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21 Things you learn about tumblr:

1) Tumblr is a place of social justice.

2) Rape, sexual assault, harassment, abuse, self-harm, suicide, bullying, depression, eating disorders, anxiety, etc… Those are to be taken very VERY seriously. It’s not something to joke about.

3) If you are racist/homophobic or close-minded like that, this isn’t a place you wanna be.

4) People here say that you must not EVER speak of tumblr outside of tumblr, and that specifically includes mentioning your url on facebook/twitter or connecting your tumblr to them. And you know what? They’re right. We come here because tumblr is that place where we can express ourselves the way we want, and in a way stay safely anonymous from our own life outside of tumblr. Here (whether by posts, reblogs or tags) we reveal more of our identities, thoughts, secrets, insecurities, moments of insanity etc… than we would ever reveal on other SNS. If you’re interested in revealing yourself so openly to your social circle of family and friends outside of tumblr, if you’re ready for it, then I won’t judge you. Go ahead.

5) There are real people behind their computers/phones on this site. Real people who can have their feelings hurt. People have enough shit to deal with in their lives so don’t be that anon hater/cyber bully and make things worse.

6) Tumblr loves animals.

7) Your “I’ll just check my dash for five minutes” will turn to five hours of scrolling and reblogging.

8) DON’T fuck with superwholock. They will come for you.

9) Supernatural has a gif for everything. Don’t even try to test them, there’s no point.

10) Gifs everywhere.

11) No one really knows how to pronounce ‘gif’

12) I like your shoelace.

13) DON’T try to take credit for something you did not do. Always give credit to the artist/photographer/blog if you repost but still, there’s a reblog option for a reason.

14) There are too many sides of tumblr to count.

15) Science side of tumblr can explain anything.

16) Fandom side of tumblr can hijack any post.


18) No one spells Benedips Cumbercumber’s name right.

19) Harry Potter is a beloved.

20) Kpop fandom are in constant ‘too many feels’ mode and are always unable to can.

21) Once you tumblr… there’s no going back.

Sherlock doesn’t really care about money, but he loves animals and
donates to ten different animal welfare programs, to the animal shelters in London, and is the sponsor of a young penguin in the zoo named William. No one knows about this. Until he tells John. He’s a bit scared, that John will find it ridiculous or weird. But John smiles and says, “Oh wow, darling, this is amazing!”, and “When can I see the penguin?”

ID #85480

Name: Abi
Age: 16
Country: England

Hey, I’m a bi ginger from a small town in England. I love (and only watch) the shows Supernatural, Hannibal and Sherlock and I’m also a drawing fanatic. I’m the biggest nerd going (I’m in a book club). I love animals and the environment (no littering kids), I’m quite noisy but ridiculously shy at the same time - I’d rather stay in than go out. My personality type is INFP-T, so y'know, hmu.

Preferences: Preferably 14-17 year olds, no homophobes, racists, etc. I suppose people who love animals and like a good debate.

sagestreet  asked:

Hey, Steph! I have this inkling that dogs stand for homosexuality (cf. the innkeepers trying to hide a dog, everyone thinking it was a monster, but it was just a dog; Sherlock describing John as a puppy around Sholto, etc.) So, Redbeard must have something to do with Sherlock's homosexuality. Since Rb. is already thematically tied to Victor Trevor, I'm willing to bet that real!Victor (not the crap they told us in TFP) had something to do with Sherlock repressing his feelings. Just an idea.

(referencing this post here)

Oh, this is true too, Lovely! I believe this comparison was once made in regards to the hound in THoB, can’t remember it all though. But this is an astute observation nonetheless. I believe that  Redbeard, who I completely believe was a real dog, was some sort of therapy animal for him, perhaps something happened, and somewhere along the way, Sherlock had endured conversion therapy, which is why he has such a disgust for Smith and what he does. Something to think about.

I honestly don’t believe Victor was real  – Since I believe that TFP is John’s TAB, I think Victor is John’s way of explaining why Sherlock is the way he is. But yeah, dogs could possibly reference Sherlock’s struggle with his own sexuality in his past.

EDIT: There’s another thread going on here about cats, and it mentions dogs=gay :)

ID #43497

Name: Anette
Age: 22
Country: Poland

Hello everybody! It’s my first time looking for a penpal, so I’m very excited to meet new people. I’m an extrovert, who is awful at dealing with loneliness and is always searching for new ways to talk with someone.
I’m interested in English literature, drawing, being active (swimming, walking, dancing). I love all animals, but dogs have special place in my heart.
In my free time, I watch too many youtube videos and I am easily hooked on cheesy dramas and Tv-shows. Still, I can appreciate good series, like Sherlock, Stranger Things, Scrubs, Gravity Falls.
I’m open -minded, talkative and positive, as long as you will be respectful, I would be more than pleased to talk with you about anything.

Preferences: I would like to talk with people around my age, so 19- 27.