sherlock and john kissing because i made them

genderfluid teen!lock

“Mummy! I’m off!” Sherlock announced in an excited flurry as he rushed into the kitchen, duffle thrown over his shoulder, and shoving last minute items inside. “Don’t let Father forget to pick us up at the station Sunday night,” he reminds her for the second time this morning.

“Sherlock, just because I gave up a career to take care of you and your brother, does not mean I’ve also given up all of my brain cells.” She glares at him with mock annoyance.

“There, there Mummy. No need to fret. I’ll only be gone the weekend to scout some Uni’s. I won’t actually be leaving until next fall.” Sherlock taunts wickedly.

“Well thank heavens, we shall treasure these next few months as if they were our last on earth!” Mrs. Holmes raises her arms towards the ceiling, and her face is scrunched up in fake agony.

“Alright, Mummy. You win. But only because I can hear Harry’s truck coming along now.” Sherlock raises his eyebrows before hoping over to kiss his mother on the cheek. He also snags the bag of goodies she made for them, not that he’d needed it. He was seventeen already, almost an adult, but she did make the most amazing chocolate croissants, so he couldn’t not take them.

“Riiiiight,” she answers sarcastically before calling after his quickly receding figure bounding out the front door. “Have fun and be safe, my darling boy!”

Sherlock hopes Harry and John didn’t hear that, as he tosses his large bag into bed of the truck, and climbs into the cab.

“Well, hello there darling boy!” Harry jibes at him the moment he slides in, but he’s too excited to get upset, so he rolls his eyes dramatically.

“Just get us to the station without killing us, Harry.” Sherlock commands as he squishes more than necessary against John in the middle seat.

John’s face flushes at the contact, “Sherlock,” he greets him tersely, and Sherlock nods in reply.

Thankfully, Harry likes her music loud, and The Misfits blast the entire ride. Once they get to the station, she barely slows down before the pair of them are shoved out of the truck. They scramble to snag their bags before she leaves.

“Catch ya later losers. Have fun at snooty mc snobby pants schools!” She shouts through the open window, before screeching away, ‘Last Caress’ fading into the distance.

Sherlock pulls at his slacks and button down shirt, “Ugh. I have to get out of these boy clothes.”

“Oh, is today a female day?” John asks casually, he’s used to his genderfluid partner alternating between cismale, transwoman, and agender.

“Yup. Let’s go find a bathroom so I can get into some proper clothes.” Sherlock announces while patting his overly stuffed duffle.

John nods and follows Sherlock into the train station.

 They find the Men’s and Women’s restrooms, but neither of those will work. They hunt around for a while, before finally finding a ‘family’ single stall bathroom.

“Be right back. Go buy our tickets, this might take awhile.” Sherlock orders, and John obeys. He knows that Sherlock will remain stroppy until she’s feeling more at ease with her exterior matching her interior.

John takes his time, and even stops to buy a magazine he thinks Sherlock will like, Chemistry World, before heading back to the bathroom.

Once he returns, she’s still not out, so John knocks heavily on the door. “Sherlock, we need to get moving. Our train leaves in ten,” John shouts until he feels the door moving and steps back. Sherlock emerges from the smelly joint, and John’s jaw literally drops.

She is a vision, wearing a floral print, midriff baring top, with high waisted jean shorts, and gladiator sandals. She fluffs her perfect hair, and plops red heart-shaped sunglasses on her beautiful face. She smacks her red lips together a few times, as she looks around. “Alright, I’m ready. Let’s go,” she says with an air of finality that snaps John out of his daydream.

“Yeah…yeah, this way.” John reluctantly tears his eyes away from his beautiful girlfriend, and leads them to the platform.

“I can’t believe you got me to lie this big, to my parents.” John worries as they sit side-by-side on the fast moving train.

“Well we couldn’t exactly tell them the truth! Hey Mom, hey Dad, my genderfluid partner and I want to go to London Pride this weekend to walk in the parade. Yeah! That would go over like a lead balloon! John, trust me. This was the only way.”

John gives a tiny nod, and Sherlock squeezes his hand, and then clutches it into her lap with both hands.

“Don’t worry too much love, we are going to have so much fun, you won’t even have time to freak out.” Sherlock boasts, and stares into John’s eyes for agreement.

“You’re right. I should just enjoy myself. I mean, it’s too late now, eh?” John concludes with a wide smile. “Let’s have a ball, baby!”

Sherlock closes her eyes, and leans back into the seat, but the grin remains on her perfect ruby lips. 

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thea do you ever think about john checking sherlock for a pulse at the end of trf and that being the last time sherlock feels john touch him for two years and how he probably thought about that one tiny point of contact between them every night before he fell asleep because i do and in other unrelated news i am Burning.


