Story Time

So, I’m at HyVee and I get to the checkout line and the checker is cute. So, you know, naturally I check him out. (so punny). But really he was cute. Anyway, we don’t have much to talk about but we’re polite all the same and then I go to leave. Well this lady decides that she’s going to continue her conversation while standing almost directly in front of my lane. I maneuver around her, but this other worker (who was also cute), misjudges the direction I’m going and I almost plow into him. We laughed it off and moved on. Now I’m walking out of the store in a pretty good mood because for once in my life I was actually wearing a dress in the store when cute guys were there. Then I realize that the collar on my jacket was flipped up. The whole time. I tried to make lemonade and said “Well hey, I’m like Sherlock it’s all good.” Until I went to fix it. Turns out, only one side of it was flipped up. The other was perfectly normal. …That’s not cool like Sherlock, that’s just weird like Dracula! But even Dracula had enough sense to know that the whole collar needs to be raised, not just one side! If anyone needs a reason for me not having a boyfriend, I submit exhibit A for examination. Now I can only pray that I’ll meet someone who thinks this is cute.

10 Favorite Characters

Name Ten, Tag Ten

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Random Order:

  • Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)
  • Winchester Family (Supernatural) - idk! i can’t choose!
  • Niklaus Mikaelson (The Originals and The Vampire Diaries)
  • Derek Hale (Teen Wolf)
  • Danny Burton (Undateable)
  • Alec Mcdowell (Dark Angel)
  • John Watson (Sherlcok BBC)
  • Temperance Brennan (BONES)
  • Chloe (Pitch Perfect)
  • John Constantine (Constantine)

I got, like, 5 episodes in to Teen Wolf, and stopped watching, but I like Derek from what I’ve seen. So… yeah.
Also, I just chose one/a group from the things I’ve watched from the top of my head. (I actually only saw PotC just yesterday!)

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As always, feel free to not do them if you don’t want to do it/have done it!
Well, mypatronusisthetardis42 and princess-peach101, it’s required for you because I said so. And I know you two haven’t done it. ^^

Get To Know Me

Thanks goes to the lovely mostlywinchesters for tagging me!  ;)  

Why did you choose your URL? 

Well I wanted to change my original url (sammy-221b) because I felt bad for misleading people that thought my blog was also for Sherlcok (I love the show dearly,but my blog is strictly spn).  And I am obsessed with the samulet, to an almost pathetic degree.  I also love it when Dean calls his brother Sammy, so sammy-samulet seemed like a good way to go. 

What is your middle name?

Christine (ugh)

If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?

ummm a unicorn (cause who doesn’t want a flying horse)

Favorite colour?

Blue…it changes between blue and green, but usually it’s different shades of blue. 

Favorite song?

At this precise moment in time it is “Youth” by Daughter.

What are your top five fandoms?

Supernatural, Sherlock, Hawaii-five o, Arrow. Merlin

Why do you enjoy Tumblr?

Originally it just gave me something to do during 3 hour lectures, but now I love getting to know people!  Making new friends and sharing idea or speculating about the show together or just chatting about life!  Ofcourse it still gives me something to do during class but even better it is a way to connect! 

Tag all 9 of your Tumblr crushes

9 is a lot, I’m just going to tag a few because I have to get to work: radioactivedeanenvydeanrodovielfreestyleddolphinsammit-janet, and anyone else who would like to!  :) 

No pressure if you aren’t interested babes!  =) 

수라님이 빅볼펜 대신 다른 펜이 부드럽다고 사왔는데….아….이거 너무 곱고 매끄러워서….도무지 그림을 못그리겠슴다….그런 이유로 그리다가 말은 셜록….귀에 피어싱은 나랑 반대로 똑같이 그렸고….음….나도 피어싱을 슬슬 사야 하는데….락스타 셜록은 답배랑 마약 수시로 할 것 같아서 언젠가 정말 약에 취한 분위기의 락스타 셜록 그려보고 싶슴다…
나체에 SG기타…깁슨 SG로….왜 SG냐면 내가 기타배우고 싶었을때 가장 사고 싶었던 기타니까! 사실 지금도 기타는 배우고 싶지만….