone claps like they’re the couple who just got married.  sherlock’s very prominent role in john’s wedding continues as sherlock plays the violin for john and mary’s first dance.  sherlock writes a special waltz for them to dance to.  sherlock teaches john how to waltz. 

 sherlock relapses into hard drug use after john’s wedding and subsequent absence from his life.  john dreams about sherlock coming to take him away.  john wakes up and answers his door hoping that sherlock is coming to see him.  mary is angry that john thinks sherlock is so important that everybody (kate) must know who he is.  mary is angry that john thinks it’s been a long time since he saw sherlock, it’s been only a month.  sherlock is dying until he remembers that john is in danger and then wills his hear to start beating again.  sherlock kills magnussen to ensure john’s safety.

mary is jealous that john is always with sherlock so she decides to go to baker st as a client as it’s the only way she will get to see her husband.  nonetheless john soon leaves her again to go off with sherlock.  when sherlock tells john that mary is in danger john is not concerned and dismisses the issue.  john attempts to have a romantic conversation with mary, sherlock inserts himself into it as if he were john’s love interest.  

To my (future) husband

You are the

 Han to my Leia

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So I noticed this in the chinese poster...

Each poster has a quote on it. The pipe says ‘I love you’, the violin says ‘Alone is what I have. Alone protects me’ but this was interesting..

The quote this time was on the top left hand corner, however there is writing on the wood itself, like in the other posters before it.

So I looked closely at this and noticed the date…. 27/07/1880.

A quick google search into what happened that day gave me this result…

The battle of Maiwand according to Wikipedia is the battle in which John Watson is wounded and invalided home, before meeting Sherlock. It is quoted below:

“The fictional Doctor Watson, companion of Sherlock Holmes, was wounded in the Battle of Maiwand (as described in the opening chapter of A Study in Scarlet). He may have been based upon the 66th regiment’s Medical Officer, Surgeon Major Alexander Francis Preston.[11][12]”

Interesting - Moriarty x Reader

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Fandom- BBC Sherlock 

Character- James Moriarty & Sherlock Holmes

Word Counter- 285 Words 

Drabble Friday- while Sherlock tries to solve the “final problem” Moriarty lays a eye on the reader- Sherlocks companion. And she has to admit that the criminal mastermind is interesting. c:

You stood behind Sherlock as he faced Moriarty. Moriarty was sat on Sherlock’s usual chair, Sherlock was in John’s. 

You watched Moriarty’s eyes trail over your body before he slowly licked his lips and at first you pulled a face and rolled your eyes and looked at Sherlock- but then your eyes met his and you had to admit- he was interesting. 

“In a world filled with locked rooms the man with the key is king, and honey, you should see me in a crown,” Moriarty says, closing his eyes when he says ‘honey’ and he smiles afterwards as his eyes flicker open and he looks at you. 

You cheeks flush a little and you watch Sherlock sip his tea. 

“Lovely speak and all, but can we get on with whatever this is?” You ask, crossing your arms and you watch him smirk. 

“Fiesty one there Sherlock,” Moriarty says and Sherlock sighs. 

“Anyway,” Moriarty says, using a knife to cut writing into an apple. 

You watch Moriarty smile as he writes it. 

“The fall is coming Sherlock, and I owe you a fall,” He says and Sherlock sits back. 

You watch the criminal mastermind stand up, leaving his apple on the seat. He looks at Sherlock as he straightens out his suit and then he walks up to you. 

He pushes his lips onto your cheek and then he leaves. 

Your breath catches in your throat as you look down at Sherlock who is holding the apple. 

‘I O U’ is etched into it and Sherlock looks round. 

You look round at the door, wondering if you’ll ever encounter him again- though you didn’t admit it to Sherlock, you definitely wanted to see him again. 

Fandom Statuses
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  • Marvel: "That's awesome, dude!"
  • Mystery Skulls: 🎵I got this feeeeling, I'm losing you!🎵
  • Steven Universe: W H A T W E R E A L L Y A R E
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  • FNAF: There was never just ONE.
  • Rest of the Internet: *SCREAMS IN HORROR*
The Latest Thing

“What do you make of it, Watson?” my companion, Sherlock Holmes, asked of me as I gazed with wonder, and just a little apprehension, at the bath that he had just had fitted in the spare room that was adjacent to my bedroom.

I did not know quite what to make of it and said as much. It was a curious thing to observe. The bath was of conventional length, but opened out into a circular grotto at the far end, which was surrounded by glass and brass pipes above. Upon the wall were a vast array of valves.

“Well… what is it, Holmes?”

He gave me a long-suffering glance from the corner of his eye and shook his head. “It is a bath, Watson,” said he, stating the obvious sarcastically.

“Yes, Holmes, I know that it is a bath. But what is the glass grotto?”

Now he smiled and rubbed his hands together. “That,” he replied smugly, “is the very latest thing. It is a shower. It provides a means of washing thoroughly at great speed. Would you care to try it?”

I was not at all sure. The controls looked rather complicated and the outlets, from what I could see, were positioned in such a manner that they would spray a fellow from all angles. I had visions of being scalded in the tendrest of regions as I attempted to configure the wretched contraption.