This is what most people saw for S3:

  1. John punches Sherlock when he comes back - just bros being dudes; roughhousing is such guy-pal thing
  2. John marries a woman - he’s clearly straight, if that was ever in question, which it wasn’t
  3. John and Sherlock get drunk together - they’re such bros; John is making Sherlock be “more normal,” funny-funny
  4. John’s old commander comes to the wedding - it’s cool that they’re pals (no one noticed they were in love)
  5. Sherlock likes Mary and promises to support John and Mary - he’s clearly not jealous, though he might be a little sad John’s getting married, but that’s just because he’s immature and selfish
  6. Sherlock got high for and only for the CAM case - after all, he said so
  7. Sherlock’s probably aro/ace, but if he’s not, he likes women - he dated Janine, and don’t forget about Irene
  8. Sherlock’s a sociopath and he doesn’t feel things like that - he used Janine and called love “human error”
  9. Mary didn’t try to kill Sherlock
  10. Sherlock still likes Mary after she shoots him and wants her and John to stay together - he’s 100% not jealous at all and thinks Mary is great for John
  11. John gets back together with Mary - he clearly loves her lots and fell for her because he’s attracted to danger; she’s perfect for him
  12. Sherlock killed CAM for Mary - he likes her and is fine with killing people because he’s a sociopath

So S3 did not set up for Johnlock soon. S3 did not tell most people that Sherlock is gay and John is bi. A flash back of John kissing Sholto would’ve told everyone John is bisexual. Not John talking to Sholto and smiling. Sherlock telling Molly he’s in love with John would’ve told everyone he’s in love with John. Not Sherlock promising to always be there for John and Mary.

At this point, TJLC is not yet the surface level narrative. What I just listed above is the surface level narrative for S3, though it’s extremely superficial, in my opinion. There are a whole list of reasons people should’ve noticed TJLC, but they didn’t.

So many of the really obvious TJLC things - Vitruvian Watson; Mary shooting Sherlock in her wedding dress - are only on screen for half seconds. People just didn’t notice them. Even the tarmac scene is a negative image. Nearly all the declarations of sentiment between John and Sherlock are negative images - it’s what they almost say but don’t or what they don’t deny.

We get so used to thinking TJLC is obvious because we talk to other people who also know about TJLC - but it’s not, yet, to many people. If Mofftisson wanted to, they could’ve made it a lot more obvious in S3: a flashback of John kissing Sholto; Sherlock telling Molly he wants to marry John; etc. Mofftisson could’ve done that. But they didn’t, and I can only believe that’s because they don’t want to make it that obvious yet. (Note the word “yet.”)

This is not to say that I don’t believe in TJLC or that I think it’ll always just be implied or something because that’s definitely not true. I don’t think that at all. We’re going to see them kiss; we’re going to see them in bed together; it’ll be undeniable. I in fact think it’s going to be fairly explicit, given the BBC research commission. However this is a very slow burn and a very gradual progression. I definitely believe we’re going to get a love confession from Sherlock at the end of S4. But without a kiss, on the mouth, many, many people will still call their relationship platonic, and I definitely don’t think that’s going to happen until S5. And what I’ve said in this post is why I think that: S3 did not set-up for something that undeniable right away.

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The fuck is happening?!

For a fandom full of smart people you guys are being idiots!

Just because a show doesn’t do what you want doesn’t mean you can spit all over the progress it’s made!
I really want johnlock to happen but I knew they aren’t going to kiss after what happened in season 4 ( which I don’t like as a season actually) because sherlock a d John had such a rift between them it would have been like a crappy fanfic if they did.

But I’m more disappointed with you guys talking about queerbaiting (this show was filmed in 2016 so obviously) and hating moffit (or killing him! Really guys! Grow up!)
This show has come a long way and of you guys don’t want to watch then fine! Do what you want but if you just stop watching because you ship isn’t happening then that my friend in a stupid reason!
At the end of season 4 we got the johnlock we wanted didn’t we? Because I wanted them happy and together… and that’s what we got! Maybe they could have been a bit more gay yes but a show like this doesn’t need to do that!

This show is about what’s plain sight( as sherlock says) and we clearly see them at 221b togther raising Rosie and that to me I’d pretty damn obvious of something going on.

Just, I know it may be hard but if you do stop watching season 5 may not happen and I can feel with more time 2017 can actually have this ship down. So you guys write fanfic ( which please do coz I love them so thank you for them) and just hold on a little longer ok?

They had gotten in late last night after the case had wrapped and Lestrade insisted they come to the Yard and fill out all the necessary paper work then so he wouldn’t have to disturb them the next day and make them miss their flight,  they were supposed to be going on their honeymoon after all.

As they had fallen into bed that night, John had jokingly said “seems like I can’t get married without there being a case or murder involved somehow.”  He had truly been joking, that tired it had just slipped out.  He would never recall saying it because he was asleep before his head even hit the pillow.

Sherlock though had heard and his mind couldn’t let go of it.  Not as he watched this wonderful man who would follow him to the ends of the Earth slumber beside him.  This man who would smile every so often in his sleep and murmur something sweet about Sherlock.  It had been that way now ever since they had became a couple, all the bad dreams chased away, both his and John’s, but as Sherlock lie there that night watching him - the first night of their their life together as a married couple, doubt and fear began to creep in.

