Calling all Benedict Fans: YOU could win a custom Benedict Cumberbatch tea set just by submitting your fan art! Send in your artwork between March 13 and April 5 through our tumblr submission form for your chance to win.

But wait! Before you start, keep these rules top of mind:  
- Must be original artwork that YOU created for this contest
- Must be of Benedict Cumberbatch—bonus points for a tea party theme!
- File size must be under 10MB
- Format should be jpg/jpeg or png
- Tag your submission with #BenedictCompeTEAtion

There will be one grand prize winner who’ll take home the full custom tea set, plus a runner-up will win a Cumberbatch tea cup. EVERYONE who enters gets an exclusive promo code for 100 extra entries towards their chance to have tea with Benedict AND tickets to the Avengers: Infinity War premiere. This campaign supports GEANCO and their work to provide healthcare and education services to save and transform lives in Nigeria.

Sound like your cup of tea? Go!

Enter to drink tea with Benedict and attend the Avengers: Infinity War Premiere here:

Read the official rules here:

If you ever think your fandom has gone too far, just remember that Luigi’s dick is currently making Nintendo headlines.

listen being in a fandom can get expensive. point, blank, period.

but just because you can’t buy all the merch, donate all your money, go to every one of their events/ shows, or buy all the albums does not make you any less of a fan…

the amount of stuff you have DOES NOT equal your love for the fandom.

“You could just ask.”

Probably my last post for a while… I’m going to take my school exams tomorrow (very important!!!) and I won’t have a lot of time to draw…so I wanna make this post kinda worth it (?) I ended up drawing them again, I’m sorry if it’s boring :( I’ll make it up once I have the time <3

Thank you so much for all of your support! I always read all of your messages, and I always wanna reply with some meaningful doodles so it will take me a while to answer, but I’m grateful for it! Thank you for always supporting me <3

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The Doctor: *regenerates*

Sherlock: *dies and comes back*

Sam Winchester: *dies and comes back*

Dean Winchester: *dies a lot and comes back*

Castiel: *dies and comes back*

Loki: *dies and comes back*

Harry Potter: *dies and comes back*

Professor X: *dies and comes back*

Buffy: *dies and comes back*

Superman: *dies and comes back*


Merlin: …Arthur?

Arthur: *loading please wait*