We don’t believe what’s on TV - Chapter 2

Resume: I had an ordinary life, or that’s what I wanted to believe. I lost myself in the TV series that I listened to forget the normal boring life. What I didn’t know, however, was that my life would change completely overnight.

Finding myself in 2013 at Beacon Hills County.

This will be a Stiles x Reader but only far in the story

A/N: here’s the next part! Hope you all like it!

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In this chapter: I am dreaming? I am crazy? Or is this real?

My head was hurting horribly. That was the first thing I noticed when I began to gain consciousness. Then my fingers met the smooth surface of the blanket. It was only after that I felt an unpleasant smell, an antiseptic odor that made me recall unpleasant memories.

I opened my eyes abruptly and the sudden light aggravated my headache, so I closed my eyes, placing a protective hand in front of them. Still confused by sleep, I didn’t understand where I was. However, something stung my hand when I stretched it out to protect my eyes. Curious, I made an attempt to open my eyes again. In the beginning I saw nothing but white and everything was tangled. Then my vision stabilized and I could finally see what was on my hand.

An intravenous catheter.

I glanced over the tube to the bag of saline solution hanging from the bed above my head, and I understood. I looked around me, a bewildered expression on my face as I heard the beep of my heartbeat rise on the monitor. Gray walls, blinding light, colorless blankets. A hospital room.

What was I doing here? So I dreamed? I laugh nervously as I lay back against the pillow. The relief came suddenly, it was only a dream and I must have had an accident and a powerful blow on the head. It was by passing my other hand against my face, the one that was not attached to the solute that I noticed something that cut my breath. My right hand was hidden under a splint that covered both my hand and my wrist. My breathing became wheezing and I felt my head start to spin again as I stared at the blanket that covered the lower part of my body. It was with a stifling fear that I quickly removed the blanket to stare at my bare legs under the hospital jacket. And one thing around my ankle, an elastic bandage.

The scene came to my mind. The forest, my fall, my ankle stripped and my wrist wounded.

I shook my head. It was impossible, I had to imagine this entire scenario, I was watching too many television series. I watched too much Teen Wolf, my mother was right and I promised myself to take a break in the show. I had an accident quite normal, and coincidence made that I had the same wounds as in my dream, nothing serious. I closed my eyes, sighing, still sitting in my bed, the blanket now on the floor.

My room door opened and I expected to see my mother or an ordinary doctor comes in, but what I saw paralyzed me and made me step back in my bed.

“You’re finally waking up,” mutters the person, approaching me cautiously. She soon noticed my frightened look and stopped at a good distance from me, raising her hands. “I don’t want to hurt you; I’ll just look at your vital signs.”

My eyes filled with water.

“I’m going crazy …” I muttered sobbing.

A compassionate smile appeared on her face as she put her hands on my bag of solute.

“You’re not crazy,” she added, looking at me. “My name’s Melissa, and if you need anything, you can ask me, okay?” “

I shook my head as I tried to stand up against her from where she stood, trying to put as much distance as possible between us, but my hand connected to the solute stopped me. Melissa stretched out her hands to me, trying to calm me down, but panic was gaining me. I pulled the catheter abruptly and pulled it out, grimacing in pain, then pulling the clamp out of my index finger, which took my pulse, which was very fast at that time.

"You must lie down,” she said, still calmly and gently. But I didn’t want to listen to her, she wasn’t supposed to exist, she was a character in my favorite show, not my world! Yes, it was one of my fantasies to find myself in the world of my favorite series, but it was just a fantasy, not the reality, and at this moment the dream seemed too real for me to have any pleasure meeting fictional characters.

I disobeyed her when I got up. A sharp pain immediately caught my ankle when I laid it on the cold floor, and I had to catch up in bed. However, I caught up with my hand in the plaster and made the pain worse. A moan of pain escaped from my mouth as Melissa began to walk around the bed to come and help me.

“No!” I screamed at her as I drew back hard against the wall near my bed. She stopped, her eyes now anxious and on the defensive. I had to wake up, I had to wake up, it was only a dream!

My head was turning a thousand miles an hour and I could feel my heartbeat in my temples. Melissa was standing between me and the exit door. I had to go, call my parents, tell someone. I didn’t understand anything, I was so confused!

“You’re confused,” Melissa confirmed, continuing to move toward me. She was beginning to be too close to me, and it made me nervous. I didn’t want her to come near. I wanted to leave.

“I want to leave …” I sobbed.

She finally reached me and put her hands on my shoulders as the tears ran down my cheeks.

“Go back to your bed, dear, and we’ll call your parents.”

I nodded, tired and slightly relieved and limped with her help to my bed. I passed by Melissa, which was now on the opposite side of the door.

“The sheriff will not be late in arriving, he has questions to ask you,” she added, making me frozen with fear. The sheriff. The sheriff Stilinski. Stiles’ father. Explain myself. To say what? I was going to pass for crazy!

A surge of adrenaline rushed me to the brain and suddenly I decided. The path was clear, so I took advantage of this opportunity to limp as fast as I could towards the door, pushing Melissa aside. Walking so quickly with my wound hurt me badly, and Melissa’s voice telling me not to go out resonated in my skull. I didn’t know why I was so anxious or why I was so afraid. I knew that no one was going to hurt me, but I just couldn’t believe it was real. I was in denial, a total denial that urged my entire body to do everything to escape.