With the first rays of the morning sun creeping in, John began to blink his eyes open, he knew instantly that Sherlock had not slept at all.  He could tell it in his posture as the taller man lay completely still and tense beside him.

He reached out his hand and caressed his cheek, “what’s wrong love?” he asked, voice still groggy from sleep.

A tear slipped down Sherlock’s cheek, “I fear that we’ve made a mistake John, all this, everything…” and Sherlock was about to embark on one of his famous rambles when John leaned in and silenced him with a finger to the lips.

Shocked, Sherlock pulled back, “John how can you?  We didn’t even have a proper…”

John chuckled, “Sherlock stop, everything is fine.  This wasn’t a mistake and who cares if our honeymoon started with a case that turned out to be a murder.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.  I don’t regret marrying you so just forget whatever reasons you were prepared to tell me why this was a mistake and kiss your husband good morning.  The way I see it we have just enough time for a our first shag as an old married couple and a quick shower since I already packed our bags two days ago,”

Sherlock looked at John still unsure so John inched closer, “Sherlock, I love you and I’m about to show you why marrying you was the best decision I’ve ever made, and if we miss this flight it’s fine because the airline is also holding seats for us on the evening flight just in case.  I called and explained the situation to them yesterday and they were very understanding.  Now, how about that kiss?”

prompt fill: A dinner party

How about Sherlock figuring out/confessing his feeling to Molly in front of their friends (John, Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson, etc.) and all of them being stunned. :) Also a kiss but you can decide!

- @abbynormalwriter

Alrighty! :) Thanks for the prompt and I hope you like it!

Sherlock was bored. Which was not a very rare phenomenon, but the thing that made him even more irritable was that everyone else was busy. He had no one to be bored with because everyone else was having fun. 

Lestrade, Mrs.Hudson and Molly had all been invited to John and Marys for a dinner party. At the moment Sherlock was standing by the door to the kitchen observing the others. They had all gotten rather tipsy, except Sherlock of course. He preferred staying sober after the stag night incident. Hence, everyone was laughing and having fun by the table while Sherlock avoided any further conversation. If ordinary people were dull normally, you can imagine how bored he was with these even more oblivious people. They laughed at things that weren’t even remotely funny and he thought it all very idiotic. 

There was one thing that caught his eye and which he stood there and continued to meditate on. Molly. She was.. whats the word? Stunning. She looked stunning. Simply because Sherlock had been stunned when she had arrived. At christmas he had thought she had overdone herself a bit, which he found a little unflattering. But at this moment she was perfect. Her dress fitted her perfectly and with a very complimentary blue colour. Her hair fell naturally on her shoulders and down her back. Her eyes were perfect, as they always were. Brown and warm. 

He had met her at the door when she had arrived and he had barely managed to utter a small hi, before he swiftly retreated to the kitchen. He didn’t like feeling so out of control. Her laugh was the only one that didn’t bother him. He smiled as she let out a hearty laugh and hit the table harder than she meant to with her hand. 

As sherlock stood there, enjoying his view he had an epiphany. What was all this symptoms of? The blubbering, nervousness, admiration and admittedly sexual attraction.. he cursed himself and turned rather angry. He had really worked to keep this at a distance. It was only a weakness. Friends could indeed have value, but he had rather hoped that he could avoid this. 

He made up his mind. He knew that once a man fell to this type of low what made him even more incompetent was being denied what he wanted. 

He walked over to the table, arriving behind John who happened to sit right across Molly. 

“Come to join us have you? Its about time you stopped sulking. Little git.” The last words prompted a roar of of laughter and John seemed very pleased with his bad joke. Sherlock tried desperately not to be offended. After all, they were drunk. 

He rounded the table, tired of wasting time on the others. He walked straight to Mollys chair.

“Hey, Sherly.” Molly looked up at him from her seat and smiled deviously. He smirked as she pulled her to her feet. The rest of the company were giggling at his newfound nickname. He looked into her playful eyes. 

And then he kissed her. Suddenly the childlike laughter of the spectators stopped. They sat there with their jaw dropped as they stared at the unusual sight. 

Sherlock smiled against her lips as she kissed him back. He kissed her gently at first, pulling her as close as he could. Feeling the warmth of her body against his. The kiss escalated and Molly pulled her hands up to his gorgeous hair to play with it. This only contributed to arousing Sherlock further. 

Not a single word was yet said by the rest. It was as if the shock of what was happening was sobering them up. After a long time of watching and getting to the point where they all felt uncomfortable with the fact that they looked like they were going to do it there and then, John finally spoke up.

“Ehm, Sherlock?” He didn´t respond. He was way too engrossed in what he was doing. 

Mary chimed in. “Sherlock? Molly? Please, take your business elsewhere.” 

Both Molly and Sherlock snapped out of their trance. Molly looked embarrassed and her cheeks blushed. Sherlock, on the other hand, certainly meant to follow his instructions. He took ahold of Mollys hand and dragged her towards the nearest bedroom. Molly willingly followed.

As the door closed, a massive fit of giggles started all around the table. And for the rest of the night, Molly and Sherlock were the only thing they could talk about.