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“i hugged john watson because he is adorable”

When your mom calls you while you are watching your show and then asked if she interrupted anything

Do you understand how much Sherlock wants to impress John? That man didn’t give any fuck about knowing the solar system. But then John expressed his amusement over the fact.

And then Sherlock is learning The obliquity of the ecliptic in his Mind palace.


They’re Going To Be Happy – an upbeat Johnlock playlist

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A playlist for two smart idiots who are in love, and will get their happy ending someday… and for the fandom that’s usually filled with angst, but believes in that future happiness.

I love angsty playlists as much as the next person, but sometimes you really need upbeat, happy music to listen to as you think about your ship. There’s not an overabundance of playlists like this for Johnlock–for obvious reasons–so I decided to make one. Songs are about either one or both of their POVs. All of it’s fairly upbeat, and a solid 85% of it is happy. (The rest is an homage to the end of s2 + s3.)

I hope it brings you as much joy as it brings me! Go forth, have fun listening to a beautiful story arc, picture these two running around solving cases while pining, think about how they’re so in love, and remember that eventually they’re going to be happy. :)

Guys. Guys. The Holmes siblings.

Why isn’t anyone talking about the sibling interaction we got? Could the fandom stop being toxic for two seconds and enjoy the good things we got? Forget Johnlock and Sherlolly and let’s focus on these adorable babies.

First of all, can you believe how good of a brother Mycroft is? Can you believe he did so much for his younger siblings? He took everything upon himself to protect Sherlock and Eurus. He might not have always taken the right course of action, but he tried. He lied to be kind. Did you see the fondness in his eyes when the home videos came up during his movie at the beginning? He sent those presents to Eurus. He obviously still cared. And how he tried to make it easier for Sherlock to shoot him… That was the sweetest thing. It shows how he would do anything for his little brother. Most people would try to give reasons why they should be the one to live, but Mycroft straight up offered himself. Owned that if someone had to die it had to be him. He is a wonderful big brother.

Sherlock, there at the end? How he cared for Eurus? Did you hear the empathy in his voice? Did you see him desperately try to reach out to his little sister? Even after all she put him through, after all she did, she’s still his sister, and he still cares for her. He couldn’t shoot Mycroft. He was more willing to kill himself than his brother or best friend. You can see through the whole episode how he cared about them so much. “Look after him. He’s not nearly as strong as he thinks he is.” Sherlock Holmes is not a machine.

And Eurus. There isn’t a lot you can say for her. She did some pretty messed up things. But…She wanted love. That was her goal. She definitely had a psychopathic way of trying to get it, but that’s what she wanted. She wanted attention. Everything she did was a hurt child crying for someone to notice her. She might not be sibling of the year, but there definitely is more to her than meets the eye, and I can’t wait to know more about her.

In the end, this episode was great, as far as character interaction and the way the actors portrayed it. You can say what you want about the plot or nitpick at little details, but I think that this episode was wonderful, because it showed so much of who these people actually are.

[Mark and Steven] have made me more saucy now, and a bit grubby, which I enjoy.” She added that she thought Mrs. Hudson had seen a lot of misbehavior. “So I put up with a lot from Sherlock, although sometimes the curtain comes down and I give him a bollocking. I adore him and John, and I like it all nice and cozy.
—  Una Stubbs, NY Times (x)

reminder that they wrote the ‘’you like the dog?’’ ‘’i like you’’ conversation there and then, because the dog wouldn’t move and they had to write it into the script. mofftiss making a hasty decision to make sherlock downright and somewhat unnecessarily confess his adoration for john because of a dog, is Wild. 

The Painfully Obvious // Sherlock Holmes

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I’m running out of gifs for oneshots like these… but the requests are dwindling down which means more Part 2 is coming for the ones who have asked for them. Here’s 1 out of 2 oneshots for the night!

Requested By Anon: Ever since you were a child, you’ve always been much more observant and intuitive to what was going on around you. You’re not a person who cares to have the spotlight on them, unlike your best friend, Sherlock Holmes. Little does he realize the painfully obvious, you’re the opposite side of the same coin. 

If this gets more then twenty notes, I’m going to be surprised because it’s actual trash…. xD

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

You see, but you do not observe. 

For you, it was quite the opposite. All you had ever done since you were old enough was observe. It was how you got to read people, to truly know who lurked beneath the skin and bones that made up human beings. 

You had become best friends with Sherlock Holmes in a matter of five minutes. He had deduced you right off the bat, but you didn’t care. You were far more interested in who he had been before taking the title of Consulting Detective. When he wasn’t home, you snuck through his bedroom and read some of his old journals from before he began working with John Watson. 

The heart inside Sherlock Holmes still was invisible to the all seeing eye, but you were more then prepared to eventually dig deep into it and figure out the real person it belonged to. 

There was one instance during a case after Sherlock came back from Europe that your observing skills were more of a necessity then a desire. They’d spent the majority of the night trying to crack the cipher the suspect had left, and for the first time in all the time you’d known him, Sherlock was stumped. 

  “Yes, that may be a hint- What are you doing, y/n?” John inquired, trying to peer over your shoulder as you furiously scribbled in your black notebook, hiding it beneath your hands. 

  “None of your business, Sir Hedgehog.” John harrumphed much to Sherlocks amusement, his blue eyes intently watching your every move from the living room of his flat. “Do me all a favor and shut up. I could hear your thoughts from a bloody mile away, mind you.” 

John gaped as Sherlock began to snort hysterically, covering his mouth with his hands as you straightened your spine and shut your eyes. He’d given up on the case over an hour ago due to the inferiority compared to the others in his inbox, but you were hellbent on cracking it. 

It took him a fraction of a second to realize what you were actually doing; your fingers moved as if you were going through files, your eyes darting back and forth beneath your eyelids as you dove deeper into your mind palace. “Oh good lord. I should’ve deduced that about her on the spot.” Sherlock muttered, oblivious to Johns confusion. “You were right.” 

  “Sherlock, I said shut up!” 

John huffed angrily and threw his hands up in the air. “I was right about what? And why is she being so bloody ignorant? She’s not you! She’s the opposite of you!” Your eyes flashed open as the last part of your translation was scrawled in your notebook. 

  “I got it!” You cried out victoriously. “They locked the son in a airless casket in the mausoleum at the grave sight of his grandfather!” Sherlocks eyes twinkled as he turned back to John, taking the notebook from your hand as you began to dance victoriously around the room. 

  “Just as I’ve always told you, John.” Sherlock remarked. “You see, but you do not observe. Our dear friend here has always been able to deduce but has never made it obvious. She is literally the opposite side of my same coin. And she managed to crack a case that even I myself couldn’t crack. Wasn’t it painfully obvious?”

  ‘’You-” John leaned forward and poked your chest, gasping as you began to dance with him around the flat. His anger turned into full guttural laughter as you twirled out of his embrace and landed on the sofa. “You have a mind palace too?! Are you kidding me?” 

  “You can just call me the female Sherlock Holmes.” You dusted off your clothes and jumped to your feet, wiggling your eyebrows at the two men. “The better looking, more clever, and far more people friendly version of Sherlock Holmes.” 

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