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“Bluebell or Cluedo”: Ghosts, Garridebs, and the Watson Family History

Hello everyone! This meta is pure speculation based on the subtext and time discrepancy within series 2.  I wrote about the wibbly-wobbly timeline of series 2 here, claiming parts of A Scandal in Belgravia happened between scenes in The Hounds of Baskerville.  Regardless of whether or not the discrepancy is intentional, for the sake of this argument please suspend disbelief momentarily and treat this misleading timeline as fact.  Therefore, the four chunks of time rearranged into correct chronological order are as follows: The opening montage of cases in ASIB, the opening morning/afternoon in Baker Street in THOB (harpoon, lack of cases, need for nicotine, Mrs Hudson’s new man), the rest of ASIB starting with Irene touching the newspaper, the rest of THOB starting with the morning Henry Knight comes to London.  

This analysis focuses on the subtextual answer to the question in THOB - “Do we Investigate what happened to Bluebell or do we play Cluedo instead?” Sherlock is fed up from not having any cases to solve and it’s getting on his last nerve.  Bluebell is the only thing on his website and he’ll be damned if he’ll go out of his way to investigate a glow-in-the-dark missing rabbit.  But we all know what happens later - he solves Bluebell’s case! Obviously, finding Bluebell is the answer to the ultimatum Sherlock gives John earlier in the episode.  Wrong.  Sherlock solves Bluebell’s case on accident because John picks Cluedo again.  These two men play Cluedo twice - the first time being when Sherlock deduces the victim to be the murderer (even though it’s not in the rules) and the second time being when Sherlock stabs the board over the mantle (presuming our boys had another row while playing).  If the time discrepancy is to be believed, that means complaining about the idiotic Cluedo game happens BEFORE we see the board stabbed into the mantle, therefore Cluedo was played twice.  So what does that mean? What’s the big deal about playing Cluedo twice?  Choosing to play Cluedo a second time instead of finding Bluebell shows that when given a subtextual choice, the characters picked Sherlock’s fall over the 3 Garridebs moment, foreshadowing both in the process. 

~Are you guys ready to follow me down the rabbit hole?

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