sherlock and stitch


Needle and the thread, gotta get you out of my head.
Needle and the thread, gonna wind up dead.  

1:22 am. Can’t sleep had a bad day again. Maybe I’ll watch some Dan and Phil later idk. Sometimes I think things are gonna get better and then they get so much worse you know.

Stop what you’re doing now

and picture a superhero Johnlock au where:

  • John is the town hero and Sherlock is the town villain
  • Sherlock and John are still roommates
  • Sherlock and John are in love but they both believe it’s unrequited
  • Sherlock is the first to figure out that John is the superhero he’s been fighting and uses this information to his advantage by causing mayhem every time John has a date so his relationships never work out
  • Sherlock deducing that John isn’t a hero because he wants to save lives, but because he’s an adrenaline junkie and John just cocks an eyebrow and asks “Does that mean you’re like my fix?” and for once Sherlock doesn’t have a snarky retort
  • John realising their ‘situation’ while he’s stitching Sherlock up at their apartment after a fight and Sherlock won’t tell him what happened, and the next time he sees Sherlock during battle he points to the stitches and compliments his ‘doctor’s skillmanship’ and Sherlock just rolls his eyes at John complimenting himself
  • Sherlock falling over a ledge during a fight and John instinctively reaching out to save him and pull him back up. And Sherlock just asks wide-eyed why John just saved his arch enemy and John doesn’t know how to respond so he just runs away leaving Sherlock standing there thinking maybe John doesn’t really hate him after all…
  • John finally coming home and giving Sherlock the tightest hug and Sherlock says nothing but hugs him back just as tightly because they’re both so aware of how close they came to being separated forever and it hurts so much that they can’t actually say anything about it 
  • John being the guest of honour at a town banquet, and he brings Sherlock as his plus one, and the entire time they sit there giggling like idiots because no one else knows the town villain is also in attendance