sherlock and john art

RE: the final problem

I promised myself I wouldn’t do this, but well… I follow a decent amount of Sherlock blogs/people who sometimes blog about the show and in the past week I have seen nothing but hate on my dashboard. Yes, a funny post here and there, but mostly hatred towards either the writers, producers, or actors. Here’s what makes me both sad and angry at the same time.

If you hated the episode so much, why do you still watch the show? Was the episode perfect? No. Were there scenes that didn’t make a lot of sense and plotholes that could’ve been handled better? Yes (in my opinion, at least). 

I’ve seen people go to Benedicts filming location in London only to tell him that they hated the episode and that “Sherlolly needs to happen!”, “Johnlock is the only true ship” or “insert whatever argument, there sure are many of those floating around”. I mean, yes, a lot of stuff could’ve been handled better in my opinion (and everyone elses, it seems) but there is seriously no need to be a dick about it to people who make this show happen for us the best way they can. 

I know most of you are angry at either Moffat or Gatiss, maybe even other people, and you have every right to feel that way. I feel the same way about some things but I will not go to London to find let’s say Benedict and tell him that. I will not post really nasty things about Gatiss online. There are other ways to handle these things. Write emails to the BBC, send letters, make some beautiful art and send it their way. I’ve seen it happen with other shows and things I’ve worked on and trust me - it works.

I met Gatiss and he is a very smart and kind man and I’m sure it wasn’t his idea to purposely hurt you/me/us. I’m sure Moffat is not doing things to spite us. Maybe he is, who knows? Can I be sure? No.

I am sad that this amazing fandom is spreading hate instead of love and kindness. I am sad that people feel the need to “stalk” actors (in this case, Benedict) only to tell him that they hated the episode, meaning they hated his work, too. Don’t forget that they are just people and that all of this hate is really unnecessary. 

You have the right to be angry but please, don’t spread hate. Talk to your friends about it, post about it on here, but do not attack people on social media and/or in person. If you have no one to talk to, I’d be glad to hear you out.

I encourage you to spread fan art, that beautiful fan art I’ve seen none of lately. Write fanfiction, draw your favorite character(s), make art. 

Take your broken hearts and make it into art, as our beautiful Carrie would say.