All the same, I did not wish to say as much, as such a very modern item would have been rather expensive. “Later perhaps,” was all that I did say.

I thought no more about our newly fitted bathroom. Holmes and I, unless cases dictate otherwise, are of the habit always to bathe on a Saturday night and so neither of us were due to try the new shower for a couple of days.

I recall that the following day was a dreadful one. I do not believe that it ceased to rain from the time that I awoke to the time that I retired to bed. As a result, my shoulder and leg were both paining me to the point where it was difficult for me to negotiate the stairs to our sitting room.

I found Holmes already up and dressed. He was quietly eating a piece of toast and finishing a cup of tea. He gazed at me searchingly as I took to my chair at the fireside.

“Good morning, Holmes.”

He snorted. “There is very little that is good about it,” he grumbled. “The weather is foul! Why did it have to decide to treat us to a monsoon today of all days?”

I sniffed and rubbed at my aching shoulder. “You have to go out?”

“Yes. I have a case.”

I nodded. For once, neither one of us were overly enthusiastic. “I should be happy to accompany you.”

“I doubt that,” Holmes remarked. “Thank you for the kind offer, Watson, but your wounds are paining you quite enough already. In any case, I am not likely to make much progress today; I shall probably only be making enquiries.”

“Try to avoid becoming too cold and wet,” I requested of him with concern. “It would do your client no good if you were to fall ill old fellow,” I added quickly when he scoffed.

He smiled at my words. “I shall take as much care as the case shall allow,” he promised me. “Please do not concern yourself on my part, Watson. Keep warm and tend to your old wounds; I may have need of you tomorrow.”

I almost enquired whether he meant as a colleague or a physician, but I decided it was best not to press the matter. Holmes had already assured me that he would at least attempt to be careful and I would only anger him should I nag.

My day was dull and frustrating. I was in too much pain to concentrate on very much of anything and my mind kept turning to my friend. I only hoped that, wherever he was and whatever he was doing, he was safe, warm and dry.

I heard a cab pull up outside and recognised my companion’s cough before the front door had even opened. I heard Mrs. Hudson scolding him as he entered the hall. I was on the landing before he reached it.

My friend was soaked to the skin and dripping from head to foot. He held up a hand to stop me when I instinctively reached out to rest a hand upon his shoulder.

“Don’t touch me,” he requested quickly. “I am rather too cold and wet. Would you excuse me?”

I naturally asked what I could do to help the poor fellow, but he would have none of that.

“A hot bath is all that I need,” he assured me. “I can see to that.”

Reminding myself that we now had a bath plumbed in upstairs I nodded and left him to his own devices. I returned my attentions to the novel that I had been endeavouring to read for much of the day.

I leapt from my chair at the sound of a cry from the bathroom. “Holmes? Are you all right?” I called anxiously as I ran to my friend’s aid, knowing the question to be a foolish one even as the words left my lips. Sherlock Holmes does not cry out for no reason; he rarely does so when he has good reason.

There was a crash before I had reached the door, which I was relieved to find unlocked. My companion and I are not in the habit of intruding upon one another’s privacy and so we neither of us usually think to lock the bathroom door.

I found Holmes lying very still in the bottom of the bath, the shower running and the water hitting his lower legs and feet, with a dazed expression on his face. He was shivering with alarming violence.

“Holmes!” I knelt beside the bath and wondered how I should move him should he remain unresponsive. “Are you hurt?”

My friend groaned softly and gazed up at me. “Watson.”

I forced a smile to my lips. “Yes, Holmes, it is I. What happened? Can you move?”

“Must have slipped,” he muttered as he attempted to stand.

I could see that the bath was indeed slippery and offered my assistance, for I hardly wished for him to take another fall.

“Are you hurt?” I repeated, seeing him flinch.

He shook his head and silenced a sneeze. “Cold! Too cold! The water…”

He was rather lucky that the water had been too cold as opposed to too hot, but I kept that thought to myself. I hastily helped him to leave the bath, noting a number of bruises on his arms, legs and body as I did so, wrapped a towel about him and made him sit upon the wicker chair that stood inside the door.

“I shall run you a hot bath,” I assured him.

He gave another sneeze and pulled the towel closer with another cold shiver.

“Bless you,” I removed my shoes and climbed into the bath. A gasp escaped me as the jets of water struck me and almost lost my footing myself, for the water was indeed icy. I hastily switched the shower off, scrambled from the tub and then ran my friend his bath.

“Thank you, Watson, but you need not trouble yourself,” my friend protested. “I am sure that I can manage.”

I assured him that it was no trouble. I wanted to be sure that my friend would meet with no further mishap.

“Thank you.”

I assisted my companion in climbing into the bath and then left him to enjoy it in peace. He has never again attempted to use the shower. Neither, for that matter, have I.

I sometimes think to myself “You’re a Doctor Who fan for life, how can you just sit and not catch up to the newest season?!“

And then I read bits of what I’ve missed and remember I want to stab myself with a spoon any time I read or hear about anything Moffat writes.

