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“Just Texting”- A Sherlolly Theory

Hi dudes!

I’m back again- after re-watching The Lying Detective (getting ready for Sunday, and showing my mum why BC deserves the Emmy more than anyone). 

I picked up on something– maybe it’s fanciful Sherlolly thoughts clouding my judgement but here it goes:

So at the end, when John Watson confesses about the cheating and texting the woman from the bus, Sherlock (the amazing comforter, the man with the golden heart) tells his friend that texting someone isn’t exactly cheating, that even he texts the Woman.

Here’s the rub– in this context, in this very specific context, Sherlock is using his occasional replies to the Woman’s texts as a way to convince JW that he didn’t cheat on Mary by texting someone else. Therefore, Sherlock has considered this angle, has thought about the fact that replying to the Woman is “cheating” on someone else— who else but Molly??!?!?

He says “even I text her” then goes on to say that he tries not to. If he wasn’t attached to another woman, why would he use the example of the Woman to soothe JW in this situation. Out-of-love Sherlock not responding to the Woman’s texts is normal- he doesn’t want the emotional attachment etc, but he wouldn’t have brought it up to demonstrate why texting someone isn’t [always] cheating. In-love Sherlock feels guilty or at least feels a little out of step in his loyalty by responding to the Woman, in spite of the fact that he loves someone else or is romantically loyal to someone else.

(I’m pretty sure I’m rambling now, it’s 4 am, I’m heartbroken, and I just want a hug lol)


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Can we talk about Sherlock’s pressure points? Every single person than CAM read had one pressure point, maybe two; but Sherlock had an ENTIRE FUCKING LIST. He didn’t have one weakness that could be used against him, he had an entire file. This man, who claimed to be a sociopath, who claimed to care about no one, who says caring is a disadvantage, CARES THE MOST OUT OF EVERYONE. He has risked his life, his reputation, his freedom, his sanity; everything for these people. And still no one can see that. I think that’s why he acts as he does, he doesn’t want anyone to know how weak he could be.