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the ILY is very insulting to Molly's character but right before that? When she's miserably cutting lemons or something just shuffling about in the kitchen looking as if she's suffering from acute melancholia? Good god that is worse. Because that is what her life has become. It's empty and she's miserable. They could have had her a party with a bunch of friends at home when Sherlock called. They could have had her doing something that made her happy. But no, they HAD to make her look miserable

Oh my god I KNOW. We know Molly has a life outside of her relationship with Sherlock and John, but the only time we see it, THIS is the glimpse we get. Molly is smart, accomplished, awkwardly funny and beautiful, but apparently she spends her free time moping around like a sad sack.  And this is NOT meant as an insult to Molly, it’s infuriating what mofftiss reduced her to. 

Whether or not you like Mary, at least she was given SOME SORT of personality and character arc beyond John’s wife.  Yeah she was used as a damn man pain plot device too, but ffs we know more about her than “she loves John”.

When Sherlock calls, Molly says it’s not a good day.  But why?  We never get that answer, we have no idea why her day is bad, and we can really only assume it has to do with Sherlock not returning her affections.  And why can we infer that?  BECAUSE EVERYTHING WITH MOLLY HAS TO DO WITH SHERLOCK!  She isn’t important and doesn’t matter beyond “unrequitedly in love with protagonist”.  So it makes total sense that her melancholy is somehow related to Sherlock.  Because this is Mofftiss.  And they apparently think it’s normal and believable for a grown adult to act this way.  It pisses me the fuck off.

a completely logical and satisfying character arc
  • asip: sherlock is Great but maybe one day he can be Good
  • asip: john can be the making of sherlock
  • [10 eps of sherlock becoming Good through life with john]
  • tld: romantic love will complete sherlock, he needs someone to love and help him be Good
  • ....
  • tfp: everything sherlock ever was (and is now) is the result of his evil edgelord sister who he can't even remember, john isn't important at all, he hugged her one (1) time and is officially A Good Man now guys, time to pack it up guys, nothing about who he ever was or ever will be actually matters :)

it had to be you

wonderful you

it had to be you

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Rouge and Red Herrings

Hi there! I’ve been thinking something over, and I feel the need to share it with someone who might also enjoy thinking about it. (I’ve read some of your meta and submissions, and have written a few small ones of my own during the time s4 was being aired, but I haven’t shared any of it widely so please pardon me if this has been said before.)

This thought was sparked by one of your asks that you shared earlier, and I haven’t seen it analyzed on my feed yet. (Not that someone hasn’t said it before, I just haven’t seen it.) Season 4 was largely blue/grey in color (the water overlays, the pool, the aquarium, the morgue, [most] scenes with Culverton, and the greyness of Sherrinford are some examples). We get some significant pops of red, though, and they’re largely connected to Eurus. John meets her in T6T on a red bus, and she wears red lipstick. Eurus-Faith wears a conspicuously red dress, and Eurus-therapist has the blood-red rug. Finally, in Sherrinford, we see the red room and the red light that bathes some of the Moriarty train clips. (I dearly need a rewatch to search for other occurrences.)

The Rouge poster, much on our minds yesterday, was one of the only other occurrences that really stuck out to me. Your anon earlier called it a “red herring,” and I noticed that the phrase applies literally as well as figuratively. What if all of the red we see in S4 can be interpreted as red herrings? Does that mean that Eurus herself is a red herring? To me, this could point to either Eurus being fake (a product of altered memories or altered footage, like our rogue gunman who is being blamed for Magnussen’s shooting) or being a pawn of a larger force (headed by Moriarty or Mary, most likely, perhaps with Mycroft- our usual M-suspects). Those are ideas I have heard tossed around before, for sure, but hadn’t heard the color red factored in yet.

Anyway, I’m not really sure what to make of it, but even in my broken-hearted state I enjoy reading your meta and your followers’ asks and submissions! (Thanks for the fic recs too- they’ve been great.)

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Hey Lovely!

