Book/film/TV show: the villian is a murderer. A complete psychopath. Unhinged. Their name strikes fear into the hero’s heart

Me, tired of this shit: pass


Book/film/TV show: she-



See, it’s not that I get over shows and whatnot; It’s more like I think I’m over a show, and then I see one post on tumblr or something on pinterest or a friend mentions it in passing… and back down the rabbit hole we go.

Hot take but… some fiction is just better without romance in it and y'all don’t need to rabidly search for romantic undertones where there are none

*A show ends*

Me: Ah, cool. Nice. My show is over. That’s cool. Lemme just hop on AO3 and Tumblr and stuff and get some more content. All’s good. 

Me, two days later, having already gone though all the fan content I could find: *frantically refreshing the page* I. Need. More.