sherlock artbook

I did two double-spread illustrations for Breadcrumbs, a Sherlock artbook combining BBC Sherlock tales from the Brothers Grimm. The tale I picked was “Hansel and Gretel”, since “The Reichenbach Fall" is an episode that makes numerous allusions to this cautionary tale about the danger of following the breadcrumbs too closely. If you’re not careful, you might just end up in the wrong place… or perhaps… a right one ;)

This is just a teaser, both illustrations will be posted in all their glory when all the books are sold! :)


BREADCRUMBS will go on sale on March 1st at noon PST!

We will be using BigCartel, and will make the shop available and provide a link at that date and time.

The ordering process for US versus INTERNATIONAL will be slightly complicated; please read on for full info.

There will be separate listings for the US version and International version; there is no physical difference between these listings, it only affects where the book ships from. To save on ship cost, we will be shipping books to the US from the US ONLY, and all other parts of the world will ship from the UK. It’s because of the outrageous ship costs out of the US that it needs to be structured this way; if your area sells out first, you cannot buy the other version, because the ship cost would not be the same.

There will also be separate listings for the books with extras.

Here is what it will look like; those big ugly letters will be on the actual images in the shop to make it clearer for you:

Please make sure you are ordering the correct version of the book before you pay. If you manage to purchase the wrong version for your area, we will probably have to cancel your order and refund you.

A few years back I was lucky enough to be invited to do some awesome extras for the Breadcrumbs Sherlock artbook! :) There’s three postcards from me and many others have also created amazing sherlock x grimm extras for this project! (can you guess what mine are from? ^_^) My postcards will most likely be in the first 200 artbooks only so please keep a lookout for the announcement on when the book starts selling in the official blog!