Wow, thank you so much for this mini meta of S4 / TFP! I can’t seem to find the post that you’re referencing because I’m a tool and tagged it improperly probably, but yes, I think red in this series literally means “red herring”… like Mary wears red coat in S3 = she’s not really Mary / wears a façade… “redbeard” not really a dog (though that one I don’t believe for a second… the red herring WITHIN the red herring of Sherlock’s past… Red-Herring-ception, LOL). The spots of red in S4 are so GLARING when they happen BECAUSE of how desaturated / dark the series is. And given that I myself believe all of S4 is a false narrative and that “Eurus” is really just a stolen face that John is using in his hallucinations, I think the red spots are symbolic of blood and John bleeding out from a gunshot in this season.

Anyway, I think you’re probably right on this point, my friend, because very little makes sense from a narrative standpoint.

(and you’re very welcome! I take far too long to get my lists out, but I enjoy sharing them when I do!)

Mary’s the kind of person who seems pretty nice at first, but you still find yourself not wanting to be around her, but you still don’t notice why, and then suddenly all her passive aggressiveness and undermining bursts to the surface, leaving you startled and hurt, but she tries to play it off like it’s all fine but deep down it’s really not, yet because she apologized you still think that she didn’t do anything wrong so you keep spending time with her.


They love each other so much. They are both so soft. 

What kills me is that Sherlock used drugs knowing that all his barriers would drop. But it was safe. It was okay, because he wasn’t going to see John again. He’d said goodbye, walked onto the plane, opened John’s blog and reread what John said about him when they first met.

But then, surprise! The mission gets called off, Sherlock retreats into his gay fever dream to try to figure out the Moriarty mystery, and the plane lands. And when Sherlock wakes, full of love and understanding that “there’s always two of us” and that he’s finally figured out the biggest mystery of all, that he can’t succeed without John by his side, he’s met with this look.

Sherlock wakes, is so soft and vulnerable, high and hurting, and glances to John. And this is the look he’s met with. Not anger. Not hurt. Love and understanding and a look that says no matter what, John is there.

There’s always two of us indeed.

I don’t care what you ship, from a writing and narrative standpoint, they absolutely should have done canon johnlock. Every single character arc so far has pointed to it, and not doing it is sloppy writing at best.

Sherlock’s first major arc comes is in season two. Throughout the season he begins to understand the sacrifices that come with friendship, and how you have to be willing to work to make the other person happy. This begins to show in Hounds, with Sherlock arguing with John and apologizing, as well as him being remorseful about tricking John about the hound. This culminates in the fall, where Sherlock sacrifices himself to save the people he loves, although, lets be fair, it’s largely about John.

His second major arc is throughout season three and TAB. It’s all about him realizing that his emotion isn’t a weakness, and that he should embrace it. Lines like “you always feel it Sherlock. But you don’t. Have. To. Fear it” and him taking the leap off the waterfall in TAB most show this. By the end of the season, he’s in a place where he can embrace his emotions, and have the sociopathic mask slip away.

These aren’t all his arcs, but they’re the most important in my opinion.

John’s arc mostly center around Sherlock, and his most major is finally, finally beginning to understand that Sherlock isn’t a sociopath. It takes him practically the whole show, and is a long, arduous process.

And by TLD, it’s been established that both characters need romantic attachment to be fulfilled, and every episode so far has shown that not only are the characters only happy with each other, but that they are unable to be in other relationships because of the other person.

Just think about it for a moment. If every single arc of the characters is about embracing emotion and the people you love, then the episode that’s supposed to be a culmination of everything so far should center around that. John and Sherlock haven’t spent years thinking about Sherlock’s sister, they’ve spent years breaking through their repression and allowing themselves to feel.

TFP is bullshit writing.

Outing a character for the sake of it

A thing Gatiss said at SDCC this year is tickling the back of my brain: he said they had no plans to out a character for the sake of it. He said those words in a way, a tone, that suggests to me that to him there would be something undignified and mean-spirited about that choice. That dignity and privacy are linked.

This is a complicated question, and as a ciswoman married to a cisman, it isn’t really mine to answer. But from that point of view, if that’s where you think gay dignity lies - being able to declare your family commitments publicly without being expected to talk about your sex life - then what would a satisfying on-screen resolution of John’s and Sherlock’s relationship arc look like to you? It might actually look a lot like the one we got. They are family; they appear to share responsibility for Rosie in some way; and John continuing to wear his wedding ring suggests he isn’t seeking another partner.