The BBC Family
  • Sherlock: You're all idiots and I hate all of you!
  • BBC: That's it! No more episodes for a year!
  • Sherlock: *slams door* *violently plays violin*
  • Doctor Who: Mummy, can I have a new episode?
  • BBC: Of course, my darling! How about a new companion? And what about a Christmas special and an anniversary episode?
  • Doctor Who: Yay! Can I have fish fingers and custard for dinner?
  • Merlin: Can I-

Shan thinks that John is Sherlock and she’s getting to him by threatening his love interest, Sarah. So John is a stand-in for Sherlock, and the villian’s whole deal is a convoluted threat of his love interest: a pretty lady. But what she actually says is “pretty companion.” Companion is a very gender-neutral term. Almost like Sherlock Holmes’s pretty companion is not a lady.

If you think about it. Supernatural writers for doctor who, they could bring people back to life, re-cast old companions to come in, to come back.
And Steven Moffat writing for spn wouldn’t be that different, someone might die but we might end up with a really scary/nightmare episode.
And imagine the Winchesters in London or even sherlock and the doctor in the US.
- Dean and Sam and sherlock and John walking into the tardis.
- The comments he doctor and sherlock would make of the impala.
- John and Sam standing on the side watching the doctor, sherlock and dean argue over pie (food and number)
- John teaching Sam and Dean ways to treat their wounds and injuries
- the doctor having a go at Sam and Dean about their guns
- sherlock’s interaction with an alien (the doctor)
- sherlock and the doctors interaction with an Angel and demon (castiel and crowley)
-overall something amazing could be out together. But it would have to be a comic episode, like spn French Mistake or changing channels.

Just want to say that I appreciate that little bit from the season premiere when Joan told Gregson that she was no longer Sherlock’s sober companion, and wouldn’t be following him everywhere. One of the reasons that I love Joan and Sherlock’s relationship so much is because they’re consistently good at working out their boundaries in a healthy, respectful manner. And one that allows both of them to be responsible adults. Joan is not Sherlock’s baby sitter. Sherlock is not Joan’s charge or her child. But thanks to her and his other new relationships, he’s matured enough to really want and work to maintain his sobriety *mainly* through his own efforts. I mean, he needs support of course. Everybody does. But no one has to drag him to go to meetings anymore. No one has to remind them when they are or where. He’s even planning on continuing them in the event that he goes to prison. He accepts that he relapsed and whatever follows as a result.

(Except if it hurts Joan because no.)

I’m just so proud of my tiny adult babies and how mature they are and how they’re working to be better both on their own and together and I love them

EW’s Fall TV Preview 2016: Will Joan and Sherlock split?

When Elementary returns, Sherlock and Watson will be celebrating their anniversary of working together — but will it be their last?

With Joan now having worked longer as a detective than as a sober companion, Sherlock begins to fear her professional wanderlust. “When the season starts, Sherlock comments that Watson has seemed down in the dumps over the course of the summer,” EP Rob Doherty tells EW. “He’s concerned that maybe the sadness that he has detected has something to do with the approach of this anniversary.”

“Joan makes it clear that she’s quite happy being a detective, but at the same time she misses helping people,” he continues. “It’s something that she could do when she was a surgeon, it’s something she could do when she was a sober companion, but, as she says in the first episode, she and Sherlock are in the punishment business.”

Enter reformed criminal and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle character Shinwell Johnson (True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis), whom Sherlock encourages Joan to assist. Shinwell, who is transitioning out of jail, is a former patient of Joan’s from when she was a surgeon, and serves as a reminder of the good she can do. But there will be complications, of course. “He is someone with a dark and troubled past, who is trying to reform himself, but he brings a lot of baggage to our doorstep,” Doherty says, noting that as the duo come to learn more about Johnson, “there may be a difference of opinion on whether keeping him in their orbit is such a good idea.”

Sherlock Holmes and his lovely companion John Watson <3<3<3. They are so cute together.  This show was pretty good and I really enjoyed the modern twist it had.  I still need to watch season 3 though.  That is something I have to fix asap, this weekend would be a good time for that!


GUYS IT ALL MAKES SENSE RIGHT NOW! Mycroft and Mary work together, not Mary and Moriarty! Mary was sent by Mycroft to spy on John after Sherlock’s fall, she was sent to protect Magnussen because he ‘owned Mycroft ’if you go against Magnussen you go against me’, she works for Mycroft as his surveillance, how else would he know where John was going for dinner in the Empty Hearse? She might even be sent to make sure Sherlock doesn’t have anymore companions, doesn’t let his heart wander for John! If John is married Sherlock is bound to give up feelings  forever, it’s just like the father posing as online boyfriend in the Empty Hearse, to prevent any drifting! It all makes sense, Mary isn’t working for any evil organization, she’s working for Mycroft!!! 

i cant remember it all off the top of my head either but i remember while rewatching TBB with #maltesers theory in mind, soo lin’s story had a lot of interesting parallels like her calling her *brother* a spider and sherlock later in trf calling *moriarty* a spider, then it turns out he’s not the one really in charge but a woman in all black with a gun is????? a woman pointing a gun at who is supposed to be sherlock holmes?? while “sherlock holmes’ pretty companion” is tied up ? in a trap ? hmm