I finally reached the door and opened it abruptly, hearing Melissa close behind me. She was going to stop me from escaping, and that thought helped me to continue. I finally left the room and found myself in the corridors of Beacon Hills General Hospital. I perfectly recognized the floor, the walls, the chairs arranged on the sides. But I didn’t know where the exit was, so I took left without thinking and continued limping on the wall. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go far, but I had to go out, I wanted to go out, and that even if it meant finding myself outside foot naked in a hospital jacket.

Melissa didn’t pursue me, and I didn’t try to understand why. At the next turn, I recognized the corridor as the one that led to the outside. I met several doctors, but none of them paid me attention. I didn’t give them either. The exit was closer and closer, I approached slowly and painfully but I could already feel the freedom on my skin. I was going to get there! The adrenaline was still traveling through my body and giving me the strength and energy to continue.

When I reached the doors, they opened at the same time to a person whom I never thought I could see. Even considering the unrealistic possibility that I was in the world of Teen Wolf. Our eyes met, and the panic in mine made her panic too. I slowly backed away shaking my head negatively, not believing my eyes.

“You’re dead …” I whispered feeling an intolerable and unusual pain piercing my ribcage when those words crossed my lips. I couldn’t breathe; the pain was so intense it was like my heart was pierced by a poisoned blade. I put my hand on my heart as I sought my breath, folded in two when strong arms grabbed me to lift me up.

“Calm down!”

I struggled as best I could from the grasp of the person who had caught me, taken by a sudden panic mixed with the strange pain in my heart that was still there.

“We have no choice,” Melissa muttered as I felt a needle in my thigh. The last thing I saw before sinking under the effects of the sedative was Allison Argent, misunderstanding look on her sweet face.


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Okay but like imagine this: It's the very final episode of Teen Wolf ever, and the last of the credits have rolled, and then suddenly there's one final scene. It's coach out on the field, his whistle in his lips as he's bossing his lacrosse players around. Suddenly that name rolls off his tongue one last time in disgust... "Greenberg!" And the camera switches to everyone on the field and this Zac Efron looking guy turns around, gives the coach a wink, and suddenly gets knocked out by a flying lacrosse ball... The end

Sterek AU: Smooth Criminal

Derek innocently meant he’d give Stiles his heart in its place, because yeah, he’s totally gone on him, too. Stiles was found guilty of raging hormones and inability to let his boyfriend finish his sentences. 

His punishment? Watching Derek strut around in his brand new Deputy uniform, the shiny pair of handcuffs mocking him for several weeks before both finally caved and utilized them for purposes that were indeed deviant.

Stiles later found Derek guilty of knowing exactly what he was saying, the innuendo-loving asshole of his heart.

anonymous asked:

Peter wakes up from the coma (previous than canon) & nobody is there too take him in or shows him the ropes of life (shopping, rent, job) so the Sheriff steps up. perhaps to dim his guilt about the fire or to have a diversion from the death of Claudia. So they can be found weekly at the supermarket getting lectured by Stiles about healthy food, which is not chocolate

Peter doesn’t want them told. It’s childish, perhaps, but Laura and Derek left him. And then it turns out that telling them isn’t an option anyway, since they didn’t leave a forwarding address. So they can go to hell. They can go to hell

“Peter,” John says. “Stop saying hell around my son.” 

Apparently Peter has been muttering to himself again. He sighs, and looks down at the Stilinski brat, who is staring back up at him with wide, hopeful eyes, perhaps in anticipation of the next rude word to fall from Peter’s still-scarred lips. 

Since being released from the hospital Peter has become John Stilinski’s pet project. He’s not sure if it’s because he’s such a pathetic charity case, or because the deputy needs the distraction. Peter’s lost his entire pack, one way or another, but John’s just buried his wife. So they’re both pathetic charity cases, probably. 

Peter narrows his eyes at Stiles, and Stiles narrows his back, and then “accidentally” hits Peter with the shopping cart. 

“Stiles!” John exclaims. “Careful!” 

“Whoops,” says Stiles, unconvincingly. 

Peter hates the little brat. (A lie. In actual fact, Stiles reminds him a little too much of Cora. He’s a little smartass. It makes his chest ache.)

And yet, he hasn’t told John and Stiles to go to hell. He let John help him find a modest apartment, and to apply for a job as a filing clerk at the police station (he’s almost certain he was the only applicant), and he lets John and Stiles come with him on these weekly outings to the supermarket, so John can make sure he’s looking after himself, and Stiles can lecture him on how Lucky Charms are not a healthy breakfast food. 

The first time it happened, Peter made some comment to John about how that was a strange stand for a kid his age to take, and John had cleared his throat and looked away. 

“Claudia used to watch what we ate.” 


Stiles is just a little boy trying to fill a too-big space that was left by his mother’s death. 

“Peter,” Stiles says now. “Have you tried quinoa?” 

“Stiles,” Peter tells him seriously. “Haven’t I already suffered enough in this lifetime?” 

For a moment there’s dead silence and the three of them stare at one another in astonishment. Did Peter really just say that? 

And then Stiles bursts into laughter, and tosses a box of Twizzlers into the shopping cart. 

Peter thinks that means he’s won.