In other words I suppose I’m coming around to the @ivyblossom perspective on Johnlock.

(I still think it was a fairly terrible episode for other reasons, though.)

I don’t know about you but I’m sensing a pattern there:

  • S1 finale: John’s life is in danger (Moriarty puts a bomb on him)
  • S2 finale: John’s life is in danger (Moriarty threatens to kill him)
  • S3 finale: John’s life is in danger (thanks to Mary and Magnussen (and probably Moriarty))

Throughout all that Sherlock manages to save John but each time the consequences are growing immeasurably higher AND it becomes clearer how much John means to Sherlock.

So a Three Garridebs scenario would fit in PERFECTLY as a S4 finale, only this time Sherlock is too late and can’t save John in time, meaning John actually gets physically wounded and is close to dying. And then Sherlock is a complete mess, sobbing and desperate while trying to stop the bleeding, cradling John’s face and begging him not to die and it’s going to be so obvious, so VERY OBVIOUS exactly how much he loves John.

It’s going to be John who initiates The Conversation or The Kiss in the final episode

In the first two seasons, it looked like the show would follow a familiar arc: that of an ordinary (by comparison) person teaching a deeply logical genius to be human. “Sherlock” pulled off a brilliant twist on this trope. 

I was initially puzzled by Season 3. By the end of that season, Sherlock had exhibited so much tremendous character development that I thought the show had dead-ended itself. With Sherlock already arriving at the end of his character arc, with Sherlock pretty much already having redeemed himself, where else could the show go? 

Symmetry, my friends. More than halfway through Season 4 (!), it becomes clear what the writers have been trying to do. Seasons 1 and 2 were about Sherlock, but Seasons 3 and 4 are about John

This is why “Sherlock” only make sense as a love story.

Sherlock’s arc of character development is essentially complete, but John is very clearly still in denial of who he really is. He’s struggling with his identity, his constant dissatisfaction, and his undeniable need for the only person in the world with whom he feels truly fulfilled.

In The Lying Detective, when Sherlock comments that it was not himself, but John who needed to remember his own humanity, it is a clear indication that the ball is out of Sherlock’s court: it’s now in John’s. John was once Sherlock’s teacher. Now, Sherlock is John’s.

And I love this. This is an extremely realistic and compelling portrayal of what real relationships are like, how roles and dynamics change constantly, how we take turns leading and following, how we take turns waiting and catching up. We like to think that two people who love each other develop and change and grow together, flowing in and out of each other seamlessly, walking through life hand-in-hand. However, as we walk towards our best selves at the end of the road, we don’t always walk together.  We stray from each other, lose sight of each other, go back on our footsteps, retrace them back to the path, over and over again. 

But when two people really, really love each other, they ALWAYS meet each other at the end of this road.  Because they bring out the best in each other. Because only when they are with each other can they be their best selves.

tl;dr: Sherlock has run the distance. Now it’s up to John to catch up.

we keep talking about how moff just wants them to be in love pure and simple, which is true, but scandal has the most upsetting sherlock arc of all time and hlv is literal torture

Mary left to protect John and their baby. She loved John with all of her heart. She died to protect Sherlock. This redemption arc was to show her side of the story. A side she knows she can never run from, but still just wanted a normal life because she loved ur favorite characters. 
And ppl are still like “she a villain” lmao y’all salty bc John isn’t gay for Sherlock bc he has a wife. 


Do they fucking consider anything before making these extensive time-wasting posts :
• the romantic prospects Molly and Irene : their expectations(puh-lease), all that they ever take or interpret from their character arcs, is Sherlock this and Sherlock that, why don’t they read the precious SUBTEXT about the nuances of their actual character? John can be bi but not Irene? There can’t be subtextual Molly-Watsons bonding obviously, she’s not even friends with Greg or sherlock,right? OFC, not about JL.

•Mary : TBH the expectation made me laugh. Was she ever a villian in ACD canon (I’m not that we’ll versed) the greatest though? At that point I’m more likely to point towards Moriarty. Reality is she is a grey character. Multiple interpretations are valid. Prediction-making dvds;NOOO? but SH predicting JW therapist in TLD;YESSS? Yep yep not about JL at all.

•Sally and Stella : I actually agree w/ expectation.

•Janine: isn’t she in ACD canon,though? To gain access to Mr. Milverton(?) Why expect otherwise, am I missing something from ACD canon that M’s sister is a possibility? Also, when you can accept SH texting and Lestrade being a Greg in BBCverse, why not accept Mary and Janine’s friendship? It gives the writers an opportunity to make SH and janine meet and for the story to further unfold. Perhaps it’s because she was not ‘evil’ what with being friends with Mary irredeemable-villian-Moran Watson, eh?
Still not about JL?

• Eurus : Exp - its called a plot twist. Also was totally expecting it. Just a brother and not a sister.(I sometimes wonder that ,had it indeed been a brother,would he be similarly received?) Rlty-Ooh the misogyny. Now had she shot a cabbie for SH now (instant forgiveness. No repurcussions.) And obviously a hug was the solution of TFP *nod nod* after all Sherlock was handing it out in TLD too. Never mind, she was kept in isolation w/ ONLY visits from her long-lost fucking family AND SHE IS HIS SISTER. How else do they expect Sherlock to react? Take her to task for daring to hurt his *gollum voice*precious?
Also who is to blame here really for her going unchecked since youth-Mycroft/UncleRudy/HolmesParents (situations like this are not clear cut. The shift of blame is unending) But hey let’s blame Eurus instead. JFC I didn’t know people were giving her a leeway because she’s a woman!? Damn, excuse me , here I thought I’d react the same way had it been TheTheorisedSherrinford instead of Eurus. My bad. Why this intense hate though? Moriarty, confirmed murderer, was pretty revered in every circle for being the complex character he is (like SH. like Mycroft. like..dare I suggest it…Eurus?)

•Mrs.Hudson - this is hilarious. Agree partly though. Mrs. Hudson, was probably written best when diverging from the ACD canon. So….since they hadn’t made her a romantic prospect, they actually had to go through the effort of writing something up for her?! As opposed to, when they were writing someone as romantic prospects w/ actual though unfortunately unacknowledged character nuances? I’m sure they wrote up ASiB between naps,yeah? Also to be noted, Mrs. Hudson was probably the only closely related to Sherlock females, that never ever got dissed by them (or anyone really. She is a sweetheart. Why would anyone do it?) One could say she was actually very much favored like Mike Stamford, happy mascots of….oh ofcourse. Not about JL,right?

•Rosie - oh you sweet summer child…
Exp- *lalalala*Not about JL*lalalala*
Rlty - John’s friends–> SH (special friend*wink wink*) MH (?) Mrs.H and Lestrade. *nodding sagely* ofc he never extended in friend circle in the 7yrs since he knew Sherlock.
No purpose- JW’s reason to exist, strength to fight, one of the best creations of their marriage, memories of thou-shalt-not-be-named. Where the fuck do you want a few months old baby to be on a crime drama show? psst. The answer is at home. Away from danger. How on earth does a innocent baby become the centre of a plot of detective show. Not unless you want soap opera worthy deduction scenes figuring out whose baby is that? Why does it have those eyes?those hair?
Loving that last diss at molly. She clearly has gotten under their nerves. All I can say is QUALITY OVER QUANTITY,BABY! Irene and Molly and Moriarty for that matter, inspite of their small screentimes managed to wreak havoc in their conspiracies, haven’t they? They scrambled the fuck out trying to figure out how they should twist their narratives to fit their view,didn’t they?
P.S :Don’t bother defending it’s not about JL, you’re not fooling anyone. We weren’t born yesterday.

I don’t blame Robinson for leaving Sherlock but people on tumblr only have themselves to blame for seeing two photos of Hopkins/Matsuura, and deciding that meant she was going to be a recurring character who would be a badass lesbian detective.

They decided Janine should be related to Moriarty because she’s Irish. And has dark hair. That’s more or less it.

Just remember- only Mycroft and Sherlock are allowed to make unbelievable leaps of intuitive logic and genius. A woman doing that is just silly!